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  1. discgear selector with instructions dischear selector without instructions US ACOUSTICS USB-600D AMPLIFIER with sub level switch no cables except phone line cable for sub level plextone headset could not get mic to work
  2. added more and ill be adding more movies as well
  3. Dvd in it to and still plays.
  4. The 3rd pic has a tear in still good though.
  5. added playstation controller
  6. memory card in box wwf warzone in box wcw mayhem in box wcw backstage mayhem in box wcw nitro in box wcw nwo world tour in box
  7. Decided to them as a bundle with 2 different auctions and both of them come with 1 playstation controller.
  8. 2 ps controllers with 5 books and other controller with other books. The 300 year end spectactuler book is gone. Last time i played with these controllers they work.
  9. Selling some of my book collection comic and baseball.
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