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  1. Speaking of, how do you print those inserts and holders Cooper? I would love to have those made for my own collection!
  2. I just recently started collecting for the system. Just about reaching 70 games with two last packages coming in from Japan before I take a break. Once the new Nt Mini shows up at my house, I'll get back to it! I need to get the stuff out to take a pic, lol
  3. You might not get a notice btw. One of my own packets shipped without email notice. I only know because I have my packages tracked by the Arrive app, which links to Analogue purchases via Shopify.
  4. No prob! I have a feeling the adapters were stupidly popular in Japan.
  5. https://twitter.com/analogue/status/1225953947715866630?s=20
  6. Hopefully this gets you closer to what you are looking for: http://kevtris.org/nes/nsfspec.txt This text document is the NSF Specification sheet that Kevtris devised years ago, complete with revision history since 1.00. http://kevtris.org/nes/NESAudioRipping.TXT This text document is an NSF ripping guide that a guy named Chris Covell wrote in tandem with Kevtris and another guy named Michel Iwaniec. http://kevtris.org/Projects/hardnes/ The first .NSF player ever created.
  7. It's pretty obvious that you don't understand how Kevtris works at all. He's not gonna look at MiSTer's code because he doesn't want to associate himself with the project or have anyone say that he is. He takes pride in knowing that everything he's developed and worked on had very little input from other projects aside from general schematics and write ups. There has already been a kerfuffle with someone on the MiSTer side of things (Jotego) claiming multiple times that he stole code from him for use in the Mega SG. One example of this: This was easily proven wrong when Kevtris identified & fixed the issue (YM2612 bug) far before Jotego did, early on in the Mega SG support no less. This is also exactly why you're not going to see him all of a sudden look at MiSTer (or any other) code for a "quick fix." There has however been many times where he has taken suggestions & advice from various people in this scene -- both here, as well as IRC & Discord, and implemented it into his development for a richer experience. What you should be doing is instead is asking him if he can perform a similar fix or update to the Mega SG for composite blending, instead telling him what he should do and where he should go like an entitled child. Don't get me wrong, the MiSTer core is also excellent and a fine choice. But Kevtris and his work should be respected as well.
  8. Handhelds are historically known to be more difficult to produce over game consoles. However, Taber might have an in on getting small screens for cheap. It'll definitely be an interesting project to see. It'll also likely be the product that gets pushed back.
  9. There *might* be something to talk about in a few weeks yeah. According to the US Trademark site, Analgoue was granted a Notice of Allowance in late August, which means they have been given the go ahead to commercially use the patents, as long as they pay their fees within 3 months. If they don't, the need to request an 6 month extension or both patents will be abandoned. They can do one or the other to be honest, but it seems more likely that they will pay their fees, then quickly announce one or both products. tl;dr: Expect something announced before November 18.
  10. It's definitely not the norm. I also have a VA6 that doesn't have any serious jailbar issues, but a few other models that do (one of which is the same model as the Altered Beast Console that spoonman posted -- I'll spare you the box pics, lol). Early Japanese Mega Drives seem to have it as a consistent issue, while it seems that SEGA worked on the issue with successive revisions of the US Genesis consoles, with varying success. When you see Bob from RetroRGB call it an issue with the model 1s, he says it more of a blanket statement to cover them all -- depending on the revision you'll see varying levels of the issue. There's also the idea that even within the same revisions have the issue due to also being produced with various different IC parts. Overall the jailbar issue isn't at all as serious as it is with Sega Master System consoles. Also @spoonman it's always a good idea to use direct capture to really show what is being displayed. Camera photos can lie, especially that of phone cameras. Also it's something that's far more visible to the eye when run through an upscaler with proper cables. The issue isn't as noticeable on a CRT (for good or for bad, lol).
  11. It was a firmware issue, so it is (previously) on every firmware before 4.5 on the Mega SG, and all firmware currently for the Super NT. Every console has this issue up until today. It's something that once you see it, you can't exactly un-see it as well: Just captured that image off of my Super NT for ya. You see how there is a very thin black line across the top? That shouldn't be there -- it should be a row of pixels there that fills out the rest of the image. Thankfully, Kevtris has fixed this issue and will be providing a firmware patch for the Super NT soon.
  12. Kevtris has said a number of times in the Classic Gaming Discord that he'll be working on fixing up and tweaking the Mega SG before he works on the DAC. The next Mega SG is likely going to be a very HUGE patch (and from what it looks like, one of the final patches aside from minor stuff). One which will fix one of the glaring issues that people have had with both the Mega SG and Super NT (the missing line of scan data at the top of the screen). He mentioned (?) that the patch will likely be out this coming week as well. Hopefully shortly after this patch we see some information on the DAC.
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