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  1. I figured that was what was going on. Irritates me to no end when people do that sort of thing. Spreads misinformation and then it becomes the , I heard it on the internet so it must be true type of thing. I've always figured that if Nintendo could have done that sort of thing they'd have chased down everyone who's ever had a rom and personally fined them for it! 😁
  2. I routinely peruse the Reddit pages and on the 3ds one today a person claimed that they had played a 500 in one DS cartridge on their system twice. They then stated that they had received a communication from Nintendo threatening to ban them. I've literally been playing my 3ds for years modded with CFW, r4 flashcard and a couple multicarts, never had any issues. Is there any possibility that this guy is being truthful? I don't think so but what do you all think?
  3. I actually just picked it up this week. Played some of the og xbox wolfenstein years back but nothing else since... really looking forward to it!
  4. Titanfall, Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, World of Tanks, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare and Destiny. May throw a little Wolfenstine New blood in later this week.
  5. Been playing around on my 360 quite a bit lately and jumped into Titanfall for a quick game, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE THERE....... So just thought I would throw out an invite for the next few days to anyone interested that I will be in lobby around 8pm on 7/20/2020 through the 22nd trying to get a few matches of attrition. Hope to see a few folks there!!
  6. Just wanted to remind everyone that the xbox 360 version of WOT is being discontinued on the 21st of July. If there are any achievements you wanted to complete you're almost out of time. Here's a link to a video about it. https://youtu.be/Ex2X8B3j4og
  7. lol.... If I thought a cragslist ad would work I'd try it. I'm actually sort of starting over on my streetpass collection now. I previously had a 2ds that the screen broke on and had quite a few Mii on it. Being near 70 and since my job has me driving through lots of residential areas so much I was getting quite a few hits. But that was last year and now it seems that the use of the 3ds line of systems has dried up around here. I really enjoy my 3ds and it's a real shame more people aren't still playing it..... Darn smart phones and tablets!!
  8. I'm looking for some fellow 3ds owners to do some sort of meet up. I live in the Zanesville Ohio area which being right along Interstate 70 between Columbus and Wheeling Wv makes it fairly easy to find. I'm specifically looking to do a streetpass meet so I can unlock a few things and maybe do some buying and trading. If anyone's interested or knows of anything nearby leave a message. Thanks guys!
  9. I'm a big Sega fan and have seen recent games being developed for various Sega hardware. Of course while checking these out I've seen lots of things being made for the SNES and NES. Now is this because these systems are easiest to program for or wide availability of systems/emulators? The original xbox and the PS2 are popular for emulators and media centers but don't seem to attract much actual game development. Just thought I would ask those who actually do this stuff.
  10. Playing thru Titanfall and Destiny..... Also like DeathSmiles!
  11. WOW! Quite the response...... I realize that the game consoles are computer based but a computer is not always a pc or a game console. My primary irritation with more modern systems is the similarities to pc gaming. Updates to fix system errors, or updates for game issues, or my favorite..... hangs or crashes. So my criteria for a "Real" game system would most likely be... Turn on, game starts, play game, turn off (really turns off, doesn't go to sleep). Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and in no way demands that anyone else believe the same
  12. I was recently having a discussion with some friends and associates at work about game consoles. During the discussion the recent xbox one and PS4 were being put forth as the "best" game consoles but I threw in that neither was really a game console. I felt that pretty much every console since the original xbox has been a pc in disguise. I would have to say the GBA or N64. Anyone else like to throw in their opinion?
  13. The external video used by the Katsukity mod is based off USB and has some lag issues. It works just fine for capturing video for playback but requires a computer to display it and on anything approaching a twitch type game it can throw off move timing. RGB signals could probably converted directly to a RGB scart cable or maybe a VGA type connector but there would be no upscale. Some sort of line doubler to bring the resolution up to modern flat screen dimensions would be needed. Biggest problem with a dock style system would be the connector between the 3ds/2ds and dock. From what several modders have stated there really isn't a huge amount of room for add-ons in the case or on the board. That was the main reason I stated they would probably have to eliminate the portability to make it home console usable.
  14. I too have wondered about a DS family home console. Found the Katsukity 3ds video capture and a couple others doing the same thing but as was already stated it is not exactly what we're looking for. There is also and external controller mod, , which allows a variety of controllers to be used with the system. I think someone would have to look at removing the portability of the system to really get somewhere. The display seems to be a parallel RGB setup and some sort of converter to a different standard would be needed. Perhaps an standalone board with video and audio in place of the screen assembly. External hookup for a controller and maybe a converter to translate the screen digitizer inputs to mouse movements or a touch pad. Obviously a custom enclosure would make it a cleaner looking setup.
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