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  1. All brand new i never played just looked at them. $30 each us only metal warriors wild guns zero the kamaze squirrel final fight guy incantation batman & robin adventures mr.nutz myusa king of dragons mali mulard in cold shadow rock n roll racing battletoads n double dragon the amazing spiderman rtype 3 the peace keepers imperium castlevania dracula x super turrican super turrican 2 demons crust final fight 2 boogerman hagane sonic blastman sonic blastman 2 final fight 3
  2. I was looking for a n64 rumble pack that plays without batteries.
  3. I did message a guy on ebay he said its the same as getting a memory card 256kb but his is new.
  4. I like the nostalgia.
  5. I would like a lot of them getting back into n64 does not have to be in excellent condition. thx :)
  6. I can tell it was a custom screen and wish i bought it but its just cool to see what people can do with psp.
  7. removed n last movie to be sold
  8. I don't have a picture sadly this was years ago and i would try it but i feel like i would damage it.
  9. Turns out it was not a ps vita it was a psp go he basically took everything apart in put a bigger lcd in and other things.
  10. Yeah i figured that it was up there in price over $400. To me just cool to see that espically on a ps.
  11. My bad it was a ps vita but with a bigger screen that flips out.
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