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  1. The Mega SG does what the Super NT don't... https://twitter.com/analogue/status/1052213199351640064?s=19
  2. Is the transparent Super NT discontinued strictly because some folks didn't like the end product in comparison to the render that was being shown as final? I kinda hope that's the case and it's not something more technical because that's the model I bought. I've loved mine so far. I like how it's LED's make the entire room glow.
  3. I swear this forum is full of middle aged 10 year olds sometimes... Then again..*Looks around* (We are mostly just old fools wanting to play our old videogames).
  4. Seems like that should be set to change automatically when switched to PAL mode anyway. At least for displays that support 50hz.
  5. Quick question: I know how to set the hardware to PAL mode but should I also be setting the resolution to 50hz in order to get the most accurate results or is that automatically switched over to the proper resolution when you select PAL?
  6. I may or may not have found a small graphical glitch in Yoshi's Island. On the famous Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy level, if Yoshi looks up while he's "Dizzy" a small portion of the top of the screen flickers white. I'm not sure if that happens on an actual SNES. I've never noticed it before.
  7. I think I'm going to keep using my SD2SNES until things get sorted out... I wouldn't blame Kevtris if he took a much earned break from all things tech related for a decent chunk of time.
  8. I'm gonna ask another stupid question. Kevtris, Have you opened up the code and looked at the magic that Ikari is conjuring up with SD2SNES? Y'know, instead of "possibly" giving all us nerds everything for free, you could just help Ikari with project SD2SNES...
  9. I may have to look into that. Until we get a 32 bit FPGA console that is. It just hit me that the GBA was almost as powerful as a PS1...
  10. I think I understand...There would have to be a handshake between the FPGA on the cart and the FPGA on the Super NT that tells the Super NT to let audio/video and controller input be handled between the two of them in tandem. Seems a little involved...
  11. Thanks, I wasn't sure if the SNES was actually converting the Gameboy sprites or just kinda passing the sprites over to be displayed on screen. It's a shame that that can never happen. Here's hoping that Analogue's next console can handle the GBA then!
  12. Listen up now! I'm gonna ask what is possibly the smartest/dumbest questions ever. Will it ever be possible to create a Super gameboy style SNES cart that houses a Gameboy Advance FPGA board? I'm no expert but wasn't the super Gameboys actually just Gameboys in SNES carts with video pass through and controller input? With the GBA being 32 bit I'm guessing that it would be way too hard to ask a decent price for such a thing though... Will it ever be possible though???
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