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  1. Could Atari STE games be ported over? If so, I'd like to throw Ultimate Arena into the request pile. It's a Atari ST exclusive fighter where you can play as Samantha Fox or Indiana Joe. Kasumi Ninja needs some competition.
  2. When are these being shipped out once the pre-order stops?
  3. As a proud recent first time owner of a Jaguar, I cannot wait for your SD cart, sir.
  4. I feel a bit bad making a "request" post since I generally don't like sounding like entitled and belittling the hard work done porting these games over, but I'm too curious not to ask so please forgive me if it's sounds lame of me to ask. While the Atari ST generally has rather bad sound, the work done by Chris Hülsbeck and Jochen Hippel is pretty amazing for the system. So, has there been any thoughts on porting their games such as Turrican II or Jim Power to the JAG? I believe Piko has the license for Jim Power at least. The soundtracks to those games are beastly.
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