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  1. Did I miss something, or did the Atari men in black sterilize the "official" subreddit?
  2. At no point did anything about this project ever look awesome or promising.
  3. It doesn't have a meaningless Atari logo anywhere in it, so probably not much.
  4. How does the Atari Gamebox LLC entity factor into that? I've always assumed it was a patsy to shield the parent company when things inevitably went pear-shaped.
  5. After the stock bloodbath today, an emergency press release was in order. https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2019-10-08/atari-october-8th-2019-brief-statement
  6. Atari demonstrably bans people they find inconvenient. No more, no less. It's not for personal attacks, hate speech, the "trolling" catch-all, or any of their other silly excuses. The Parker siblings, the Werners, Lucas...these are simply useful idiots for the cause. Foot soldiers. Enforcers. Atari won't disavow these morons because they'll gladly do Atari's dirty work.
  7. Atari would rather infamously use whatever parts were laying around, so there will be variation with internals and whatnot. What makes a heavy a heavy though is that think, rounded base. You could throw them on a scale, but there really shouldn't be much difference between any 6-switch unit with the thinner, angular base.
  8. That's... not a heavy. I'm guessing there must have been manufacturing variances. I only had a heavy sixer for 25 years and never had any problems with cartridge snugness.
  9. I mean, if the box isn't in great shape it's damaged, no?
  10. It'd probably help to throw out a ballpark price, too. Especially with a brand new account.
  11. The irony of Atari's ban policy: the biggest offenders of the "hate speech, abuse, and personal attacks" excuse are usually Atari's biggest cheerleaders.
  12. Whoops...wrong forum. Love the discs! 🙂
  13. Time to dig out a couple CX-10s.
  14. Still need a secretive uber collector to dump those Bouncer roms. 🙁
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