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  1. It was mentioned earlier that Elite did a Spectrum version of AR ... does anyone have details of that, as I've never seen any details about this. Although I wasn't an Atari user - I remember seeing this great game playing on an 800XL (I think it was) and being completely and utterly impressed!
  2. Originally the plan, I believe, was to use the Pi mainly purely for that purpose. But it now outputs to HDMI from the FPGA itself.
  3. Fair point. Hope a solution is possible as HDMI or equivalent would be good.
  4. Is it possible to provide the output as Scart, but using a smaller connection? Scart seems to have a lot of conversion options available to other outputs - but is also still supported (although sadly to a lessening degree) .. mostly europewide I think?
  5. Wonder how the Spectrum Next gets around this issue? Unless they've paid for the license of course. Originally I heard they were using the HDMI output of the RasPi Zero so in theory using the existing license. But it's FPGA generated HDMI now.
  6. Thank you - that does make sense. It certainly makes very good use of the available memory however. It's a shame that it's not possible to run two in conjuction
  7. Thank youThat's good to know. Would 256x192 be possible at all?
  8. The F18A is a very impressive project. I'm glad it's had interest across several systems. I was wondering, is it possible to achieve a 16 colour mode in any form at all?
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