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  1. I think that it adds "personality" to a message having color, instead of being all done in black. From your other recent messages I am wouldn't be surprised that you use nothing more than a text-browser like Linux. I grew up using BBS'es and then text Internet browsers until something better came along. Same with the new message board, it has more bells and whistles so why not use a few? I do however agree that the font size could be a problem as you showed. Of course you are the first person to actual cause this problem, so I doubt if it will be a problem If you have that many problems with me Tyrant may I suggest you use a "Ignore User Post" commands or such, then you wouldn't have to view my messages with smileys , Color, or whatever else I do that offends you.
  2. I like the new board. :wink: The new Joystick status, the message thread layout, the new page options available (View Posts Since Last Visit, etc.), the AA message images. Also the "Notify me when a reply is posted" is a very nice option for posting :wink: The new message board looks highly configuable. One thing that I really like is that if you want to add a Smiley or other code in the message before it is posted-- It posts it where the cursor is at in the message (The old MB always added it to the very end of the message so I would have to cut and paste it to the proper place, Not Anymore! ). I have noticed that there are some options that are missing though, like a e-mail button next to the other insert tags like "Quote", "Img", etc. and other things. Maybe they will return, if not it is a good trade for the new tags like Very nice all around Al, after a little getting use to it will be a better MB than ever before
  3. Depending on where I bought the things it would raise or lower the price, but here is what I would go for-- 1. A Atari 5200 system so I can make hardware for it 2. All the Atari Repair Manuals (2600, 5200, 7800(Surely there is something somewhere for the 7800)) 3. Test carts and repair tools for the Atari systems 4. EPROM burner so I could offer game publishing 1 game at a time 5. A ticket to visit O'Shea's underground warehouse full of shrink-wrapped Atari goods
  4. quote: Originally posted by -^Cro§Bow^-: Well...Frogger usually is priced cart loose at about 12-14 bucks. That may not seem like a lot. But then Funco sells Phantasy Star games loose for the same price. Frogger for the Genesis I am told by a friend of mine is about the best version he has played on a home console. He says it looks and sounds just like the arcade and even the controls feel right. Not to bad of a find then, I enjoy it just because it is Frogger and is fun to play The game is really great, I haven't played the Arcade version believe it or not, so I can't make a comparison.
  5. I think all the ones I mentioned are correct in my e-mail, but I can't figure out 4 maybe 5 of the characters. Maybe that is close enough?
  6. Regrettably I can't make it either (And to think I love Pinball), but I can't wait to see some pictures
  7. quote: Originally posted by Atari freak 1: I got a cartrige slot from a jr. will that work in my vader? It should work just fine. As listed at Best the 2600A and 2600Jr use the same one. Being a Vader (4-Switch 2600A) it should work fine. Let us know how it turns out, and best of luck Atari Freak 1
  8. quote: Originally posted by -^Cro§Bow^-: For instance Skeleton Crew and Frogger are both considered to be fairly rare as they were made late in the genesis's life and so didn't see the production run that many other games did. I got Frogger while out thrifiting for $3 at Salvation Army, not a bad find then I peronally got it just to see what it was like on the Genesis, seeing how it was first on the Atari Why how much is a loose Frogger for the Sega Genesis worth? I also have Pac-Man I got thrifiting, and 6-Pak that I bought brand new and still have the box and instructions for. I got 6-Pak at Wal-mart for $7 something right after Sega announced they were discontinuing everything.
  9. Well my first choice would be H.E.R.O. Followed close by many others like Stampede, Pressure Cooker, Grand Prix, Dragster, Pitfall, River Raid, Kaboom, Enduro, etc.
  10. quote: Originally posted by CincYnoTi: does the master system gun need any modification to work with a 2600/7800? i've seen these guns maybe twice at goodwill, but never bought one...thought it might not be compatible. They are 100% Atari 2600/7800 compatiable. The only thing that you may want to modifiy is the trigger. When the trigger is pushed it doesn't actually fire until you release the trigger. This is kind of agravating, as it doesn't shoot until you push and release the trigger. You can find the modification instructions in the Atari 2600 FAQ here at AA. All that need to be done is open up the light gun and switch the wires on the trigger.
  11. Hello Everyone, There are several announcements that many of you will be interested in, new hardware, website updates, placed orders, etc. New Hardware - ------------- -=-| Upgraded Atari 2600 Joystick |-=- After many requests I have finally done it, and have a perfectly working CX40 joystick. The "Upgraded Atari 2600 Joystick" is now available thru my online shopping cart. The joystick metal tab buttons (Internally) have been removed and new Micro-switches have been added. The Micro-switches are non tactile, there is no clicking sound when pressed. The joystick can also be further upgraded by having a brand New and Improved/Upgraded inner joystick handle. These are ordered straight from the source. Adding the New joystick handle adds a additional $4.50 per joystick. The joystick starts out at $17.00 each, or you can send in your own joystick to be modified and get a joystick for only $5.00 each! -=-| Micro-switches |-=- For all those do-it-yourselfers, you can order the Micro-switches used in the "Upgraded Atari 2600 Joystick" thru my online shopping cart. The "SPST Micro-Switches (Momentary)" cost $0.35 each. -=-| Other Hardware |-=- There are many items that are under development and should be ready for sell soon. Some of the items include a Joystick/Paddle Connector, Atari Controller to PC Adapter (Available for Game Port or USB with converter), Atari 2600 (All Models) Composite Video modification (Work will be underway shortly on 2 test units), Do-it-yourself Upgrade kits, a Very LARGE section of Replacement Parts for Atari systems (2600, 5200, 7800, Lynx, Jaguar, ?), and many more items. Many projects have been shelved for various reasons, largely due to lack of money, but many will be available coming later this month. If you have any requests or items you would like foe me to make available just e-mail me at [email protected] and let me know about it. As always I am open to suggestions Website Updates - --------------- http://juniescreations.netfirms.com/customi.shtml In the Hardware area the "Custom Items" section has been updated. You can view pictures and details of various one of a kind controllers and learn more about getting custom items made. This includes controllers, system add-ons, game boxes, or anything else that you want to order that isn't currently available thru my online shopping cart. So if you are looking for that hard to find item, or want something built that is unique visit this area for more information. -=-| Additional Updates |-=- The Yahoo! PayDirect payment method is no longer offered, and has been removed from the shopping cart. Only one customer wanted to use it, and once I logged back in I realized they changed everything about the service. Many more pages will be updated coming up, as long as time permits. Customer Orders - --------------- I know many of you are waiting for your items to arrive, and it is starting to become a long time. Rest assured your items will be shipped soon. Due to the overwhelming amount of orders and other delays (New business growth), everything is back on track and everything should be shipping soon. I haven't forgot about anyone! I will e-mail everyone once there orders are shipped out. Game Published - -------------- Finally I have had a hand in publishing a Atari 2600 video game The game author, Paul Slocum, shipped the completed PCB's to me and I put them in game cases and I made the laminated labels. There was a lot of work in it. Finding enough used games, removing the old labels and glue residue, printing and cutting the new laminated labels, and then assembling the completed games. To say the least, this was a very fun project. I am in the process of writing a "How-to Create Homebrewed Games" article, it will not cover programming your own game but rather what to do with the game once you made it. The game itself is currently being kept under wraps, but you can find out more about the game at the Midwest Classic website, or using this direct link to the article-- http://goatstore.com/MWC_may3PR.htm The game is being called "Berzerk: Special Edition" to help keep the identity of the game a secret until it's release at the Midwest Classic ---------------------------------------------- That about wraps it up for now. Thanks to everyone who is placing orders and e-mailing me with ideas and suggestions for items. Everything is looking up, and major changes are starting to take place.
  12. quote: Originally posted by Atari freak 1: do you know anyone who could install it into my console? I would be willing to do it. If you want e-mail me about it at [email protected] and we'll figure something out.
  13. quote: Originally posted by NE146: However, now with "A Better Pacman" the nod goes back to the 2600 imho. I would have to agree, I personally like that version of Pac-man more than all the others I own (Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, JR. Pac-Man).
  14. quote: Originally posted by KAZ: I wonder if there are replacements for that plastic thingie inside the controller. Or "refurbished" Atari 2600 controllers, like 5200 ones, with NEW boards that function better or something. By referring to "that plastic thingie" are you talking about the white plastic handle that is is cover in the black rubber? You can buy brand new joystick handles, boards, etc. at http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/
  15. quote: Originally posted by osbo: well... i got two cents if i were u, i wouldn't worry about the dust cover osbo Just so you don't attempt this, as it will not work. The dust cover has latches that the Atari system needs for the game to actually plug into the Atari system. Without them the dust cover on the Atari system cartridge port will remain closed and the game will not work.
  16. quote: Originally posted by Atari freak 1: well, I think I have a doorstop, by the way I just bought it a week ago after a long time waiting to find one. damn! If you want to try to put in a new cartridge port you can get one for $3.00 - $3.50, depending on the Atari system you have. So it doesn't ahve to be a door stop after all Take a look at http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/2600_Tech_Tips.htm Towards the bottom of the page it lists these items -- Atari 2600 angled 24 pin female Cartridge Connector $3.00 Atari 2600A/2600Jr 24 pin female Cartridge Connector, straight $3.50 I wish you the best of luck getting your system up and running, or at least finding a replacement system
  17. Junie

    Tight fit!

    quote: Originally posted by Krytol: I just got a Heavy Sixer (I already have a 4-switch woody and a jr.) and noticed red label Atari carts and Imagic carts barely fit in the slot. You really have to cram them in, which I don't want to do with my nicer condition carts. 20th Cent.Fox carts fit WEIRD. Has anyone else noticed this? Obviously, I won't be using this unit as my regular player. Yes, this is a common problem for the 6-Switch Atari 2600 system. I personally have owned 5 different 6-Switch systems and all of them had problems when I tried to insert a Red or Silver Labeled game into the cartridge slot. Usually the games have to be forced and most often tear or rip the game label when you remove a game. I highly recommend the 4-Switch or Junior systems to newbies that ask which version of the Atari 2600 to buy so they will avoid this problem.
  18. quote: Originally posted by AtariDude: Rarity___Value 1 . . . . . $1 2 . . . . . $1.50 3 . . . . . $3 4 . . . . . $7 5 . . . . . $12 6 . . . . . $24 7 . . . . . $45 8 . . . . . $75 9 . . . . . $110 10. . . . . $150 - $TheSky Ben Many thanks Ben That is the only list I have ever seen where the rariety has a price, no matter how far it is off due to various circumstances as you listed.
  19. Junie


    quote: Originally posted by KAZ: I think the surgery part is actually pretty interesting. It suprised me enough when I first played it, that I actually played it for a while (which means about a minute). It kinda reminded me of that "Operation" board game. That's what I think of when I "preform" surgery The loud noise if you hit the sides and everything (Speaking of the game "Operation" I have two working boxed ones, sadly missing some pieces). Me and my wife, Melinda, enjoy playing it. She can usually get close to beating me to the 99 points My 4 year old nephew loves the game, he played it for the first time Wednesday (I took over about 35 games and everyone played for hours until I had to leave.) I don't know if he likes it simply, because for whatever reason, he loves to watch the actual tv show or what. Usually he grabs the other joystick and thinks he is playing, so I leave the game on one player and let the Atari play his character He is actually pretty good at Pac-Man and Frogger though when he gets to actually play them I think giving him a 6-Switch Atari 2600 and games for Christmas was the best thing I could get him. He played mine and begged me for one for the entire month of Decemeber until he got it
  20. quote: Originally posted by Joel D. Park: I'm a huge commodore 64 fan I recently made a X1541 cable and hooked-up my drive and have been playing a lot of new games,etc. I am getting interested in possiably making C-64 games, I got Simon Basic printed the instructions/commands, and found the Simon Basic Compiler. Have you ever tried to make a game or anything for the C-64? I personally have only been playing around with the commands and trying to get them down so it will be easiler once I get some ideas
  21. quote: Originally posted by room34: I think Maxime has the right idea though... keep a separate checking account with very little $$$ in it and let that be the one PayPal connects to! That about what I do, I have a simple savings account that costs me $1 a month and do nothing with it except PayPal Depending on what bank you bank with a savings account can be used just as easily as a checking account, with less worries.
  22. Yeah I know, the link now goes to a https site link, as mentioned apprently PayPal took care of the problem. I did contact them when I received the e-mail as the e-mail sender was blank, it was sent to my old e-mail (No PayPal e-mail goes to it as I updated my details), and I never heard of "restricted status". PayPal told me that it was a fake setup attempting to get usernames and passwords, and that there is no such thing as "restricted status" at PayPal. My guess is that someone gained access to the site and created the dummy page. The PayPal e-mail from when I contacted them didn't specify exactly what was the problem, execpt it was someone trying to gain access to passwords. Here is the reply I got from PayPal about the bogus e-mail -- quote: Thank you for contacting PayPal. We apologize for the delay in responding to your service request. You have received a scam email by someone trying to ferret out your password and other information. We commend your suspicion and alertness in reporting this incident. The information provided is an absolute lie. Just to be on the safe side, you may wish to change your password and secret questions. And please always bear in mind: Note: When you login to your PayPal account, be sure that the websites URL always begins with https://www.paypal.com/. The s in https at the beginning of the URL means you are logging into a secure page. If the URL does not begin with https, you are not on a PayPal page. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again. Sincerely, PayPal Investigations-Omaha
  23. I recently got a e-mail from a bogus "PayPal" website as well. As PayPal says if the link doesn't start with https it isn't a valid PayPal link (It even says it in the e-mail the dumbies send to me). Anyway I e-mailed PayPal as the message claimed "Your account has been placed on a restricted status", which PayPal told me they do not have such a thing and thanked me for reporting it. Anyway the link was/is http://www.paypal.com/wf/f=ra. I'm not sure if PayPal fixed this problem, apperently some hacked their site or something. Well the link now redirects to https://www.paypal.com... so it may have been fixed by PayPal. Seems like people are out to steal whatever they can, which is PayPal accounts lately it seems. Here is the actual e-mail I received to the bogus site -- quote: From: "" Subject: Notification of PayPal Account Restriction Dear User, PayPal is constantly working to increase security for all of our users. To ensure the integrity of our payment network, we conduct frequent checks on our system. Your account has been placed on a restricted status, pending further review. Restricted accounts are limited in their ability to send or withdraw funds. If you have questions concerning this restriction, please contact us using the link below: http://www.paypal.com/wf/f=ra Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Sincerely, The PayPal Account Review Department Note: When you login to your PayPal account, be sure that the website's URL always begins with "https://www.paypal.com/". The "s" in "https" at the beginning of the URL means you are logging into a secure page. If the URL does not begin with https, you are not on a PayPal page.
  24. Here is a message to try and anwser all the questions and comments posted so far. Look below for your anwser quote: Originally posted by atarinvader: Stans article is being processed as we speak. It should be avaliable within half an hour. And by the way well done Junie, I'm looking for an NTSC system and I may just invest! Thanks Will for the compliment, if you are looking to get the system e-mail me and we will work out a deal Of course if you are interested in a PAL system I could do that as well, I just have to find one. quote: Originally posted by RangerG: Junie -- Please consider doing the composite mod either on the advanced model or as something we can send in our 2600 and have done. I want to have this done but don't trust myself and my electronic ability . Take care -- RG I have found a "universal" Composite Video mod that works on all versions of the Atari 2600 (6 Switch, 4 Switch, and Junior). I will just have to find the time to do, as I have a system to do the mod on. I am not going to set a release time on this, but I imagine they will be ready by the end of this month. I will offer original Atari 2600 systems with the modification, my Ultimate 15 VCS system with or with this mod as well, and of course all any system to be sent in to be modified. If your interested join my Newsletter, you can do it from any of my webpages. I also post here at AA of course quote: Originally posted by Viso: It would be really easy to connect an Ultimate 15 VCS controller with two buttons to a NES. http://www.gamesx.com/controldata/nessnes.htm For 7800 style triggers, inverters will be required. What are you referring to? All of my controller already have Atari 7800 fir button (Left and Right button) support. Even my first controller has this. So are you suggesting a update that I already done or what? quote: Originally posted by AtariKari: To answer (?) my own question, Stan writes on www.atarinvader.com, "This 15 pin port will appear in addition to the regular controller ports." This means the regular port will still function correctly for paddles, etc., yes? Also, from the site, "However, the 15-pin controllers that will be available with the Ultimate VCS do not yet feature all 5 switch functionality just yet. Modified controllers will follow soon after the release of the system." Eh? What type of NES controllers, then, will come with the system? Should I opt for the switchbox to ensure I can use the 15-pin joystick in the future? How does the switchbox work? Is is pass-through? When do you expect the modified joypads to be available? I know this is a lot, but I want to make sure I'm getting what I think I'm getting. Thanks! The 15-Pin NES controllers DO have control of all 5 switches. If you look at the 15-Pin NES Joypad at my website they have 3 additonal buttons built in that allow the NES controller to make full use of all the 15-Pin controls. The 15-Pin Switch Box is simply a game cartridge with switches, it plugs into the new 15-Pin controller port. Then a controller is simply plugged into the standard controller ports, just like normal. ------------------------- If anyone else has any questions or comments just post away I'm going to go read the article from Stan now. [ 05-24-2002: Message edited by: Junie ]
  25. quote: Originally posted by AtariKari: Junie - Wow ! Congrats; I will order one of these as soon as I finish typing this. I have been waiting for this to come out for a while, and am happy to finally get a chance to get one. Question: I have a 2600 Jr. that I'd like to send in to be modified. I plan on modding the system myself for composite video when I get the time. Does the 15-pin mod affect my option to do this? I have an additional Jr. with the quick composite mod installed (the one here on AtariAge). Could I sent that one in, or should it be the unmodded one? Regardless, congrats again, and woohoo! Couch potatos unite! Thanks Mike, I have recieved your order check your e-mail for details. The Composite Video mod doesn't effect the Ultimate 15 VCS system in anyway. So feel free to send in either system, modded or original. If you do open up the Atari to do the Composite Video mod, or to look around, just be careful. I use more than enough to allow for the system to be taken apart with the two halves laid side by side with room to spare.
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