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  1. No, it's a weak brand because Atari makes less money on clothing than Nintendo. I wouldn't judge Nike's strength on its console sales, so I'm not sure what you're going for there. Nintendo's juggernaut IP library dwarfs Atari's, and that directly translates to apparel licensing revenue. In 2021 Atari is a niche brand, which is a polite way of saying "weak."
  2. No, you couldn't. Each of those would be a separate license, and everything Atari is done as cheaply as possible.
  3. Let's not forget that PowerA got the contract after Atari SA tried to screw over dreamGEAR, the initial controller contractors.
  4. Stuff like this pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the company behind the VCS. This was an actual tweet.
  5. What on earth are you on about? It's arguably underpowered, but it's only real hardware problem is controller drift, something my kid's PS4 has also suffers from. And the dock possibly scratching the screen if we're really picking nits, I guess. Ultimately, hardware is just a means of running software, Nintendo's is top notch, and the market reflects it.
  6. I am that that Gen-X dad, and am a fan down to an Atari tattoo and a basement arcade full of Atari consoles and Atari arcade/pinball machines, and no...it doesn't make sense.
  7. I just love that we're now apparently using the Jaguar as a benchmark of success. 😂
  8. I'm just not a brand guy. I truthfully just don't care if there's an Atari moving forward. If they make great compelling stuff, I'll buy it. Early Atari constantly did. Later Atari increasingly did not. I didn't buy the Jaguar, because it was a laughable attempt by a death spiralling company. I didn't care what it was branded. Then, I'm not a sports superfan either. Field a great team and I'll watch...but I don't have any kind of loyalty to some rich guy's team of rich guys just because we're in geographic proximity. So in answer to your original question, I simply don't need a future venture named "Atari." I'm going to buy the most compelling product, whether in be Atari, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, or anything else.
  9. Yes, since you've asked. If it can't be a legitimate company with it's own in-house design and development, what's the point? Just to say the name exists? What's the joy in watching profiteers like Chesnais try to squeeze blood out a long dead turnip? My life is full of enjoyable things and moments that are long gone. I enjoy them for what they were, and have no compulsion to try to ghoulishly hang on to their remnants. I was a big Atari fan because they were a unique company at one time...but I'm not so obsessed that I need a zombie brand on life support.
  10. And I'm sure justclaws will eventually get around to all of them.
  11. On an unrelated note, does the AA forum software not have any kind of flood control?
  12. Atari was losing titanic amounts of money by 1984, which is why Warner was desperate to get out from under it. Nintendo was only looking to partner with Atari for the brand recognition and Atari's distribution channels in the North American market. Atari considered it because at that point they had little left in the tank...the deal was set up to be ridiculously in Nintendo's favor.
  13. That's the problem with a lot of Atari's old IPs, though. Because of the technology, they were just generic games built around a concept, or simple arcade games. You were literally a square wandering a basic map in Adventure. Any modern action RPG could be considered a follow-up to Adventure. Are people interested in a modern Food Fight? Something like Yars' Revenge is a better bet, and the comic even fleshed out a back story. Major Havoc? Bentley Bear was an identifiable character, but again...they just withered on the vine. Beating the dead horse, that's what separates Nintendo from Atari. Nintendo has carefully nourished and developed their properties so that people look forward to new entries. Atari may still technically own a library of IPs, but it's simply not comparable when a good deal of them are things like "Football" or "Casino" or "Haunted House." Atari has been trying to reimagine a lot of these since the Hasbro days and the greater buying public just doesn't care. Night Driver? Centipede: Infestation? Haunted House: Cryptic Graves? Asteroid Outpost? Even with something as popular here as T4K I'd be interested in seeing the actual, cross-platform sales figures. Their best path forward at this point is to stress the indie gaming aspect of the console. I just think even that's an uphill battle when there are thriving indie markets already in the likes of Steam and Switch's eShop.
  14. But here's one of those claims that has to be corrected. It's not hate, it's reality. It can't be upgraded like any PC. Yes, you can add memory, and boot to a different OS. But on a PC I was using for gaming, I'd be looking at the processor and graphics card...and the VCS is stuck with what's it's got.
  15. Yes. Nintendo likely spent more on that one game than Atari has spent on everything for the past ten years. The Switch also sold hundreds of thousands of units before that's game's release, because it was preceded by other top-notch AAA titles that also cost tens of millions of dollars. Nintendo also had the advantage of a reputation earned by steadily releasing quality first party software without interruption for the last 35 years. The fact that some NES and SNES games are on the Switch is just an added plus...it certainly didn't drive many sales in the beginning. Atari doesn't even own the rights to many of the games on Lynx and Jaguar, and outside of our little circle there just aren't that many people interested in them anyway. Basketbrawl simply isn't in big demand. I keep seeing posts saying it's okay to like the VCS, and it certainly is. But when people start talking about how the machine is going to be a big success, or that all it needs is something it can't possibly get, or that the stock will break a euro per share, or that now's the time to jump on Atari Token, or that Atari hotels will be a big draw in any major city, that's just ignoring reality. I hope every backer enjoys the hell out of their VCS, but on a discussion board these kind of pie in the sky dreams are going to generate a lot of discussion.
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