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  1. Yes, but those examples are collectible/valuable because people didn't collect them. Same with the original Star Wars toys that people didn't think to leave sealed. This crap goes immediately onto someone's shelf to gather dust. The sheer fact that people are buying them for that reason ensures they won't ever be worth much. It's just compulsive collecting.
  2. I've already seen people salivating in the FB groups. I don't understand the urge to collect stuff that doesn't seem to have any collectible value, but they're out there.
  3. The wife literally just sent this to me. Outside of a tiny nerd bubble, the rest of the world uses Atari synonymously with "obsolete."
  4. How long can a company coast on a 40-year-old reputation selling products made by other companies? I get it...nostalgia's a helluva drug, but it can't be milked forever. At some point those of us who care(d) will be gone, and Atari hasn't really produced anything original and relevant since the Warner years.
  5. "Ultra niche" is right. Those of us that are middle aged but never stopped gaming don't have much use for this cynical exercise.
  6. Yeah, but it wasn't exactly a glowing article.
  7. What news did I miss? Up over 27%, and normal volume is 300,000 and change.
  8. Friendly ball-busting aside, there were always fun games in the arcade, 90's included. Still, "peak arcade" was definitely in the early 80's, and it's hard to describe how big it was to anyone that wasn't there. There were games in gas stations and outside the checkout at Kmart, for Pete's sake. Games like Pacman and Donkey Kong got breakfast cereals, Saturday morning cartoons, and bedsheets. Still, it was the song list that prompted the biggest *oof* from my inner fogey. I simply can't connect any of those with the arcade experience, at all. I was working on some machines in my arcade last night and jotted down the tracks that played while I worked. It's quite a difference a decade or so makes. 😉 Golden Earring: Twilight Zone Boston: Long Time Blue Oyster Cult: Burning for You Toto: Hold the Line Loverboy: Turn Me Loose Fleetwood Mac: Rhiannon Styx: Blue Collar Man Journey: Stone In Love Rolling Stones: Start Me Up Def Leppard: Photograph Billy Squire: In the Dark Foreigner: Hot Blooded
  9. Yep. I genuinely feel bad for people that missed the good years.
  10. I've got to hand it to Atari...most companies can only dream of attracting loyal customers with zero expectations.
  11. Hang in there, big guy.
  12. Look...it's a niche product. The idea of a doorstop was never intended to compete with mainstream doorstops.
  13. Inb4 zzip's "niche product" routine.
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