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  1. I like the idea of the Combat Tank, but that really isn't a character and neither is the Asteroids spaceship. I'd have to vote on someone creating one, afterall there isn't anything really. Maybe some how the mascot can be related to the standard Atari joystick, that's the first thing that is in my mind when I think Atari. Well the joystick, Pole Position, Q*Bert, Frogger, Combat, Asteroids, River Raid, Pac-Man, and of course H.E.R.O. also come to mind What exactly is the point of this poll/mascot search? Is the mascot going to be used somewhere or on something? -- Just curious, never heard of anything like this for the Atari before.
  2. quote: Originally posted by MoJoFLTR: There is a PC Air Hockey game floating around the net called SLAM! I think that a version for the VCS could be just as good. I use to have that program, it is a older Windows 3.1 software. I got it from a shareware CD, and the game programmer is no longer around so it will always remain shareware. It is a lot of fun, except the "puck" would often get stuck and the game would have to be reset. I imagine it could be made for the Atari 2600, of course changed a bit. The only problem would be for someone to program the A.I. for it, afterall it seems not to many games use A.I. (At least not until the newer Homebrews Lately).
  3. quote: Originally posted by Snider-man: Geez Junie, everytime I see a post from you, it's slamming Randy at Hozer for one thing or another. I know you're trying to stir up a bit of competition and start your own Atari-based service. But everytime I see a post from you, it's something negative about Randy, his services, or whatever. Well to say the least what little I have said doesn't compare to the personal attacks Randy has done against me.. But I must admit no matter what I say, I didn't even mention anything about my publishing services, it sounds like I am comparing his services with mine. It seems no matter how I word my comments, even if they are not as bad as others I've seen, it will always come across like I am slamming Randy. I will simply reframe from posting about these topics in the future, even though I post responses with good nature. As far as seeing nothing from my services, yes this is true, I have yet to publish a game. Until I get a game published there is nothing to show, so it's a loosing battle.
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    Cart Port source

    quote: Originally posted by Matthew Vigor: I am exploring the idea of making a few more copies of my modified 2600/CD player combo (AKA "the cord-mess saver"). ......... I would only need a handful of these parts, so if you see another auction for dead 2600s, please let me know. Sounds like a great project, another custom Atari system I'll let you know if I find any more auctions or anything.
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    Cart Port source

    I myself have been looking for them as well with no luck. Even if you managed to find the cartridge port you would still need the cover with the tabs to use the games. So far the only thing I have seen has been one auction with 14 dead Atari 2600 PCB's. If you manage to find something please post it here at AtariAge, I will do the same.
  6. quote: Originally posted by Adrian M: It's kind of similar to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, only it came out BEFORE Zelda II. It's a side scroller, you attack enemies in much the same way, and most importantly, the EXPERIENCE system is almost IDENTICAL to Zelda II's! (Kill an enemy, a number rises out of the defeated enemy and is added to your experience total...) Weird game, but defintely one to check out if you're up for a challenge! I really love the Zelda series, Final Fantasy series, just about any RPG. Sounds like it might keep me busy for awhile then. Can't wait until it arrives If the password for Rambo is anything like Zelda then it won't be any problem, just got to be sure to have plenty of paper around. The longest password for a NES game I have seen yet is Faxandu
  7. I'd have to say just about every game made has deceiving label. A few examples are Space War, Asteroids, Maze Craze, etc. I haven't played Space War yet really, but that "bullseye" screen is a sight to behold. Of course Asteroids you aren't flying around the Earth or stars, simply a black screen. And Maze Craze, it shows a Cop with a night stick like he is after that guy-- Well it is nothing more than 2 players trying to get thru the game no Cops, no computer players (It doesn't even keep score). With all that said, I must say I love my Atari and currently 87 games, but if you buy a game based solely on the label image your be surprised when you play the game. I would have to say I love the Activision game labels. They tell you how many players, controllers, etc. They also show a image of a actual screen shot of the game-- Can't get any closer than a actual image of the game itself
  8. quote: Originally posted by King Atari: A word of warning though. It has a password feature, but it's like 3 fricken' miles long! It would be easier to just get it on an emulator and save your progress. I don't like the sound of the password feature, I'll have to see when I get it. I don't care for NES emulators, they always seem to run to slow and "choppy". I prefer to turn on my NES and use the controls anyday over the PC keyboard. I'll have to see which way I prefer once I get it, I might change my ways due to the long password
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    quote: Originally posted by liquid_sky: Thanks for clearing this all up. Maybe 3/4 is still there for the old school gamers who used 4 and dont wanna change? Sure, I share what I know Perhaps it is mainly for that reason that the Channel 3 and 4 switch is there-- That's the way it has been, might as well leave it.
  10. I recently got a loose copy of the NES Rambo from eBay for about $8.00 (Damn bidding wars..) I don't honestly remember playing it, but I do remember seeing the empty box at a video rental store-- Someone stole it and I have wanted to play it ever since. Hopefully the game is as fun as I always imagined, I have to see when it arrives
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    quote: Originally posted by liquid_sky: Does it make any difference, be it sound, graphiucs or performance, if you choose channel 3 or 4? It depends. The option is there simply because some TV's show more interference on one channel than the other. This allows for you to change the channel to get rid of the interference. For example on the older TV's with the knobs and tunning dials there was interference mainly due to the attached TV anntena. Or the TV itself would over-power the game signal on specific channels like 3 because some devices needed it to show a clear picture. This is manily old technology that is no longer needed, why many video game systems still offer the Chnnael 3 or 4 switch is a mystery. Perhaps they do in case older TV's are used with the game system. Or simply it is a added easy measure for someone might get the problem fixed without having to keep returning the game systems to the store for a refund. The bottom line is that older TV's, and perhaps a few newer TV's still do, boost the signal on channel 3. Which causes problems and why a Channel 3 or 4 switch is handy to have.
  12. I went thrifting yesterday and found 10 differenet games at Goodwill for $0.50 each, I bought everything they had. I got -- - Defender - Space War - Space Attack - Space Invaders - RealSports Football - Atlantis - Basketball - Astroblast - Super Breakout - Asteroids The copy of Astroblast is a black label with blue letters and reads "©M.I. 1982 U.S.A.". The weird thing was that it looked like someone took it apart before, it has scratches and cuts around the base of the cartridge. The really weird thing is that there is a piece of old tape that wraps around the bottom cartridge piece over the game PCB and on the other side. Seeing the tape and the scratches and cuts I procceded to take it apart, that's how I know the tape wraps all the way around it. Here are some pictures of it.. Here at AtariAge the description of the game says it uses Paddles, well my game works with Paddles or a Joystick. Is this normal for the game to work with a Joystick? Anyone have any ideas why there is tape wrapped around the entire thing? is this game something weird or what?
  13. quote: Originally posted by godsey1: Hi All, If it had been an E.T. cartridge, I would have laughed. I didn't know that a Sears system was that much different than an Atari, but I found out the hard way. I would throw it away, but it's the only boxed system that I have. It has the normal label, as far as I know. What other label were made for this game? Tony This type of thing happens with any brand of 6 Switch, Sears Tele-Games or Atari-- makes no difference. The Silver and Red labeled Atari brand games are slightly larger than older Text and Picture labels. Other brands are larger as well and don't fit in any 6 Switch easy. Perhaps Atari did this to make everyone buy their new 4 Switch system. The 4 Switch systems can easily fit the Silver and Red labeled games and the older Text and Picture labeled games as well. If you have a 4 switch you can not tell a differnce when you use the game. If you compare a Silver or Red labeled game to a Text or older black Picture labeled game you can see a slight differnce in size. This difference is just enough to cause problems. I personally don't know if there are label variations or anything about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game. I was curious to know more about the label/company.
  14. I will buy any loose game I find even if it's Combat if it's around $1 or less. If the game is boxed I have paid $3 something each for 2600 MS. Pac-Man and 7800 Donkey Kong. I buy it simply because Atari items are hard to find in my area so if I managed to find something in the "wild" I'll buy it simply so I have it. I'll buy anything video game related for any system if the price is right, I own 8 different game systems and own games for 11 different systems For common games loose I wouldn't pay $3 each, I might pay upwards to $2 each. Of course if the game is rarier I will pay more. For example I paid $10 recently for H.E.R.O. loose (no manual or box). So typically I will pay upwards of $2 for common games or upwards of $4 for boxed common games. If I own the game, the manual, box, etc. already or not makes no differnce to me, if it's video game related and the price is right I'll buy it as long as I have the money. Of course if I have limited funds I will buy the items I don't currently have first.
  15. quote: Originally posted by MoonlightKnight: I would be happy to part with any number of commons, if someone wants to trade something good (rare, unique or just plain useful or sellable.) Perhaps I should work at being a proud 100+ Combat game cartridge owner I'll e-mail you here shortly with some trade items, etc.
  16. quote: Originally posted by Albert: Ha, when typing my message I completely spaced on the fact that common carts are now "more in demand" than previously, with all the homebrew projects taking place. What I should do is just offer batches of carts free to homebrew authors, in return for a copy of the game when it's released. ..Al Yeah that is one thing I could do with them, use them for publishing Atari 2600 games. or I could be the proud owner of 100+ Combats or something
  17. quote: Originally posted by Albert: I just have one thing to say: I am *NOT* moving all of them again, so if it comes time to move and I still have 'em all (many hundreds, just of those carts listed above), they'll be disposed of quickly and without sorrow. ..Al If it gets to that point, or if you want to get of them now, just let me know I'll be more than happy to pay for shipping to get them. And if you want I'll even add a little extra to make you even happier to get rid of them Seriously though just e-mail me, I will be more than happy to take any Combat's, Pac-man's, Defenders, ANYTHING
  18. Well my gaming machines went like this, I own most of these systems and multiple consoles of many of these systems as well I just don't currently own a Atari 5200, Pong machine, Atari Junior, or Sega Saturn like I use to. 1. Pong Machine 2. Atari 2600 6 Switch 3. Commodore 64 4. Atari 5200 5. NES 6. Super NES 7. Sega Genesis 8. Gameboy 9. Atari Junior 10. Playstation 11. Sega Saturn 12. Atari 7800 13. Gameboy Color 14. Super Gameboy for the SNES (Not really a system...) I have all these systems hooked up in my custom entertainment system, I just have to plug in the cable to my VCR when I want to play a different system. I have the Playstation, NES, Super NES, and Sega Genesis hooked to one TV. I have my Atari 2600 4 Switch Darth Varder, Atari 7800, and Commodore 64 hooked up to another TV setting close to my other TV
  19. quote: Originally posted by godsey1: This really did hurt BADDDDDDD! Yesterday I was playing my 6 switch Sears system, I though I'd try Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The lable on this cartridge was mint, I said WAS mint. When I tried to insert the cartridge, it was tight. So I pushed a little harder. I got finished playing it. When I removed it the lable had about an inch long rip on the right side where it got hung on the edge of the cart slot. I was MAD!!!!!!!!!!! So if anyone is thinking about playing their odd carts in a Sears 6 switch, be very careful. Tony Sorry to hear about that I would be very mad as well. This should be a post included in a FAQ for new Atari users. Many ask which to buy a 6 Switch, 4 Switch, or Junior. Perhaps this would help them choose a 4 Switch or Junior due to the cartridge size problems in the 6 switch. I myself am getting wore out typing, buy a 4 Switch or Junior because of the cartridge size problems with the 6 switch, all the time I'm just curious what is the label style for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game?
  20. quote: Originally posted by Cassidy: Then, I plan on doing a label (hey, I paid for that type font, by golly I am going to use it!) and have a Uni-Cart. Where can I find out more about the Font? I have a program that allows me to create Windows Fonts easy enough, but I don't want to waste the time to create two images of every key That is a interesting topic, what to do with the good ROM's when you need the case. I did get a few ideas from your original idea But as most things, I will have to write it down and experiment with it later. I have so many current projects now I don't have time to do any more. Which I guess is a good thing
  21. quote: Originally posted by Atari-Jess: Junie for offering a full out publishing service I am truly honored to make the "list" quote: Originally posted by StellasGhost: We must all be the same age more or less. ie, in our 30's Naah, I am currently 22 Of course there are people around here that are even younger. [ 02-25-2002: Message edited by: Junie ]
  22. Yes, 2600 was the machine I wanted. I was born in 1979, but grew up with Uncle Bushnells toys We usually got game systems when family and friends lost interest in them, 2nd hand I still do. The first machine I remember playing was the Pong machine. Me and my dad would play for hours, usually until the early morning. Then came the Atari 2600. I have many fond memories of playing it. I use to play for hours on end, it seemed everyone had one. I use to play it at my cosuins house, and they got me stuck on H.E.R.O. and River Raid. At my friends house, they had Spider-Man and a game I think it was called London Blitz which was quite fun, and of course many others as well. Sadly something happened to it, I think the power connector went bad and that was the end of the 2600 (I still don't know what happened to it). We got a Atari 5200 in it's place. The 5200 was a lot of fun, my favorite game we had for it was River Raid. The only problem was the controllers, my dad would get so mad and blame me and my 2 sisters when the controllers would break. Usually he managed to fix them, but one time he didn't and took me to the store to get some new controllers. At the store for the 5200 controllers is my only memory of of seeing all the Atari 2600 games, systems, and everything else like you can only see in pictures now. The store we went to was called Hills, it was a big department store that was bought out and is now called Ames. I do have some fuzzy memories of seeing Atari stuff at a store called 3-D which was alot like Big-Lots. Well once the 5200 controllers were not available in stores anymore and my dad couldn't fix them that was the end of it. I remember my dad got so damn mad at the controllers he took the system and the controller and flung them over the hill. The 5200 is still sitting at the bottom of the hill where I use to live as a kid out in the country. Then we got a Commodore 64. It came with a large drawing tablet and pen. Whenever the pen was moved over the tablet it would draw it on the TV screen. I own a MIB Commodore 64, floppy drive, and printer but I am still looking for that cartridge program and the drawing tablet. Well my first game system I ever bought in a store was a NES. Me and my sisters put our christmas money together and went and bought it when they first came out. It was alot of fun but my parents grew tired of us fighting over who's turn it was, so the system went back to the store about a week later. Now I own everything except a Atari 5200, and even have manay duplicate systems, 2 Sega Genesis, 3 Super NES (Some of both styles), etc. I heard my cousins still have the Atari 2600 and the games I played in my childhood. I'll have to see if I can get everything, including "my" H.E.R.O. game then I would really have a collection-- Actual Atari items from my childhood.
  23. quote: Originally posted by skatepunk60: I have a mental picture of this really thick white wire like inside the computer? If this isnt it do you have a picture of this wire Yes, you are correct. I simply peel off the excess strands from the ribbon cable until I have 15 wires left. It is about an inch wide. quote: Originally posted by AtariKari: @ Junie: just a show of support for such a cool product! You have my duckets ($) regardless of what cable you use. As long as I don't have to get up to play another game of bowling, my vote is set. When you get photos up of Rev. 2, please post. If only I could get a signal booster... Thank you for the support Mike. I think it's funny you mentioned Bowling, that's what started all this. My wife loves to play Bowling, and use to make me play at least 2 or 3 games of it each night. When we play she always takes control of Player 1. Well if she doesn't manage to get a strike on the first frame she makes it me reset it so she can try again. This repeats until she gets a strike or gets tired of trying In order for me to hit the Atari Game Reset switch I have to get out of bed and walk over to the Atari and flip the switch. I got tired of doing this and thought I could manage to put the "switch" on a controller. I did put that "switch" on a controller and now have Joypads instead of using Joysticks, and now have all the Atari system switches on the controllers quote: Originally posted by skatepunk60: Is there any way to make like an adaptor to plug into the existing controller ports? so i dont have to ruin any of my systems? The original 9-Pin controller ports do not connect to the necessary switches, in fact it connects to none of the system switches. So such a adapter can not be created. I will however make standard NES controllers to work on the standard 9-Pin controller ports. However they will not of course have all the buttons and switches like the 15-Pin does.
  24. I feel like I am spamming, I have to post the same message here and on the StellaList to reach many different fellow Atarians. After all not everyone is at both places like me and many others --------------------------------------------- Just a short note -- I have gotten several e-mails lately, but can not respond to them. If you happen to e-mail me direct be sure that you can accept e-mail from Yahoo.com I have gotten many returned e-mails because people have Yahoo.com blocked and I can not respond. --------------------------------------------- I am wanting to hear some input about this-- With my new REV. 2 of my 15-Pin controller ports and controllers it requires 14 multi-conductor wire. Without having to charge $6.00 - $10.00 simply for the cost of the wire used, I have thought of a solution. Do you think standard 15 strand ribbon cable will work for the controller cords? I simply buy ribbon cable and strip of the excess strands. I have been experimenting with a 2 foot piece of 15 strand ribbon cable, bending it in every way, wading it up, stretching it, etc. After running my fingers across the ribbon cable a few times it straightens back out and is as good as new. The cost of the ribbon cable will be around $2.00 instead of $6 - $10, and is more commonly available. After countless hours of scouring the net I have only found one supplier of the 15 multi-conductor wire at a half reasonable price. Of course if this one small company stops carrying the 15 multi-conductor wire, then I am in trouble. So what do you think, will the ribbon cable work for the controller cables? Or does anyone know of another source of 15 multi-conductor wire, or even another controller cable idea? With my testing it seems the ribbon cable will be fine, with a little straighten from time to time using fingers to smooth the cable. But I honestly do not know how well it will hold up for actual use.
  25. I know of a few places Lemmi I am getting fed-up with the staff at my local Radio Shack. They always think they know more than anybody, and usually they know alot less than I do. Speaking of Power Supplies I was looking for one to get rid of using batteries in a sound amp. This one guy in particular at RS comes up and starts to hound me with questions. His verdict was that I needed to find out if my power connector center is positive or negative. Even after I told him I planed to cut the damn end off and that made no differnce, I have to wire it on the PCB, he simply smirked at me and carried on. With a DMM it takes about 3 seconds to find out which wire is positive and which is negative. Perhaps I'll do all my RS buying online at their site, then again I only pay their high prices because I get it when I go to the store, no waiting. OK, anyway here is one site that sells the Atari power supply, Marlin P. Jones. The PS costs $3.50, and the part number is 12254-PD It has the Atari name and Logo on the PS. Here is some more information on the PS-- It is a 9 VDC 1 amp PS, 1mm ID/3.55mm OD Coaxial-Center Positive. If you want some other places to try to find one, be sure to look at My Atari Bookmarks. Look under "Games & Accessories".
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