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  1. Quite simple: Impatience. Don't know how long the average waiting time is, but it seems to be a few months.
  2. Installed over two evenings: At first i didn't know, that the Lynx needs a game cart to switch on and thus couldn't find the voltage on the mentioned points. Man was i sweating! Then i prepared some floppy cable, but cut it too short so i had to rewire it... Looks quite nice. For now i skipped the VGA Port because i don't want to cut the Lynx case. Can somebody please point me to the information about "that guy" who installed a mini-connector into the brightness wheel cutout to fit some kind of adapter cable for the VGA out? Thanks @ McWill for the awesome Hardware.
  3. Thanks for the welcome. Dark side, eh? Should mean everything is easier and less painful to achieve?
  4. Hi, please put me on the Preorder list. My Lynx is a Model II. Many thanks for all the efforts!
  5. And this video pushed me over the edge of curiosity. Finally after all these years i got a Lynx II. Now starts the hunt for those hidden gems.
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