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  1. I really appricate everyone's support. I have gotten numerous messages here and thru e-mail. Thank you all.


    I honestly do want to re-open my business once I got all the problems worked out, but only time will tell. The main problem I need to work thru is the lack of money. It isn't nessacerly caused by small profits, just a business takes money to stay in business, and without a source of any personally (After all I am like many and live pay-check to pay-check) it is hard to keep it going.


    I am working on a plan to resolve these problems without trying to raise prices of my items sky-high. There are various issues I can deal with to try and resolve the problems. First thing first is of course get everyone's orders out and everything done.

  2. Yes I am alive and no I haven't gotten e-mail's since 08/17/02. Orders have been slow to be shipped due to money problems, and then my computer screwed me over so things got much worse than they were.


    My computer with problems prevented me from checking who ordered what so that slowed done orders even more. Now it is somewhat running, I have to have it in only 16 colors to keep it from freezing/crashing constantly which it still does quite often. Most of my computer data also become corrupted and/or lost, and I still don't know what is going on with my PC.


    After pulling some hardware from some older PC's I have and waiting to get some money to get some other hardware and countless hours of messing with it all I have got it to the point I was able to start to install programs again (Mail and my Invoice programs in particular).


    Thankfully my invoice/order program is backed-up to a floppy whenever I make changes so all the order information is intact. However if anyone has tried to e-mail me since 08/17/02 the e-mails have mostly been lost, about all I recieved was some messages from the Stella List. So if you e-mailed me during that time until now please re-send your messages to [email protected]


    My entire website including my shopping cart are now currently closed and will remain that way, how long it will be closed is unknown. As stated besides the computer problems, which were the icing on the cake, the business has been slowly sinking due to money problems and that is why it has been closed.


    I will get everyones orders out as soon as I can, rest assured you will receive your order. I greatly appricate your pateince as I haven't yet (At least that I know of) gotten any bad messages.


    I do want to be a active member in the Atari Community, so if possible I will re-open my business once I get everything settled. Business or no bussiness, I will still be around as I am not giving up my hardware hobby or love for the Atari systems.


    That about does it for now, if anyone wants to contact me please do so at [email protected] (Any other e-mails you may have used before including @juniescreations.com may not work any more (As my .com website is being cancelled before it was public..)).



    Here is the text from my website about eveything --



    Due to current problems that we are having, our website and shopping cart have been closed until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause, but it is necessary.


    The problem we are faced with is a lack of funds to keep this business going, this is due in part to many things (Low-profit margins, little/no personal income to use for the business, and various business costs/expenses). Add to that computer problems and we have some serious problems.


    Currently we are working to get customer orders completed and shipped out when we can. We apologize for the long delays, but we are working to get your orders resolved. If you are waiting on a order please e-mail us directly at [email protected] (Most e-mails after 08/17/02 have been lost due to computer problems).


    The fate of this business is unknown, I would like to get it up and running the way I always wanted it to, but currently it can not continue as it is/was. It's a sad fact that this had to happen, as things was really starting to take shape (I was getting even more orders than usual when I had to pull the website). Perhaps I can find a way to get the website back up and running better than ever in the future if I can get the problems resolved, only time will tell.


    At the very least sometime in the future I will get my instructions online on how to create all the custom hardware items I was making. That way everyone can still have the items by creating them themselves, and perhaps people will have new ideas to create things to keep the custom hardware growing for the Atari Community.


    I would like to thank everyone who has placed an order, or ever thought the hardware items and/or business idea were great. If I can make this business work I'll re-open it sometime in the future, if not thanks for your support and I hope to see you sometime on the AtariAge message boards (As I don't plan to quit my hobby or the love for the Atari systems).

  3. I bought all of this to sell them through online auctions and various things but the market was hit hard from banning by Yahoo and others that I actually never sold any, just used them myself and my friends systems.

    Should be safe to sell them in Australia now. I'll be modding my old PSX some time next month hopefully. Only so I can play imports, I hate copies. I'll probably get a translucent orange case for it at the same time.


    That sounds great, too bad the guy was also selling games (Back-ups perhaps?). Who knows what would happen here in the US, I imagine Sony would win the case. :sad:


    As you stated, that is the main reason I personally use the chips, to play import games. I personally love Japaneese Anime and such, for instance DrangonBall Z games. I also like some of their music, it seems "haunting", like the theme/ending songs of DragonBall, DragonBall Z, Outlaw Star, and many others. :)


    Good luck on the modding of your system, I would highly recommend a good soldering iron of 15 watts. I personally runnined two PSX systems when I first started with a soldering iron that was too hot and melted some PCB trace wires and such. I now have a variable 5 watt to 45 watt soldering iron "station" made by Weller.


    The new case sounds great, I hope you get a good deal on it as I've seen them priced anywhere from $20 or more.

  4. Does anyone collect tokens?  I have a small collection dating back to the 80's.


    I guess I do, I have a total of 13 tokens from 4+ different places. I slowly picked them up over time, whenever I was dragged away by my parents or my wife I would usally have some left over.


    Here in the last few years all the arcade "stores" have closed, and I am lucky to play Galaga and a round of Pinball at my local laundrymat.

  5. Speaking of Modchips, I have a complete setup to create Stealth 3 (Multimode 2.x) Playstation Modchips and have complete color instructions for models SPCH-100x, SPCH-550x, SPCH-700x, SPCH-750x, and SPCH-900x.


    I bought all of this to sell them through online auctions and various things but the market was hit hard from banning by Yahoo and others that I actually never sold any, just used them myself and my friends systems.


    If anyone is interested in buying Modchips pre-wired with instructions (Available online, or printed), or have me install them let me know. If someone actually wants to try and market these I will glady offer a discount per chip.


    I thought of selling them on my website, but as I mainly sell classic gaming items and from the possiable problems from Sony (As anyone is contacted sooner or later about legal action by them) I think it isn't worth the effort.

  6. I know this is for a newer system compared to what is usally discussed, but I thought I'd try it. I have a total of 5 brand new still sealed in the box, Hey You Pikachu games for the Nintendo 64 (N64). I manged to pick-up quite a few on clearence at a store, as they no longer sell N64 items, and have 5 left over.


    It comes with the Game Pak, manual (Owners Manual, Quick VRU Guide, and some other papers, VRU (Voice Recognition Unit) English Language, and Microphone.


    This game you actually talk into the microphone to tell Pikachu what you want him to do. In the game you go Fishing, Capturing other Pokemon, take Picnics, go looking for Buired Treasure, and more.


    I am interested in trading these for Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Commodore 64, NES, Super NES, Sega Genesis, or Gameboy games or hardware. As you might have guessed I am mainly interested in Atari 2600 games and hardware. ;) I will however sell these for the right price as well, but would prefer some other gaming items.


    If you are interested please e-mail a list of trade items you want to trade for one of these. E-mail me at [email protected]

  7. To bad that the Atari doesn't function as a Atari, on the page it says "Commercial Atari 2600 Emulator with over 40 licensed games included. " in the Specs area.


    Perhaps they could get a Junior Atari system to put inside it to actually work like a real Atari. If not they could probrably fit one after it has been made to the "portable" Atari system size. ;)


    Very inovative idea none the less. Looks like they went beyond the Atari prototype "Graduate" computer hardware. :D

  8. I have a total of 13 games that I have gotten mixed in with Atari games recently, and want to sell them as I don't own a Colecovision system. I am unable to test these games, no system. All the games have the labels intact and some have some slight wear. E-mail for pictures if you are interested.


    If you are interested in any of them please e-mail me the price you are willing to pay for them. Send e-mail to -- [email protected] As I don't know the prices or rariety for these games, I will take offers for the next few days and sell to person with the highest offer.


    Centipede (Atarisoft)

    Oil's Well (Sierra On-Line)

    Popeye (Parker Brothers)

    Squish'em Featuring Sam (Interphase)

    Keystone Kapers (Activision)

    JukeBox (Spinnaker)

    Wing War (Imagic)

    Moonsweeper (Imagic)

    Smurf: Rescue In Gargamel's Castle (Coleco Vision)

    Pepper II (Coleco Vision)

    Zaxxon (Coleco Vision)

    Gorf (Coleco Vision)

    Turbo (Coleco Vision)


    I have put together my own Trade lists (Atari 2600, Colecovision, Sega, Nintendo, Misc., etc.) you can see it at http://www.juniescreations.com/trade_lists.shtml I have added my trade list to the AtariAge trade list index. ;)

  9. All this stuff about score records for games sounds interesting, especially about the PCAE .AVI files as I only own about 110 Atari 2600 games. :D


    I'll have to go check it all out and see if I have a chance on any of the games. ;)

  10. Do they function as "Booster Grip" buttons as well? The write up on the web page seems to indicate that they do but I couldn't tell for sure.


    The NES controllers do not have the Booster Grip buttons, just my Sega Genesis (6 Button controllers) or Playstation controllers do. Looks like I may have to look at my description.


    If you are looking for the Booster Grip buttons I'd suggest you get one of my Transparent Playstation Controllers. They are available in different transparent colors and are very comfortable and duriable controller :D

  11. Please tell me why this thread tried to set a radioshack.com cookie on my machine.


    The image posted by Nashnooga is directly linked to the image at RadioShack.com, it looks like their website thinks everyone is at their shopping cart viewing the image.


    The connector costs $2.99 each at Radio Shack for the chrome, or $3.99 for the gold plated ones.

  12. Well, if you are an idiot like me, all that soldering and cracking things open and screwing around with the innards can EASILY go awry. Best to let the pros do it up right, get a nice 7 foot cord, have it customized just for me and not have to worry about destroying some old hardware in the process.


    Some very good points and without trying to sound like I am pushing my products, my NES controllers also control the Atari 7800 Left and Right fire buttons as well. NES button B is Atari 7800 L(eft) and NES A is Atari 7800 R(ight). :) And you can have them painted any color you want, or done without the paint.


    I hope to add more elements to them as well soon to make them more professional :)


    I of course understand why some make their own controllers, after all that is what I do. I sell to people looking to have the controller made for them, customized, or looking to have some of the options available in my controllers that they can't do.


    I have a area of my website devoted to anyone who is handy with a soldering iron and wants to try to make some hardware themselves. Under my website "New Hardware" area the section is called "Create Your Own". I am writting many different articles and hope to have them on my website after the CGE, so keep your eyes open for some new hardware instructions. :D

  13. Sounds like a great offer Vgbelloq, helping to make a order for anyone interested. :D After seeing this message thread I thought I'd try a few things with a Atari 2600 Coleco game I have, Donkey Kong.


    The Coleco game cases will not fit Atari brand PCB's, so that leaves out all the new PCB's available to game authors. The internal part of the case has a ridge that runs right over the chip on the Atari brand PCB's, so the ridge might be able to be cut to fit the Atari brand PCB's (But the PCB's would be loose inside the case). The original Coleco brand PCb's are much smaller than Atari brand PCB's.


    I used a few of various loose Atari brand PCB's I have (From old games that I used their cases for projects). All of them did work inside the case on my Atari 2600, but the case would not close properly. The Atari brand PCB's have two notches on the sides towards the rear of the PCB, and they seems to fit into the screw holes of the case.


    Perhaps the Brazilian Coleco game cases are made for the Atari brand PCB's, one can always hope. Does anyone know if the game cases are the same as the Coleco Atari 2600 game cases here in North America?


    If the case does or can be modified to fit the new PCB's then the only problem would be to make labels the correct size. After all the Coleco label is one part, Main and End label together, and is smaller than a Atari label. Labels could be made in two parts, that way the labels could be laminated otherwise the wrap around portion wouldn't work very good.


    For the little amount of work and effort to make them work, it may be worth it to have brand new game cases without having to remove the old Atari labels and glue residue. ;)

  14. With me on Atari 2600 Asteroids I must roll the score at least once, but usually I do it 2 or 3 times or until I get tired of playing it (Is it just me or does this game never end??!).


    Atari 2600 H.E.R.O. I must at least earn 5 lives total, or get beyond level 15 which even happens first.


    Atari 2600 Video Pinball I must try to get near my recent score of 74000+ or higher.


    Game.com Solitare I must win at least one hand, otherwise I'll play for about an hour till I give up. Still trying to best my score of 211, timer usually runs out first though.


    Hmm.. that's enough isn't it? :D

  15. Are you talking about one of Ben's portable Atari's?  Or is it one that you made yourself?  I saw two portables last year at a swap party- one was Ben's, the other was cleverly hacked into a Speak & Spell (Speak & Math, really).  Way cool.  I gotta get me some of that action.   8)


    The portable you saw the "Speak & Spell" is it one of those made by Texas Instruments and is red? I picked up one today at a yard sale for $0.50 I have been playing it, it works great. :D


    I would have never thought of trying to make a portable Atari out of it, sounds like a great idea and looking at the Speak & Spell it looks like it would fit/look really great.

  16. Yes many thanks to Robert DeCrescenzo for providing the fonts :D Now I can create my instructions manuals for my various hardware items like I wanted to.


    I personally opened up the fonts in my font creating program and renamed the font names. That way I can choose "Atari 2600 Picture Label" font instead of trying to remember MumboSSK.


    I can't wait to get the fonts Eras Demi Bold and Eras Light as well for the Atari box fonts. ;)

  17. Junie-


    It just occured to me that you can still do this.  All you have to do is wire up the internal extra cart port, and let the buyer use his or her own Cuttle Cart or Supercharger.  The buyer would have to open the case and install their Cuttle Cart or Supercharger onto your extra cart port, plug in the audio cable and then close it up again.


    OR . . .


    As easy as Superchargers are to find, you could offer this product with a modified SC already installed and a set of CDs much like "Worship the Woodgrain".  Your cost would be $25 per SC, $30 per CD player, plus a 2600 unit, extra cart port, your time and other parts.  You could probably sell them for well under $200.


    The Supercharger would have to be removed from its case in order to fit, I'd suppose.


    That is a really great idea Matt! :D I didn't even think of the SuperCharger, I guess that is because I don't have one of those.


    Where can I find SuperChargers, at eBay and such, or do you know of a place that stocks them? The CD Player can be simply any audio CD player right? If so I can pick those up in any deparment store. Are the game CD's like "Worship the Woodgrain" and such still available?


    Looks like I better get to looking for the modification instructions for the SC and learn more about it, as I don't know much because I don't have one.


    Very interesting indeed. Please send me any links that can. :wink: If you want simply e-mail me at [email protected] to help keep this thread clear for messages about your system.

  18. Exactly.  Thanks to Chad for help with that.  I had to remove the cart port from the internal 2600 as well as another cart port from a donor 2600 (because I didn't know then that Best Electronics could sell me one).  On the main cart port I bent the 5V pin up and added it to one side of my switch, and I wired the 5V pin on the other cart port to the other side of the switch.


    Thank you for your helpful hints!




    Thanks for clearly that it up, that knowledge may come in handy one day. :wink:


    No problem, glad I could help. If you are stuck on something when modifying the Atari system, or whatever, send me a e-mail and I'll try to help. Of course you can always post here on the board as well :D

  19. Inside the 2600 I wired a second cart port, which is plugged into the Cuttle Cart.  A switch on the back of the unit lets me use the built-in cart port instead.  The Cuttle Cart was not modified, it just simply "lives" inside the 2600.  There is more than enough room.




    I also mounted an audio jack on the back of the unit to use for playing BINs from a non-CD source such as directly from a computer, laptop, palm, iPOD, etc.  My only concern here is that someday someone will plug the 9V power supply into the cuttle cart and fry it (same size jacks).


    Future plans for this unit include adding a 2 player Camerica wireless IR joystick so that I can stop messing with joysticks cords as well.  I'd also like to add a power LED, if I can find one with low enough power.


    The switch that allows you to switch from the cartridge port for the Cuttle Cart and the Atari 2600 main cartirdge port, how is the switch wired? Is it done by simply connecting the power to the proper cartridge port pin? Did you simply use a DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw) switch and wired the power to center poles, Cuttle Cart cartridge port on one side of the poles, and the Atari cartirdge port on the other poles?


    Very interesting all around. :D To bad the Cuttle Cart is no longer made, and is hard to find. Otherwise I could make my Ultimate 15 VCS system really great by adding a Cuttle Cart/CD Player internally, simular to what you described.


    To keep people from plugging the power supply into the audio jack you added, you could simply make a label from tape and put it next to the audio jack. If you want to get fancy you could make a label from one of those label machines (K-mart has them for only $19.95), or you could print one out on your computer and laminate/glue it into place.


    To add a power LED to the Atari system it is easily done. You need to pick-up a 5V "High Voltage" LED. No resistors are needed, they wire directly to +5V. You can get them at Radio Shack (But they Cost $0.99 each and only come in Red). On the package they say, "Red 12 Volt Light Emitting Diode" and the catalog number is 276-209


    To wire the LED you connect it right above the power switch area. You can try around, it won't hurt anything. I have a modified 4 Switch with a LED, so if you need a picture to find it let me know.


    Good Luck on Your Project Matthew :D

  20. I sell NOS (New Old Stock) Atari brand power supplies for the Atari 2600. They operate off 120VAC/60HZ Input, which is standard here in the USA, but I imagine it is different for you in London.


    I sell they for only $6.25 each. Here is the link to them on my online shopping cart - http://juniescreations.netfirms.com/cgi-bi...ir/Update_Parts.


    If the input is different and will not work like I think, there is another option. The website Best Electronics sells a German/Europe version Atari 2600 power supply for $12. Here is the details -- "Atari German 2600 Power supply CA017087 $12.00


    Here is the link to Best Electronics website - http://www.best-electronics-ca.com

  21. I have seen a few various sites online that have lots of different game systems where they have turned different game songs/music and sounds into Midi files.


    I found only one site with about 5 Atari 2600 game sounds. Well after digging out my tape recorded I have made a Midi file of Dig Dug.


    I loaded the game up in my Atari Emulator record the sounds to tape, play them back and record them in to Wav files, then I use a program to convert the Wav file into a Midi.


    Here is the result. A Midi file 1.43Kb in size (Tiny!) and plays for 18 seconds. (Of course it does not sound exactly like the Atari) --



    Does anyone think that this would be worth the effort to have the Atari 2600 games sounds available in a archive? Albert, Alex any comments?


    The Midi files would be great for creating Screen Savers, Background Music on various gaming websites, or whatever else. :)


    Anyone have any comments?

  22. I absolutely love the new statistic functions. :D  


    Maybe there should be some additional private informations possible on the profile page (e.g. Country, Gender, Year of Birth).


    I really would like to see some statictics about which countries are the most active ones (always behind the US of course :wink:).


    The Statistics page is great. I can't beleive the amount of posts per day and everything else :wink:


    Private information like Year of birth would be great, that would eliminate the posts asking everyone their ages. Also using this information it would be great to see a average age made from this data. Usually I heard the average is 30 - 40+

  23. Also, editing posts takes forever, you click submit then wait in excess of 30 seconds before anything happens. Whereas, with the old board, I never noticed any slowdowns at any point ever.


    This is confirmed, I have this problem as well, but when I tried to edit posts it simply seemed to not respond. I am using 56K so it may go thru, but doesn't seem like it ever will.


    Here are two ASCII ribbions I made for your campaign (Let's see how bad they turn out here) --







    _// _







    / |

    | | |

    | | |

    | | |


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