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  1. Member #32 has renewed. Looking forward to the surprises this year.
  2. Did anyone happen to pickup the new Eggerland game from CollectorVision?
  3. Personal best score today on the secret game. 387100. Not sure I can do that again, love this game!
  4. Boston area here and I received yesterday.
  5. Received my surprise today, simply brilliant! Thank you!
  6. Hello All, Has anyone tried playing Boxxle from the Atarimax Ultimate SD cart? I updated the firmware in order to play but I don’t get the opening scene and when playing the game it just allows me to select a stage as opposed to playing each level. I’m just curious if this is normal behavior or if I did something wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Member 32 is in and paid up for 2020! Happy New Year all 🎉!
  8. Does anyone know if these Mateos carts are still being produced? I sent a request quote from the vectrex.hackermesh site but havent heard back... Just curious if any has had any recent experience in obtaining one of these carts.
  9. I sent out my controllers for Todd to refurbish and upgrade and he did a masterful job with his work. The one Coleco controller had little to no use of the side trigger buttons but is now fully functioning. I love the fact that I no longer have to use extender cables when playing my Colecovision, as his cable straightening is TOP NOTCH! Thanks Todd for your work... I am planning on getting my full system modded for RGB based off of the great work he did with my controllers. A+++ all around. Thanks again!
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