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  1. I'm just here to help relay a message from SaggyMelonz who was also there (and waiting on approval to post herself):
  2. Slowdown happens in original hardware. It's normal and accurate behavior.
  3. Welcome! And yeah it does, if only to help Kev better keep track of bugs that need to be squashed. And yes, the Noir does come with one NES 2.4g controller -- they are out of stock everywhere, but it looks like 8BitDo is producing more, if this e-mail exchange is to be believed: https://i.redd.it/6w7p2km2f4l61.jpg
  4. It does. In fact the NT Mini Noir "knows" when an expansion audio ROM is being played and will automatically activate the required expansion chip without your needing to.
  5. The hype behind the Game Boy Advance support alone will make this console a top seller, if not the best seller. I've never seen this much desire behind any of the Analogue products at all. It doing everything else is like some sort of super icing when compared.
  6. I never understand this logic at all. Say what you will about their marketing and distancing to their fans, but they've never given anyone reason to doubt that they won't come through on releasing product. Sans a few delays & COVID, they've released everything they've set out to release, with many things having subsequent reprints, and an original console having a UI redesign and final release. There's no reason why they wouldn't continue to release Pockets well into the future. I have full faith in the fact that it will turn out to be their highest seller of all time, in fact. Everyone had trouble trying to preorder a Pocket, that's just how it is now-a-days. Same for PS5, XBOX Series X, Multiple highly anticipated Switch games, RTX3080s and so on. And even with everything Analogue stated yesterday, it'll still be an ongoing problem.
  7. Pretty interesting teardown! My first time seeing the insides of this particular unit too! Thanks!
  8. I dropped this video for people who might want some palettes for use on their Noir. Can also be used on the OG 2017 Mini.
  9. I think that's more of a change with yourself then, and that's totally fine as well. We thankfully live in a time now where both physical and digital forms of most older hardware can mingle and co-exist in ones home to one's own taste now. You can have next to nothing and do everything on your PC or emu-box of choice, or you can have a few consoles and play with a mixture of physical carts and ROMs. You could also go full bore physical media and play with some fancy upscaler. Or fall short of physical media and instead have flash cart or ODE solutions. It's really a great time to be alive and no one should feel the burden of keeping physical media if it doesn't make them happy any more for whatever reason.
  10. I really like this take, and it's something of a path that I've been going down myself, particularly with Famicom Disk System games. Since I've started I've beaten a number of games to completion and found not only a much deeper appreciation for the console, but also of the Japanese Famicom that I never owned and also of the NES many games of which were originally ON the Disk System. If I never sat down and played these games, they would just take up a part of my home much like any other collector. I've also made that same argument many times when it comes to owning full ROM sets -- for every person who has a ton of physical games and has paralysis on what to play, you have the same problem for someone who has a full ROM set of games... the same paralysis exists, if not becomes worse. Then choice is made much easier when you can have context for what you might want to play, like flipping through a manual or checking out the artwork and such. The same argument could be made for going online and looking up guides or artwork online and so on, but for me it always seems like it doesn't hold true in my experience talking to people.
  11. Maybe for you and some others. Not everyone has a space issue or collects everything without pause or forethought. You said it yourself that you wanted everything and anything previously (after my initial post). That's a big issue right there if you have no consideration for space or viability. Many people fall into this trap because it becomes absurdly easy to buy up lots of games.
  12. I've collected once before as a person who wanted to first collect the games I played and loved as a kid, then towards games I DIDN'T get to play as a kid. Once I got most of what I wanted I stopped, barring something interesting that I find at a convention for a decent price. Alternatively, now I find games at garage sales for next to nothing sometimes and I make the choice to either to add to the collection or sell off for some money. It's actually a nice feeling to know that I always have the choice of playing on flash carts or some sort of emulation to make up the difference for games that are out of my reach or absurdly expensive. My collecting has had a small evolution when it comes to the NES, however -- I started down the path of collecting Famicom Disk System games due to a friend and a couple of cool YouTube videos and now I'm absolutely obsessed with finishing the set in some form. Since it's only 210 games for the full set and a relatively small form factor, it's quite simple enough to take my time on it. I'm nearing 140 of the set and it literally only took me a year or so, breaking even on my investment every time. It'll be my only full set of games and I'm completely happy with that. In the end, I'd say do whatever makes you happy. If you are pleased with collecting (tons of) full sets of games, go for it, and don't let anyone dissuade you from doing so. Usually people that do this are jealous, or spend way too much time worrying about how people spend their own money or live their gaming lives. You only have the one life to live, so do what makes you happy. It's definitely an obsession if it matters, haha.
  13. I also have an NT Mini. And I have a number of RAM Adapters that work just fine with it. And now I have a Noir, and it also works just fine with the same RAM Adapters. If that guy has the first revision of the RAM adapter (or one with an early BIOS) it would be interesting to see.
  14. Interested in what board revision your RAM Adapter is. If you can open it up!
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