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    Many Thanks

    I'd just like to say this is a really great web site and message board! I have learned a lot by the AtariAge information avaliable and use the Rariety Guide for information when I am recording a cart to my database list. Now that I am starting to get somewhere in my collection and have questions I get answers in a few hours or even within minutes. I haven't seen such a active message board anywhere. The fact that there are people who are just as interested in Atari as I am just "tickles me pink". And to think my family gives me the weirdest looks and try to ignore me when I talk about Atari, now I got "someone" to talk with about Atari. I hope I can repay the favor and help other "Atarians" and be a productive user here. Junie
  2. I would have to choose H.E.R.O. (Notice my image). Just so much tied into that game, and to think I have 76 carts and I still don't own H.E.R.O. A close runner up would by Combat. Due to the countless hours of playing everyone in my family until the early morning hours Junie
  3. Does the 2600 JR. easily fit the different games into the game slot? I know on my Atari Sixer and even some on my 4 Switch have problems with some carts. For example the Silver label and Red label carts are slightly larger than the other carts (Honest, compare them) and you almost have to break the cart in half to get it in, and most times it can't be done. On my Maria (7800) I don't have any problems with any carts, they all seem to easily fit. Any one else notice the cart sizes vary? Junie
  4. Mario's Other Brother and Pitfall Harry thanks for the information on why the images vary. I know people collect different label styles like text and image for the same game, I do too - but does anyone actual collect the different carts with different images like the ones mentioned? Do you think it is possiable to compile a list of carts with image variations and manage to somehow figure out when or where the game was manufacured? Or if creating a site with the different image varations (Including the images of course) for carts would be helpful/useful to the Atari community? Junie
  5. "What do people think about this?" It sounds like a great idea to me, that way if the copyright date isn't found newbies to collecting like me don't think they really have something I am just curious Albert, if you are still going to do the copyright variations I'll ask - how do I go about telling Atariage about a game's copyright not found on the Rariety guide? Junie
  6. Thanks Night Phantom for letting me know. Well at least I know now my Dig Dug game has a correct year for the Atari company name. Albert does my Dig Dug rank on rariety the same as the other Dig Dug's? Or what would you rank it? Junie
  7. Junie

    ET Holes

    I can get out of the holes as well. Perhaps there are some that E.T. can not get out of? (I haven't beaten the game, so I am unsure) Junie
  8. I just got Circus Atari today, along with the other games I purchased (See my posts). I personally like to play it. I haven't gotten to play it in two player mode yet, what does the 2nd player do? Control the person jumping? Junie
  9. So the images varing is normal? Why would Atari do this? Anyone have any thought about this? Junie
  10. Zeptari do you think there are a lot of variations, or perhaps we have some rare carts? As mentioned mine says 1983 ATARI, INC Do you happen to know which version of Atari name is the oldest ATARI CORP or ATARI, INC ? Junie
  11. This game I have is not in the Atariage Rarity Guide. I have a copy of Dig Dug with the copyright date of 1983 by ATARI, INC. The closest match is the Dig Dug - Silver label 1987, this match almost has the same wording at the bottom (Under the picture) as mine. The only other Dig Dug here at Atariage the Dig Dug - Silver label 1988, the wording is not even close (let alone the copyright date) . The closest match (Silver label 1987) has the copyright date of 1987 ATARI CORP. But mine says 1983 ATARI, INC. What does this mean? Simply that this label is one Atariage overlooked? Perhaps it is a unknown label? Or what? I have scanned my Dig Dug, you can see the picture of it here(The cart is colored normal Silver, but the image appears a little pink).. http://images.freepichosting.com/2001-10-3...9-38-7-7738.jpg The closest match the Silver label 1987 is here... http://www.atariage.com/cart_page.html?Sof...wareLabelID=141 If anyone can tell me exactly what is going on I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Junie
  12. I have recently been adding to my small Atari 2600 collection, I am now at 76 games and 3 systems, but I have a question. I have not been able to find anything about this, just information about different labels of the same games. Here we go- I have 2 copies of Pac-Man and the images on the carts are both different. They have exactly the same label style, label text, etc. On one of the carts, the pellet in Pac-Man's hand (The one he is not eating) it shows the top of the pellet (The pellet corner and half of the Pellet's top edge). The other cart only shows half of the pellet, and does not show the top of the pellet. Is this common? After closer inspection I have found other carts with slight image variations as well. Does anyone know why the images vary? Thanks, Junie
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