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  1. It was a firmware issue, so it is (previously) on every firmware before 4.5 on the Mega SG, and all firmware currently for the Super NT. Every console has this issue up until today. It's something that once you see it, you can't exactly un-see it as well: Just captured that image off of my Super NT for ya. You see how there is a very thin black line across the top? That shouldn't be there -- it should be a row of pixels there that fills out the rest of the image. Thankfully, Kevtris has fixed this issue and will be providing a firmware patch for the Super NT soon.
  2. Kevtris has said a number of times in the Classic Gaming Discord that he'll be working on fixing up and tweaking the Mega SG before he works on the DAC. The next Mega SG is likely going to be a very HUGE patch (and from what it looks like, one of the final patches aside from minor stuff). One which will fix one of the glaring issues that people have had with both the Mega SG and Super NT (the missing line of scan data at the top of the screen). He mentioned (?) that the patch will likely be out this coming week as well. Hopefully shortly after this patch we see some information on the DAC.
  3. The defaults for 4.3 are based on Ace, FBX and Joe's (ironically) settings and findings. SegaSnatcher did his own independent findings and found that they were similar on his own end.
  4. Happy Birthday to the server! I remember being one of the very first members invited to it. Now it's a pretty thriving server that's consistently one that I frequent every single day, even if it's only just lurking. To think that the server itself had an unlikely administrator that just decided to make an Analogue fan server on a whim, haha.
  5. I'd wager the 2.4ghz will be better for singular Mega SG/Sega Genesis/SMS gaming. The Bluetooth dongle & DIY should be just as good, but it also opens up the opportunity to use a DIY controller on any combination of Mega SG, Super NT (with SN receiver), NT Mini/AVS/NES (with NES receiver), Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, Nintendo Switch, Phone, PC/emulators, MacOSX, Raspberry Pi, MiSTer, Atari 2600 (?), and a few other devices. I have a 6 button DIY and have successfully used it on every single device listed above, outside of the Sega Genesis/SMS & Atari 2600, which would need the dongle that's releasing soon. Not only that, but the dongle also allows for OTHER controllers to be used on the Genesis/SMS, such as PS3, PS4, Xbox 360/One, Switch Pro and a smattering of other controllers as well. If you want a solid connection for Sega Genesis & Mega SG, get the 2.4ghz M30 set. If you want a controller that can be used on most any device with a bluetooth connection, get the bluetooth DIY kit (or the bluetooth M30).
  6. I was saying the exact same thing for the most part, lol. Eventually the quality of the MiSTer might reach Analogue stuff for some of the more popular cores. There are also merits to having other cores that Kevtris may never get to, like the Arcade and some of the computers. It also seems like the MiSTer may never get to do things such as play games directly off of physical media and some of the more polished settings like music players and things like that. There's stuff for people on both sides. I think they can both co-exist and thrive in the community.
  7. True enough! I guess all that matters really is skill involved, which is very high level for both people.
  8. Yeah, Rysha spoke about it in the SG Discord. It's pretty god damn amazing & unbelievable to be honest. She had to tell him what Zelda: A Link to the Past was during testing of the first beta port of the MiSTer core. To go from never having a authentic Super Nintendo and not knowing some of it's most popular games to creating an FPGA implementation is something else entirely. I think at this point he's been sent a DE-10 Nano so he can work on the port now as well.
  9. I should preface and clarify what I'm saying -- I meant what I said in more of a social stance instead of a technical one regarding the cores. At least from reading a number of posts across many forums, as well as Discord & Twitter, yes -- this general (and current) consensus anyways. You even have Smokemonster on one occasion saying that Kevtris is a cut above others (that he knows about) in this part of the FPGA space in a video of his. I don't mean to offend you or anyone else, I'm just going off of what I've been reading across multiple platforms about the MiSTer project and any real links or quotes about Kevtris and Analogue in comparison. Stuff like this: https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?p=1339308#p1339308 https://twitter.com/lionheart20XX/status/1052410102228144128 https://www.resetera.com/threads/analogue-super-nt-orders-and-shipping-now-youre-playing-with-super-power.8886/post-4212396 The last link is more of a "Hay, Kevtris is a god, no one else can do this in the same amount of time!" type of post in Feb 2018. And now here we are in Dec 2018 talking about another SNES core and project. Granted, we don't know how long srg320 has been working on his core to be fair. Kevtris is pretty damn amazing. However, the world is pretty large and there are other amazing people who have been putting just as much work as well. It's more or less agreed upon that MiSTer has a lot of potential, and now because of it's greatly increased awareness to the project, people can consider it as an alternative to Analogue stuff. There are accurate cores that have been ported to the MiSTer, like yours (which I'm aware of), but there are also cores like the new SNES one that has popped up which are unfinished, and some like the Arcade cores which are buggy. Unfortunately, many end-users who jump into an open-source project do not fully realize that it's open-source (complete with bugs and unfinished code) and instead judge based on it's current iteration over all. Another point of reference against Analogue in general is more of a dig towards the lack of any re-release or new iteration of the NT Mini, complete with jailbreak.
  10. It's perfectly fine to hold your own opinion about open sources vs closed as Sorg did. The spirit of open source is that anyone (or someone) can eventually continue the legacy of someone (or people) prior as far as R&D. Research, code and resources won't exactly die with a creator or be locked behind a company forever. However, it's Kevtris' prerogative to do whatever he wants to do with his projects & code, and everyone will just have to deal with it. This was posted in May: http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=29415#p344366 There's a very high level of jealousy & disdain towards Kevtris/Analogue that I've seen from some (not many) people who have jumped onto the MiSTer project, even as end-users. Mainly due to cores not being released to open-source/ported to MiSTer. People definitely consider any core or recreation of a chip by Kevtris to be much more accurate than MiSTer's current offerings. I don't think Sorgelig even dislikes Kevtris at all, he only hates the general idea of closed source projects and is very committed to his idea of and dream of open source (which is interesting discussion in and of itself in the last few days).
  11. While the cart should play and not harm the Super NT, the clone will definitely be based on the Revision F (if not an earlier rev) -- the current iteration of the SD2SNES is on Revision J, which brings a lot of fixes to the hardware, including to the audio circuit. If you go with a Chinese clone, the compatibility with the MSU-1 isn't guaranteed to work, and the clone will more than likely be built using cheaper components, which can lead to potential other issues, many of which are largely unknown and undocumented. Finally, Krikkz has come out a few times saying that he would not officially support any clone of the SD2SNES that has issues, so you'd be on your own if it does in fact have problems. http://retrorgb.com/sd2snes.html You are better off spending the extra money buying from him directly or from a reputable reseller, such as Stone Age Gamer. There are also a few sellers of the SD2SNES on eBay as well.
  12. I saw that you can download that SNES build and test a while ago, which is why I worded my response in such a way. There's nothing public yet!
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