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  1. Action Fighter literally has the coolest box art!!!
  2. I got mine a few days ago and just got around to playing them tonight. Absolutely love Head Over Heels. I really didn't know what to expect from it, even after watching the videos. Really addictive. Impossamole up next! The boxes and especially the manuals look fantastic Pico Interactive. (no customs charges either - WONDERFUL!
  3. You guys did fantastic with your 40 Winks Kickstarter. Well done! Just pre-ordered your two new titles as well. Glad to see you bringing some more new releases to the Jag.
  4. Happy Anniversary Songbird/Carl. Purchased Skyhammer, Hyperforce, Total Carnage and Protector SE from you a few years back and were all worthy addictions to my Jaguar collection. Hopefully I'll be adding Loopz to that and your other Mystery Project sometime soon .
  5. Thanks Gaz, mine arrived a few days ago. Just got around to playing them today... I've never played either of these before, so they were a nice surprise. Can't believe how quickly the difficulty ramps up on Escape!!! Everything (including the actual building itself!) wanted to kill me ;'-D.
  6. Very happy there will be a second chance to own Flappy McFur and the other games look great too. I agree with Punisher5.0 about the visuals on Odd It Will Be Watching - Beautiful.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I was asking as evil customs always find a way to add a few more £££'s to the price when it comes from the US 😭.
  8. Great stuff, love a good puzzler and there aren't many on the Jag. Will Telegames UK be stocking this title please?
  9. Would it be something along the lines of 999: Nine Hours, Nine persons, Nine Doors on the Nintendo DS? I have a lot of time for story telling in that way.
  10. It did thank you very much, I'm really impressed with it. What a difference it makes, I got further than I ever have on Tempest using it (and that was still only to level 25! Haha!)
  11. Thanks, that's awesome. Two days off after today to give it a blast .
  12. Just ordered mine :-). Very excited to get it and try out a rotary controller for the first time.
  13. Astrostorm and Protector are two games I've had an awful lot of fun playing recently. Both have that "one more go" about them.
  14. Looks absolutely stunning - Love all the different level themes and some banging tunes too 👍🏽.
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