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  1. Now these are worth a pre-order
  2. I think most of us know how the market works. If you bought Atari in the past 5 years, it's been more or less flat. If you bought a year ago, you're in the hole. Big. Now, might it shoot up to a full Euro or more after the VCS releases? Sure, stranger things have happened. But unless you bought immediately post-bankruptcy and sold early last year when it was briefly trading in the .65 Euro range, it doesn't much matter how many thousand shares are in your portfolio...Atari SA has been a shit performer.
  3. Indiegogo backers will be shipped unfinished product, and will get to help us make it work!
  4. Well, crap. That'd put me at the back of the bus... 😂
  5. Obviously the only fair release method is by order of AA seniority. 😁
  6. Kaner deserves it for EA hosing him on the NHL 16 cover.
  7. You can't add that to your failed console collection...
  8. Spend several years here touting your programming prowess but producing nothing while denigrating those who actually put out games, and you'll generally receive cuntish treatment.
  9. She also has just about zero reaction to any of her posts, so she's apparently just talking to herself.
  10. The "Top Fan" badge is automatically awarded by Facebook. I've got a couple of Top Fans on my Flynn's Arcade but I was surprised as anyone about it. It just goes out to regular posters.
  11. Yet here you are, seemingly determined to embody every possible millennial stereotype. This much, at least, we can certainly agree on.
  12. Just (again) pointing out the obvious. Young gamers don't care, old farts like us don't care, and hardcore gamers don't care. That pretty much leaves clueless middle aged people who don't really play games much or pay attention to the games market but remember that they used to play Atari. And you, if you don't already fall into one of those categories.
  13. I wonder where this thread ranks in AA history as far as attracting new members to the forum.
  14. And hardcore gamers don't care.
  15. I think I probably mentioned this about 18 months and many, many tacos ago but I just cannot grok this kind of devotion to a name. I can understand admiration of a company and its products, but not slavish devotion to an empty brand name regardless of what random guy buys it. I've compared it to losing Sparky, the family dog, naming a new dog "Sparky," and then being excited about Sparky being back. The mind boggles.
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