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  1. Got my the!cart this week, and it appears to deliver as promised! Thank you to your team for a great product.
  2. Hi JAC! People like myself whom have already paid are still good though, right?
  3. Super excited to get mine! Great work on the project all!!
  4. Thanks for the reply. So, is there any soft out there that does? Using SIO2USB?
  5. There is an awful lot to read here! First, RepeQT rules! Great job! And here's my silly question: Does RespeQT support the use of .car (cart) files? Thanks!!!
  6. Well after much debate with the squad around here, I decided to keep the drive stock for now. Blew it out, cleaned and lubricated the rails and cleaned the head. I fixed the little cracked areas by popping them back in place, and got the switch in the right orientation for the faceplate. Then, after a little scrubbing and shining, got it reassembled and back where it belongs. I included the 3M product pic b/c I find it really useful and non-abrasive on these aging plastics, using a soft Scotch-Brite pad. Overall Im satisfied with the result and have a PSU on its way. Thank you guys so much for your comments on this topic! Once the PSU arrives Ill update. (Loaded the disk image you see using RespeQt) 😁
  7. Very cool! Ok Ill kick this around a bit. Nezgar, did get some 3 in 1 today to lube the rails. Thanks everyone for the convo so far.
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