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  1. Okay thank you for all the great info mr_me, Additional way to identify the Armor Battle ROM variant: http://www.intvfunhouse.com/games/arba.php#eastereggs
  2. I don't know much about the Hong Kong cartridges, why would they be even more likely fast ROMs than the white labels? Were they issued after? I ask because the copy of Armor Battle I own has a red Hong Kong sticker, and is actually the slow variant. With Space Battle, what are the specific graphical differences and Armor Battle the specific coloring differences I should be looking for?
  3. Lately I've been looking for Armor Battle and Space Battle cartridges specifically of the 'fast ROM variant'. If you're unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, you can read more about them on this similar thread. The fast ROM variants were released some time (nobody seems to be sure exactly when) after the slow variants, and white label cartridges weren't released until after Intellivision Inc. formed in 1984. Following this, my main question is would I be safe in assuming that white label cartridges I see on Ebay are more than likely to contain the fast ROM variants?
  4. Thanks for this technical info, it makes pretty good sense for what I'm seeing. I'm going to see if there are any other input combinations which can bypass the switch to graphic mode 1, and then test them on console. Still waiting for people to test the original method on Intellivision models I and II. Could you elaborate a little more on that scrolling glitch? For instance, when did it happen (entering a mountain, etc.)? Asking because I might want to check it out.
  5. Update: ok, so I found it wouldn't work on many games actually (I had only tested the ones I'm familiar with which are mostly Mattel). It won't work on Burgertime, Buzz Bombers, Atlantis (IMagic), Dreadnaught Factor (Activision), Blockade Runner (Interphase), Lady Bug (Coleco), Tower of Doom (INTV Corp), and I can assume many others. From this information, it looks like it should only work with Mattel games that have that standard olive screen with text at the startup. It appears pausing interrupts some sort of graphics change from the title screen to the ones used in the actual game. I don't know much about how the exec ROM works, but if it doesn't work on an actual Intellivision, could it mean the ROM I'm using for emulation is a bad dump? Any button the game allows you to start the game with should work (using a side button, if allowed, is probably the easiest). My method on a real Intellivision is to push a side button with my index finger, and exactly two frames after letting go, attempt to press both 1 and 9 with my thumbs. Alternatively, pressing 3 and 7 to pause the game should also work. Unpausing you can do with any button.
  6. I found this glitch that I've been able to pull off on Bizhawk and jzintv emulators. It involves pushing any button to start the game, followed by the pause code (buttons 1+9) exactly two frames after letting go of that start button, and then unpausing the game. The result is a completely messed up set of graphics that will persist until you reset the game (see image 1 for input string and the result if successful). The glitch seems to work with every game, but AD&D Cloudy Mountain is the only one I've found to have a potential use for it. When entering a mountain, the entire cave network is already visible, including items and ladders! (see image 2, note that I haven't moved; a quiver of arrows to the left can already be seen) I'm currently doing speedruns of the game, and being able to see things like this would significantly reduce the amount of guesswork involved in getting a fast time. My question to you guys is can any of you replicate this on a real console? I must've tried hundreds of times on my INTV III, but have had no luck. Is it possible this might only work on model I or II, or is it just a glitch exclusive to emulated ROMs?
  7. I thought it'd be a neat idea since so many people use Discord now, and nobody (that I know of) has created one exclusively for the Intellivision and such. Personally, I like it better discussing things in a chatroom than in a forum setting, but to each their own. That being said, it seems like there's a wealth of information about various Intellivision games on this site so I'll be hangin around here too
  8. Hey everyone! I've created an all encompassing Intellivision discord where people can discuss highscoring, speedrunning, or just casually talk about their favorite Intellivision games. The purpose is to try and get knowledgeable and impassioned Intellivision players from all corners of the internet discuss Intellivision strategy, trivia, etc. in a place that many people check pretty often: https://discord.gg/jHh7TrV Each game in the Intellivision library will be separated into a different channel. @ the name of the game and you'll notify all members with that game as their role. Post in #general or DM me if you would like me to add a channel for another game or assign you roles for the games you like.
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