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  1. Personally I mostly play turbo graphics and whatever console i don't own. I didn't play sega genisis much. But it did play grate. I just assumed the sega sg had better capability cuz kevtris is grate. MiSTer have amazing filter list. worth it. It only gets better every week with updates and cores.
  2. Any hints of what system to come next. I remember cosmic hinting on the sega system coming next around this time. From what I read people think another nes nt coming maybe a cheaper version. Maybe with those adapters I saw on youtube. Im hoping for a neogeo personally. Damm systems cost so much and there flashcarts are just as expensive as a console. A turbo graphics would be nice also but will not need as much power as the super nt or the analogue sg. I guess they can save some money. Wonder if there is a way to still get digital out for hdmi if you attach a ssd3 to it. I guess the cd drive would still be cool if you can attach like the analogue sg. I hear burning copy's is a chore and annoying. A ps1 could be a possibility. I remember a interview him stating that ps1 is as far as fpga tech can go at that time. Do you guys think he will dish out systems every year. There are so many consoles that need to be made for retro. Anyways people who have the analogue sg how are you liking it, how is the capability, better then the MiSTer Sega Genesis we have now? any problems playing sega cd games? Hope he dishes out more filters like horazonal scanlines or the filter like i saw the polymega had. that was pretty cool Kevtris seams to make these with almost perfect capability.
  3. RetroRGB said that the neosd works grate. the quialty is grate. the loading times just means you can grab a drink of some kind or use the rest room. sorry i don't drink beer.
  4. IDK i was following them. Booting a game is faster on the darksoft. Last i herd thou it had some sort of problem booting with a uni bois but have some people telling me thats fixed. The neo sd would be a bit cheaper thou and easier to get.
  5. well doing just ruff estimate calculations and currency calculations. With shipping and taxes will prob come up to around $1700 Canadian with the darksoft cart and omega. As someone who has a pc still from 2011. I need that money for a pc. I was thinking only spending a grand Canadian. But really it's still worth it seeing one neogeo game can be 5 grand. I got a car and a computer to worry about. CZroe. is there anyone on this board that can do all that and make it look nice for me. I doubt it will be omega quality. Just want to save as much money as I can cuz my countries currency sucks. Just want something that does rgb and maybe a component mod just in case my upscaller blows.
  6. For the omega. is it worth spending the extra money on the memory card version? I don't see the need if it saves on the cart as im getting some sort of flashcart. Also did they fix the problem with the darksoft card not working well with the unibois. There was a work around back then thou. That was along time ago thou.
  7. So does the omega ever go onsale? Or should I just get it now cuz it may get sold out later? Someone is telling me to get a Cbox. cuz it's better now. Saving money is always good. I don't care much. if it's no good and will destroy my equipment i may as well just spend the money on the good unit.
  8. Thinking getting a mvs. JNX seems to be sold out and said maybe less then 2 years for them to have more orders. Totally forgot to check to make my order. The omega seems another option but kinda costly but seems the better way and you can just buy it right away. Has anyone seen the omega go on sale? https://arcadeshock.comseems way to much for my tasts. The CBOX seems to be the cheepest option. but i hear it broke peoples upscalers. I think i heard they fixed some issues from then. The guy said component worked thou i got a framemiester so i can use that. DID they. is it safe now? Super gun and board seems another route, it's just I don't like the fact the board is exposed unless someone know's where to get housing for it. plus i gotta get it unibos on it. Seems alot of work. I don't care for other arcade boards, there are some thou like the pgm board but thats only for 2 games, Im thinking tring getting the mvs darksoft cart if I can. THe neosd seems easier to get thou.
  9. My super FX cart AIO doesn't have the extra pins that the sd2snes has. Are we talking about those two pins that seem to be extra on the sd2snes? I don't own other carts to know.
  10. just loaded it up after I got home from work. Seems working fine. everyone wants SA-1 we all know it. After SA-1 maybe put cheats in there. and whatever chip needed. Lets hope SA-1 is even possible since it's a beast of a chip.
  11. What you guys think colectorvision HD will cost.
  12. Would be awsome to add 5200 and 7800 down the road. Isn't the cartridges that same basically? Thats if it can handle it.
  13. would of been nice to add the rest of the atari's. 5200, 7800 also
  14. Whats this about this colectorvision HD. I hear it plays Colecovision, MSX, Sega Master System cartridges. I encourage more FGPA if it's done right. Im not a museum to have these ageing about to fail or rot consoles in my home. I watched Madlittlepixel youtube channel about this coming out and having a kickstarter.
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