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  1. Thanks heaps Ill reach out and change the info in an update
  2. good to know how about Darius plus, is that the same?
  3. To all those in the retro gaming community doing it hard at the moment, this is for you ! Second book done the NEC Supergrafx Digital Encyclopedia is FREE!!! Download it here https://screenpedia.online/?post_type=product just add it to the cart as normal and you wont be charged. Thanks too all that helped in this quick turn around it is much appreciated and if you find any errors please PM me.
  4. Funny you should say that I did have at one time a layout page detailing the game page layout but I could never get it 100% perfect and yes it was going right before the contents. And yes the 3 reasons you pointed out were the reason for it, I decided against it in the end because I couldn't justify a whole page for 1just these 3 things. I figured the ring around the cd would be pretty self explanatory or if it didn't it stood out enough to make the reader look into it like you guys have and quickly figured it out. As for the icons I added a page dedicated to this in the stats section at the back to explain this, that said I could link those icons to the page in the back to take you straight there (could be done in an update). Lastly the port logos I tried to keep as recognizable as possible, I was really close to linking those to a page on the website giving the details of each system but in the end that would have delayed the book further so I canned it, but again this could be added in an update. Cheats, hmmm I guess time was my biggest issue here testing every cheat takes time especially for the finicky ones, as for where to put them I was going to put them in trivia if there wasn't much in there for a chosen game but then some would have it and some wouldn't and that would annoy me, pages at the back of the book isn't a bad idea though. Thanks for the feedback it really helps, I will give it some thought and maybe add some of these for future updates to the book!
  5. Im putting together my next Screenpedia encyclopedia on the NEC SuperGrafx and I was wondering if anyone had a hires image of a SuperGrafx motherboard I can use in the book. Also if you know where I could find one online that could work too.
  6. Im glad you like it and i really hope it helps u with your collection
  7. The Amiga brand in Australia was pretty big and we generally got things last! Its kind of weird to think it wasn't big over there they had some awesome tech!
  8. Perfect figured it might be the case, I guess they were pretty rare in Canada?
  9. Not sure if Canada uses the ntsc format and same power voltages but if they do should work
  10. Thanks for that means alot! As for a physical release will have to see how well it sells first. NEC SuperGrafx next should be out in a week or so.
  11. Never released in the US officially, alot were imported from Canada back in the day though. All the stock that was due for the US got auctioned of in the late 90s so there will be some floating around.
  12. After 2 long years my Amiga CD32 Digital Encyclopedia (found here https://screenpedia.online/?product=album ) is finally finished! I would like to thank everybody that helped along the way whether it was answering one of my hundreds of questions or simply lending support. As a thankyou to the Amiga community I have added a discount code "amigalove" that can be added at the checkout to save around 28% off the purchase. Lastly for those that purchase the book and find any mistakes or missing facts about any of the games I will fix them and release an updated version at no extra charge for life. I hope you enjoy the Amiga CD32 Digital Encyclopedia!
  13. Does anyone have or know where I can get a scan of a US or European manual for the 3D Glasses pheripherial for the Sega Master System?
  14. I ended up going with Primary genre : Shooter Sub Genre : Comedic Simulator Im still not 100% on this but this format fits with the design of my book. I still have time till I get it printed to change this so I am still open to suggestions.
  15. Yeah I checked both forums multiple times and couldnt find anything. Its really weird that no one has uploaded one.
  16. Yeah i did still no luck, best i could find was a partial photo of one on a buyee listing
  17. Does anyone have or know of where I can get a scan of a Sega Mark III owners manual? I have looked everywhere and cant seem to find one! Help please
  18. Some of the "great" series of games have been proven by http://gdri.smspower.orgto be developed by other companies and not just Sega. Great Golf - Whiteboard Great Volleyball - Sanritsu Makes sense as Sega probably couldn't have developed them all in house in a short amount of time
  19. I am currently working on a project to list all the Sega Master system games and the people who created them. I am having trouble finding the developers for the following games and was hoping someone could help me out. I have cross referenced my information with the leading SMS sites and they have either conflicting information or suspect someone else did it. Proof would be awesome if you have it otherwise just your reason why would be great! Great Basketball Klax Montazumas Revenge Ms Pacman PGA Tour Golf The Pro Yakyuu - Pennant Race Sega World Tournament Golf Streets of Rage Submarine Attack Ultima IV Wonder Boy in Monster World World Games
  20. Played Kenseiden for the first time the other day and man its a hard game. Also I thought Wonderboy 3 would have turned up more, very surprised!
  21. Man I loved Enduro Racer and I only found out recently that in the west we got a cut down version of the game!! In the western version we had 5 levels repeated twice on a 128kb cart, where as in Japan they had 10 individual levels with addition graphics on a 256kb cart.
  22. I had it first on the sms as I didnt have a Genesis at the time and it was a pretty good version keeping in mind the levels were totally different to the genesis version. Mind you once I upgraded to a Genesis I never went back.
  23. Wow didnt think Parlour games would feature,nice.
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