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  1. https://www.ebay.com/usr/icetea89
  2. I can tell it was a custom screen and wish i bought it but its just cool to see what people can do with psp.
  3. removed n last movie to be sold
  4. I don't have a picture sadly this was years ago and i would try it but i feel like i would damage it.
  5. Turns out it was not a ps vita it was a psp go he basically took everything apart in put a bigger lcd in and other things.
  6. Yeah i figured that it was up there in price over $400. To me just cool to see that espically on a ps.
  7. My bad it was a ps vita but with a bigger screen that flips out.
  8. I saw one on ebay couple years back where this guy built a psp 3000 with a bigger screen somehow and emulators and game genie gameshark n more. But i cant find it anymore.
  9. I was looking for a psp with emulators, game genie, game shark and bigger screen?
  10. added 1 earphone and sold one
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