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  1. I got a Saturn for the first time 3 years ago, and Tomb Raider was the first game I purchased for it. I couldn't get over the camera. I played it back on PC way back when... might be able to do it that way today, but not on console.
  2. It sucks that they did it. Especially if this uses TG-16 ports, can't use my pc engine controllers without getting an adapter. I would have thought analogue would put both in, but hey embedded 2.4 ghz and blutooth is pretty sweet.
  3. The PS1 was a lot more complex than a PC Engine, as people said, the PC Engine cd isn't adding any additional hardware besides the optical disk. Things like the Sega Cd had a whole other processor and things. If we start seeing PS1 on Mister, then I'd expect analogue to make one. As for it reading PS1 disks, sure, any drive could read them. A jailbreak won't let you turn the thing into a PS1 though...
  4. Alright I'll trust you bud. If the Pocket gets the JB and they don't make them available, I will be super bummed.
  5. Yeah, rereading what I wrote, I wasn't clear. Sorry about that. I meant the announcement makes me want the Pocket more because not only will it do the originally announced systems, now it can do PC Engine and MAYBE we'll get lucky and do the cd as well. I looked back at the Mega SG and Super NT, neither of those pages have anything about not playing roms. I could really see the Noir, Pocket, and Duo not having jailbreak firmware. I certainly hope I am wrong. I just hope the Pocket becomes available for all who want it can get it. Then, ideally, it will be jailbroken. I am sure it won't get extra functionality ala the NT Mini, but if it can have all the supported systems that have adapters... that'd be sweet.
  6. Just like the pocket it has the warning about no roms. I wonder if the days of jailbroken analogue devices is over. This really makes me want the pocket more... Hope they open those preorders up again so everyone who'd like one can order one.
  7. When I got the email from Analogue I was so excited... just to see that.. haha. I mean, I am sure someone is looking for them. I was foolish to think they'd make good on letting people do pocket preorders. There marketing has been great with it, now every site talks about how it sold out in minutes. That'll generate some real buzz for the next one and I bet folks will preorder to be part of the zeitgeist.
  8. This is all marketing. If you are doing preorders so far a head, they could have taken ANY number really. I just hope if they are going to go this route of annoyingly small batches for preorders, is that they have many opportunities. There is no reason to make such a small run.
  9. I bought a Super NT and a Mega SG. Both times I hoped and dreamed of extra cores. Now the Mega SG had more cores which was great, but none of the previous cores released. I understand why they aren't. It cuts into their other products. I highly doubt the Pocket will have additional cores besides what has been listed (which honestly, is a pretty hefty list with GB, GBC, GBA, GG, NGP, NGPC, and Lynx.) I am also a little nervous about a JB this time because this is the only one that the FAQ specifically mentions no roms (correct me if I am wrong.) I assume (dangerous, I know) that you all speculating on additional cores are referring to how one of the FPGAs will open for development, but I don't think we'll have the same success like the mister has for it. Maybe we'll get a NES core... MAYBE SNES and Gen... I wonder how good they'll be . Maybe I'm just being a negative nancy.... I'll still probably buy a Pocket... not sure if I need a dock or not. I hope I don't....
  10. If you go the clone route, just don't try to update the firmware. I haven't noticed any problems, but I am pretty casual with the DC so probably wouldn't notice anyways.
  11. I have a GDEMU clone, I wanted to get a legit one, but after trying for months and months I caved. I like it a lot. It works great. Its awesome not needing a disk.
  12. Yeah, I agree, they should give more information. I was a bit lost. So you take the short double ended power cable to go from the blister output to the de-10 power, and you then put your de10 adpater into the blisster. The serial usb cable is used if you have an IO board which I don't have, but if you have it you plug in the usb 3.0 connector into the not a usb port on the IO board. Is there a cable or adapter to use the serial interface for the low latency input without an IO board?
  13. a USB hub board or a hub in general? You need something. I used a cheap little usb hub I had around, until I got my Blisster. I don't think you need the USB board though. I used mine just fine without one. I'm not sure about the SD card sound issues.
  14. Yeah, that's it. Crap... I don't have an IO board, I just have a pcb with a fan. I didn't see a spot on the main Mister board for it. I guess I wasted some money
  15. @Newsdee Thanks for the awesome run down. I just got my Blisster in the other day and have been having fun with it (although either my neo geo adapter is bum or the controller is). Anyways, I think I have it set up properly, although I have no idea what to do with the usb cable included. One end is usb and the other is something I am unfamiliar with. I couldn't find any documentation on what to do with it. Do you know?
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