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  1. They're partnering with Klarna. A sleazy "videogame company" partnering with and even sleazier credit/financing company. I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you.
  2. From a pure production standpoint, it would cost a hell of a lot more to print specific 400/800/Onyx/Walnut/Collector's/whatever boxes, like this appears to be. That's the kind of stuff usually relegated to an endflap sticker, especially by a tiny company like Atari.
  3. People have been clamoring for the next installments of 3-D Tic Tac Toe and Surround for decades.
  4. And perhaps you missed my entire post. One company is historically, demonstrably, a piece of shit. The other, at least to this point, doesn't appear to be. I'm not having wet dreams about either of these consoles, but your touting of Atari's transparency over this three year process is laughable. This is why you get laughed at. Spend your money how you want. Enjoy your VCS. But spare us your martyrdom tears around here.
  5. Wow. I don't care one way or the other about the Amico. As a Day 1 backer of the VCS though, did you not see the 11 month span where they completely abandoned their Facebook page? That was likely while they were switching PR companies from the ineffective Rain Factory to the equally ineffective UberStrategist. They routinely broke Indiegogo's update frequency rules, and also routinely skirted them with useless "updates" like potential front applique treatments or virtually identical updates spread over two posts a month apart. As far as I know, Tallarico doesn't have a history of deleting posts or banning users for nothing more than inconvenient questions. Tallarico doesn't have a history of non-payment of developers and contractors stretching back far before Fergal Mac or Rob Wyatt. Tallarico doesn't have a history of faking gameplay and quietly adding a disclaimer afterward. The Amico has had a vision from its initial announcement that hasn't wavered in the face of developer disinterest. Get down off your cross. I have no interest in either machine, but if you want to champion a POS organization like Chesnais' "Atari," don't have the temerity to feign indignation at the reactions from those of us who know these guys.
  6. Won't happen...Thunderbird won't let that go. Gotta pony up for a real copy or go pirate on Etsy.
  7. Good news Except for their extended history of non-payment to contractors and vendors, as well as abandonware releases. Yeah, I'd just as soon keep a few of these types aboard. Nothing highlights the complete disconnect from reality of the truly fanatical backer like the old chestnuts of "You're not a fan! You weren't there! Atari WAS gaming! Atari's back!" They aren't seeing the pros and cons of a product. They're defending a religion.
  8. I don't understand your perverse fetish with being wrong, F1JV, but you're as obnoxious here as you are elsewhere. I've found it helps if I read your posts in William Shatner's voice, though.
  9. I did play it at release. I didn't buy until three years later, when I picked up three consoles at KayBee Toys for $25 each. As I mentioned, I have a complete boxed retail collection virtually all of which I paid pennies on the dollar for, before prices got stupid recently. If you play Rebooteroids or most of the other Reboot titles, check the credits for racerx... I've done tons of testing work. The point that you're absolutely missing is that everyone circa 1995 knew the Jaguar was going to flop, hard. Everyone that paid any attention knew Atari was circling the drain and didn't have the money or resources to properly launch a console or attract major developers. That doesn't mean we hated Atari (which at that time, was at least the tattered remnants of the real Atari). It just meant people weren't fools. No way in hell was I going to pay full retail for that...it was obviously destined for clearance bins. Sound familiar?
  10. So you couldn't spot a DOA system twenty-four years ago, either. Whodathunkit, indeed.
  11. Because..."true" ATARI VCS 400/800 fans...don't make such "sensible" decisions...just us "haters." Mattell. TT. 🌮 Fixed it. 🌮
  12. I was born in '71. I have huge warm fuzzies for Atari. Almost half my arcade machines are Atari. I still have my original heavy sixer. Hell, I've got a complete Jaguar boxed collection. On the other hand, I've got zero nostalgia for Infogrames, no matter what they choose to call themselves, or what IP they purchase. This is all thoroughly dead horse material here, though. If all you need is a meaningless brand name, good for you. Atari SA gets no automatic attention or love from most of us, because they have nothing to do with the Atari that we grew up with.
  13. Worried? No. I've got over $20k in my home arcade. I just picked up a $2000 gun today. I don't typically use money as a pathetic flex, because I'm not a douche. That doesn't mean I just light money on fire.
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