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  1. Came home from holidays and my AgaCart was patiently waiting for me. And wow, what an amazing piece of kit. Not only is it great in the simplicity of how it works, and having the Lynx's catalogue at your fingertips, but the overall product design is out of this world. It's clearly been developed with a lot of thought and care, and everything, from how the case slides together to how the LEDs are integrated into the cartridge is extremely slick. A real thing of beauty and thank you Rafał for creating it for the community.
  2. Great looking piece of kit! Can you add me to the list please
  3. Game received - many thanks Super Fighter Team and credit for handling the speculation and negatively in such a positive way - can't imagine its an easy task doing a production run like this and there's something special about seeing that '2009' date on the start up screen, so many years after the system stopped being sold. Plus, its an amazing game! Never realised just what the Lynx could achieve! So thanks again Super Fighter Team!
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