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  1. a little update to the collection still processing more games to put on the list but now what i have all are loose. Berzerk picture variant 1 common Combat text variant 1 common Home run picture variant 2 common+ Football realsports picture variant 4 scarce + Star raiders picture variant 1 common E.T silver label 1 common Space invaders picture variant 1 common Video Olympic s text variant 2 common + Crackpots pots 4 scarcity + Super break out picture variant 2 common + Astro blast m network variant. 2 common + Space attack m network variant 2 common + Dark cavern m network variant 2 common + Frogs and flies m network variant 2 common + Mash 20th century fox variant 3 scarce Sneak and peak black label 2 common + Atlantis day scene variant. 2 common + Fire fighters Picture label 3 scarce Starship large yellow text 3 scarce Defender sears variant 2 common* Maze craze picture variant. 2 common+ Pitfall standard label 2 common + Othello text label 2 common + Gopher Standard case label 4 scarce + Combat Picture variant. 1 common Squeeze box standard case 4 scarce+ Video olympics picture label 2 comm + Stampede Standard common 2+ Blue print cbs electronics scarce 3 Donkey Kong standard. 1 common Surround picture label 2 common + Ski standard 2 common + Mouse trap standard 2 common + Casino picture label 1 common Dragster standard 2 common + Missile command Airlock standard scarce 3 + Super challenge baseball 2 common + Word zapper standard 3 Enduro standard 2 common + Vanguard silver label 2 common + Space invaders text label
  2. Thanks for the advice metal Jesus i want to make it to the Portland show sometime in the future when the money will allow me to travel, mainly alot of my pick ups have been in the wild looking for deals and the occasional eBay. I also want to I am a fan of your show on you tube. your videos are very insightful and exciting so thank you for the content you bring. but again i want to thanks for your input and i keep it going so far my favorite cart has been berzerk love the art one it.
  3. So as everyone here is probably aware i have an ambitious goal to have the biggest Atari collection i can realistically achieve.. Right now i have 10 games. this Sunday i will be finally getting my box order of a 192 games to looking through and catalog and update my collection. I am setting some goals and mile stones that i want to complete as my collection grows. The two main developers i would like to complete in terms of sets are i magic and 20th century fox. This dose not include variants yet as i do not know what carts will be in this haul. whatever duplicates i may get will be for trade towards any carts i do not have. my collection and shipment coming are all loose. I hope to enjoy this scavenger hunt and see what i can find. the main game im prized for my collection is a mint cib tapper and that has been the goal form day one. you all know my back story and why i'm collecting. and i spoke to my mother and she thinks it would be a neat way for us to explore the Atari 2600 all over again. my girl friend has also joined in the search and enjoyment of the system. so with all this being said these are the game i currently have and their scarcity levels next to the them. Atari 2600 games I own Berzerk picture variant 1 common Combat text variant 1 common Home run picture variant 2 common+ Football realsports picture variant 4 scarce + Star raiders picture variant 1 common E.T silver label 1 common Space invaders picture variant 1 common Video Olympic s text variant 2 common + Crackpots pots 4 scarcity + Super break out picture variant 2 common +
  4. thanks everyone for replying and writing your own to cents well i never expected it to be easy but will see what i will fine and let you guys know
  5. Thanks guys well Ill see what I can manga and see what I can realistically collect for.. I think Ill collect the ones is sets and just see where my collection ends up. My first goal I think if Im going at this realistically if its possible I would like to get all the numbered first generation games. But the main game Im wanting to pick up right now is tapper cib when the money comes in. As I kinda committed to buying a storage inventory from my local retro store about 191 games to be exact at 0.79 a peice so I will figure out whats there and build a collection there and sell my duplicates. They are all loose and bring to starting some where I have a little fledgeling collection Im building from that I have shared on my member blog here. I love to connect with you guys and just see how far I can take this hobby its all in great fun to be honest. And i appericate everyones replies .
  6. Boneman what got me into Atari we’ll that in itself is an interesting question I grew up with a mother who is sorta claims to have a young heart and would get us game consoles since we were young and currently till I got old enough to buy my own and she would play with me and my sister she had the intelvison growing up wanting the Atari 2600 when she was a kid and she would tell me stories how fun they were. So I came up with the idea of maybe I will buy a console and some games that she played and maybe we could embrace and enjoy the games together with that end I already collect games as a hobby so I figured I would go after a complete libaray. And with that libaray I plan to have fun when she comes over and have her talk about her memories and enjoy some nostiga her favorite game and one I’m trying to find is tapper and was the first game she ever told me about for the Atari. So I made it my mission to collect everything I can get my hands on so we can share the love for Atari together. I thought about the flash back but then I thought that a horrible idea because you limited. To what’s in there and the collector in me took over saying I want to get my hands on everything I could and not feel limited witch brings me today collecting for my sake and my moms.
  7. These games are the start of my Atari 2600 game collection. They were picked up from my local games store, I will be getting more from then in the near future and i will be updating this blog accordingly. The goal of this blog is to update my process in completing the Atari 2600 library.
  8. Hello everyone how is everyone today? i'm glad to be here i am new to the realm of Atari and i was hoping to get some insight from the members here. I am thinking about completing the Atari 2600 library i read on Wikipedia that the total amount of Atari 2600 games released is 530 counting third parties and homebrews.. however being new to atari i cannot confirm this number and reaching out to verify. i am also setting myself up for completing everything included variants regional variants and whatever else is out there a little at a time my total library is 10 games. I hope i can meet and befriend other Atari fans here and make some great friends and great conversation.
  9. My growing interest in Atari

  10. Hello everyone how are you all doing today! I am new to the scene of Atari and just started to get my feet wet and I have a question for all of you old time collectors. I recently am working on getting a four switch model Atari 2600 with some games and hook ups and since I already had a system I bought. To play games on And i figured I would have this one as a display unit. So with that in mind I was wandering if anyone knows anyone who makes reproduction boxes just like the originals as I would love to box this one up for display not resell and maybe some game boxes as well to display my games in. I will attach some photos of what I have and what I would like boxes and possibly maybe we can get the original stuff it came with to make it complete. Like game and manuals as I am working hard on a display shelf dedicated to Atari as I am a retro collector and I figured this would be the best way to respect. Below are the items I own for my collection currently that I would like to get reproduction boxes for and manuals for to display including the light sixer I own so they can be display properly and beautifully thank you everyone for your time
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