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  1. In other news, Atari's market cap has dipped below $70 mil, and the stock is flirting with another 52-week low. The true believers might still have faith, but the market is clearly growing tired of Atari's BS.
  2. Shitty press is earned, not asked for.
  3. How did I miss this in the FAQ thread?
  4. Those are just the empty boxes...I don't really keep stuff on display. The boxes are kept in Rubbermaid containers, and the carts are on a shelf/stand.
  5. He's either an AI, or he's the guy that writes all the manuals for my Alibaba purchases.
  6. One thing's for sure...Brandon's random bits of word salad have been some of the most entertaining things I've read. I'm still trying to find the modern Enigma device that deciphers this code.
  7. See, Lucas...this is why people point and laugh at your core group of diehards. Atari isn't a charitable organization, and they aren't my kid struggling with math. They're a company that's taken people's money, and are looking to earn more. They don't get credit for trying hard. There are no participation ribbons. They aren't doing this as a favor that anyone should be thankful for. They're a business. They aren't making a product for people to enjoy, they're making a product for people to purchase. To a rational, fully functioning adult, it doesn't matter how hard they're trying. All that should matter is the product, or lack thereof. Progress, or lack thereof. Communication, or lack thereof. A clearly defined market and path to success and support in such, or lack thereof. An image of honesty and integrity, or lack thereof. That you few can't seem to grasp this, or why even the Indiegogo page has turned into complaints, is why the zealots have been the butt of jokes since the beginning.
  8. I see the market responded appropriately to this breathtaking development. Poor Fred. It seems no amount of silly licensing deals are going to push this stock anywhere. He really is stuck with it.
  9. Yep. That sweet, sweet $600k was non-refundable. Whether these hotels sink or swim matters not one bit to "Atari."
  10. It's the same business model they've been using for years...license the name out, putting forth the least possible effort. At some point, Atari is going to have to actually make new games that people actually give a crap about. Coincidentally, those are also conspicuously absent from the VCS. Eventually, the last of us with nostalgia for the brand will finally die off, and "Atari" isn't going to be able to keep cashing in on games that people with actual talent and vision created decades ago.
  11. Likely because they're running out of unbanned pigeons.
  12. Meh. Start banning people and we're no better than the Jonestown goofballs in the Supporters group.
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