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  1. Man... I'm sorry if you've been busy I already replied to your e-mail a week ago or so...
  2. It's been a month since I got in contact with Fred Quimby, but he stopped replying to my e-mails. Did something ahppen to him?
  3. I've been trying for months to get the thing working, but it's no use... Is there a way to send the cartridge back to hace it reflashed?
  4. I mentioned it earlier, but I've tried more than 5 computers, ranging from XP to Win10... still no luck
  5. Hi! It's been a few months and I tried again to see if it worked, but still no luck whatsoever... Any help?
  6. Yes, I use them to connect different external HDD drives. Besides, the computers recognise the cart as a device and I installed the drivers that were mentioned in the post containing the firmwares...
  7. Hi!: I got a cart a few years ago and it failed to boot a few days ago. I think that the firmware got corrupted somehow. The thing is... I'm trying to connect it to my PC to update it and for the life of me I simply CANNOT. I've tried different USB cables and different computers with, yes, different operative systems and no luck. In my W7 computers it fails to find the cart and on XP it keeps searching for it forever with no results. Any advice?
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