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  1. If you are just looking for the Spring, I would suggest you take the pieces of the Spring to a hardware store to find a replacement. Find a Spring with the same diameter and close or exact length, if the length is a little short you can pull on the Spring to stretch it to the proper length. If you no longer have the Spring pieces, I would suggest de-soldering the switch and taking it for comparisions for the Spring. Depending on your local hardware stores, you shouldn't have any trouble find some trays of Springs-- and hopefully a replacement. I wish you good luck on your search.
  2. I went thru the instructions and I am curious to how he supplies power to different systems and how they are connected. Are the different systems powered by their DC Adapters and simply plugged into a power strip? How are they connected, to a TV or PC monitor? Are the RF switch boxes all dasiey-chained together, if so the output would be horriable. I think the idea is good, but the end result isn't great. Take the controllers for instance, who could play a decent game with the controllers made into the drive bays? Certainly not me. Of course as someone pointed out the various cartridge ports are scattered all over the case. I am just curious how the Yoshi Boxx is actually connected and used, or does it actually work? I agree, the rack mount would be the way to go. Perhaps someone could design a rack mount that has interchangable racks. Many of the older systems could easily have simply items built for them to use the mount without having to take them apart or alter them at all. Like a simple ribbion connector that pushes into the Atari 2600 cartridge port that mounts to the rack with a cartridge port on the other end.
  3. Sure, the Commodore 64 keyboards are available at Electronix Express. The Part # 04KB16
  4. quote: Originally posted by Mitch: I decided to check this out and it would appear that this is a Lynx power supply not a 2600 one. Good price for a Lynx power supply though. I also noticed that they had Atari branded power supplies for the XL/XE computers and 400/800 computers. I wonder where they managed to dig up all those NOS power supplies. I found out myself recently the end connector is wrong, but didn't know what system it belonged to (Thanks for the Info). Of course for the price they can be easily modified by cutting off the end connector and adding a 1/8" Phono Plug. MPJA sells the Phono Plug connectors for $0.13 each. So for a few minutes of modifing you get a power supply for $3.63 The price still beats paying $10 - $20 for one I am not sure where some of these electronic companies are finding supplies. I recently found a place that sells NOS Commodore 64 keyboards for under $5 each.
  5. Thanks for the information, and congrats Cassidy on finding a secert on your own, even if other people already know it. (I didn't know either) I followed the link Scott gave (Thanks Scott) and found even more button presses. Does anyone know if pressing the various buttons also effects other games as well? Perhaps I should build myself a Turbo Combat controller, especially if it works with other games as well [ 04-12-2002: Message edited by: Junie ]
  6. quote: Originally posted by Atari Master: Why do you guys buy homebrew games?I don't really like hombrew unless the game is fun and I havent even bought one yet.I wouldent spend no $30 on a pac-man with it's lable ripped off. Are there homebrew Atari systems? That is easy to anwser, because they are fun! Sounds like you are really asking, "Why does anyone buy any video games at all?". If you need a anwser to that questions perhaps you are in the wrong message board. The games are bought for various reasons the most common are they are collectable and they are simply fun to play. The prices for the Homebrewed games range from $10 - $30 depending on the game size, manual, box, etc. Yes, there are various Homebrewed Atari 2600 systems around. I know of two, the VCSp and the 2600 CE. Neither of which is mass produced, but have/are being created.
  7. quote: Originally posted by Nukey Shay: You might need to use this to get to the main page of the WayBack...sometimes you might end up on a random site intended for pop-up. http://www.archive.org/index.html Keep Java turned on and click on the link to display repeaters (to better your chances at finding everything). Thanks for the link Nukey. I never knew such a thing existed. It has both of my websites and even my dad's .com site that has been gone for over a year. Very odd place but I like it
  8. quote: Originally posted by Snider-man: I'm a fan of Pop-Up Stopper myself. The free one listed on the link is all you need. Had it for two years and haven't seen one pop-up EVER. I would have to agree that is what I use as well. It is small and stops everything even me trying to open a browser window, if I don't hold the button. I like the fact that in Pop-Up Stopper you can still view Pop-ups if you hold the button, which is needed for certain things (WebWasher doesn't offer this). I tried WebWasher for awhile but it takes up to much memory and resources. Not to mention that it ties into the Interent connection settings and screwed mine up once in awhile.
  9. quote: Originally posted by jahfish: oooh, at least she's posting a sandwich for me Are you referring to me? If so I am a he The Junie name came from one of my friends trying to create names for me other than Junior and it evolved into Junie. My name is Thomas Cosby JR. as my e-mail says, I guess you never read my signature of my e-mail.
  10. quote: Originally posted by ten ninety: Another fine looking sandwich. Sorry for mistakingly calling the bologna sandiwch a ham sandwich. I'm just wondering WHY someone would toss an 8 bit sandiwch image on a 2 bit screenshot. No problem on the mistake, no big deal, especially if you don't know about it. The Bologna sandwich thing has been discussed in one form or another on here for a long time by Moycon. I think it originally started by a post about what everyone likes to eat when playing Atari 2600 games.
  11. As far as the sandwich it is a Bologna sandwich. The name of the game, I have no idea Moycon. I would guess maybe Spy Hunter? Perhaps if you made the sandwich take up the entire screen on the Atari 2600 you might get something that looks like this sandwich I made... [ 04-09-2002: Message edited by: Junie ]
  12. There are many people who have delveloped and built new Atari 2600 systems lately. The only problem would be getting a case for it. If you plan on making one with plastic it will cost $10,000.00+ just for the injection molds. I have heard of different ways to make plastic items like cases. It will cost around $100 to give it a try and create the molds and a few tries. When I get some spare money I plan to try somethings out..
  13. The Robot doesn't appear to be Rare, I thought about getting on myself. I found a few for sell for $15.00 each at various websites (No auctions), no manual, game, or box.
  14. quote: Originally posted by Curt Vendel: Patience.... patience young jedi. I have not finished the tutorial yet, only so many hours in the day :-) Curt I wasn't sure if the tutorial was finished or not, and thought I'd better write a response and see what was going on. I must agree with everyone that it is a great project and tutorial. Looks like I will need to get some more wood working tools to see how much trouble I can get in I am curious Curt, how do I go about finding large enough images and ordering the decals? I would like to make a simular Kiosk for the Atari 2600 system, and if it turns out right perhaps make one for my other 11 systems..
  15. To bad the instructions quit at Part 14, when you hit the "Next" link it links back to Part 14. If you try to type in 15 in the URL instead of 14 it gives a error. It almost shows the finished project, so close yet so far away. Perhaps the instructions will be finished sooner or later.
  16. No problem, glad to be of help. If you do happen to find out how to make NES light guns work with the Atari 2600/7800 please let me know. I have a NES light gun but no Atari shooter game to try to modifiy the light gun myself. NES light guns are easy to get while the ones listed for modifications are hard or impossiable to find.
  17. I too am fed up with seeing "Rare" in the auction titles, almost always it is something that you can usually find for free or for $0.10 - $0.50. That is an excellent example, I usually see alot of "Rare" Pac-Man, E.T., and Combat games.. I will usually skip any auction I find if it says "Rare". If anyone is interested in the NES game Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt save your $7.50 (Or $17.50 for Buy It Now) and I will send you one of mine for free, just pay shipping. I did find a game while thrifiting recently it happened to be Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt for the NES. It was at Goodwill and they wanted $1.50, I passed on it.
  18. In the Atari 2600 FAQ here at AtariAge they list various Light-guns and how to modify them to work.
  19. I was helping my mom put somethings up for sell and we seen that too. Weird how the images were reversed. Does anyone know if eBay did it or if someone hacked the site? I noticed that around 5 PM EST it was already back to normal, I'm guessing if eBay did it they would have left it for the whole day.
  20. quote: Originally posted by Snoop: Thanks for the tip! I've always wanted to get one of the Heavy Sixers, as well as get a decent box for a system. I bid on it, now I just have to cross my fingers! Good Luck to you then, and thanks for the bid. Seeing how this was your first post welcome to AtariAge. If you have any questions or anything be sure to ask them, everyone is friendly-- It is a community. Welcome fellow Atarian
  21. Well after much debate I decided to sell it to help get money to start a new project I got in the works, and for someone to actually get some use and enjoyment out of it. I just use my 4 Switch Darth Vader to avoid the game size problems, so it sits all boxed up. I put it up at eBay, even though I don't care for eBay that much. It isn't for larger amount of money for it, simply to make it easier to sell. It is a boxed Heavy Six switch Atari 2600 made in Sunnyvale. It includes the owners manual, of course the system box and insert (All the serial numbers match so it is original boxes), 2 boxed Joysticks, 1 boxed set of Paddles, 1 boxed power supply, 1 RF box, and of course 1 boxed copy of Combat with manual. I started the bidding at $25 with no reserve, and I will ship it anywhere (Of course buyer pays shipping). Here is the link -- http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1342224400
  22. quote: Originally posted by Adrian M: I got a GENUINE Sunnyvale 6 switch last month from atari70's (who used to frequent this board alot) for $30. The thing is in EXCELLENT shape and everything works! I get a better picture from this ancient console than from my Vader 2600. I got my boxed Sunnyvale Heavy Sixer up at eBay for $25. Joysticks, Paddles, Power Supply, etc. all in their original boxes as well. Here is the link http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1342224400 I figured if I was just going to keep it in the box someone else might get more enjoyment out of it. I use my 4 Switch Darth Vader to avoid game size problems. I hate using the word Rare in the title, but hard to find just wouldn't fit
  23. Speaking of weird auctions, this isn't part of some contest or anything but I seen a normal copy of Frogger sell on eBay for $18.50 a few days ago. Now there is a normal Pac-Man with manual for sell on eBay that was currently $29.00 And a copy of River Raid (no manual or box) currently for $20.50 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1336743812 All these games are normal NSTC games, nothing special in anyway.. Am I missing something or is some how suddenly Atari games are worth this much?!
  24. Junie

    Why 2600?

    quote: Originally posted by Cassidy: You don't collect for the 2600, you experience it. Cassidy Sounds like a great quote and really explains video game collecting, short, simple, and to the point. You don't collect video game items like someone collects coins-- You actually can use the collected items, play the games, etc. I really like that Cassidy, perhaps I'll include that somewhere ------------------- Why do I collect for the Atari 2600? Well I have many reasons, here are a few of them -- - My family and my friends all had one - Games usually cost under $5 each - No annoying "Loading..." game messages - No button combos/8+ buttons to use or other things to learn-- One simple Fire button - Games have a high replay value (For example the Playstation 2 game Bouncer is the worst game I have ever seen, goes to show how the new game systems are) - Replacement parts are widely available and easy to get cheaply - High quality parts, built like a Tank (My wife works at Wal-mart in returns, and gets around 30 Playstation 2's returned due to cheap busted parts a month (No Joke) And once got around 70 in a single month) - System Hardware can be created from scratch or ugraded with relative ease. Allowing for improvements or brand new items to be made never thought of before. - Easy to repair items usually with nothing more than a little Rubbing Alcohol and a Q-Tip - many more...
  25. quote: Originally posted by liquid_sky: the best way to dael with radio shack employees is to say "no sir, i am just looking" when they ask if they can help.. make your way to your required good as soon as humanly possible and take it to the counter without the roving dipshit seeing you Sounds like the only way to do it. Only problem was though I was already searching the right area for the item. Next time I'll be sure to say "No thanks sir, I don't need any help" and go somewhere else until they get the idea and wonder off. Then I will return to continue my searching Seems to be a common problem with Radio Shack anymore. Perhaps their slogan should now read "You need parts. We have annoying employees". That pretty much sums up what/how they sell and how they handle it.
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