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  1. icetea89 on eBay
  2. I cant find anymore info on these 2 controllers but looking for something similiar to these?
  3. I did say above pic if its a game or box and i do have the real copy but not selling it.
  4. selling these on ebay 5 at a time Items for sale by icetea89 | eBay
  5. These are reproductions so they wont fetch very much shoot me a offer.
  6. just the box but there all reproduction
  7. I'm in a hurry sometimes lol but meant to says demon's crest.
  8. I have duplicates of these game but decided to sell more and pm for offer thx these are all reproduction. snes incantation game n box only zero the squirrel game n box only final fight guy game n box only hagane game n box only final fight 2 game n box only peace keepers game n box only space megaforce game n box only rock n roll racing game n box only mr. nutz game n box only musya game n box only super turrican game n box only sonic blastman game n box only super turrican 2 game n box only sonic blastman 2 game n box only demon crest game n box only king of dragons game n box only boogerman game only battletoads n double dragon game only maui mallard in cold shadow game only rtype 3 game only final fight 3 game n box only but box not shown the amazing spider man lethal foes game only castlevania dracula x game only super castlevania 3 box only super metroid box only battletoads in battlemaniacs box only 3 ninjas kick back only space megaforce box only metal warriors box only wild guns n the adventures of batman n robin box only
  9. toy story complete shoot me in offer
  10. added 1 item and psp and mp3 gone
  11. 7 usb cables tested they work like for transferrring file and charging psp untested mp3 player untested says it uses ti card earphones work but one of the earthing came off 5 n64 memory cards untested and will be included with usb cables and earphone
  12. Yes final final guy but it will play on snes but wont work game genie.
  13. ill be adding couple game here n there to last post
  14. I was looking for a n64 rumble pack that plays without batteries.
  15. I did message a guy on ebay he said its the same as getting a memory card 256kb but his is new.
  16. I like the nostalgia.
  17. I would like a lot of them getting back into n64 does not have to be in excellent condition. thx :)
  18. I can tell it was a custom screen and wish i bought it but its just cool to see what people can do with psp.
  19. removed n last movie to be sold
  20. I don't have a picture sadly this was years ago and i would try it but i feel like i would damage it.
  21. Turns out it was not a ps vita it was a psp go he basically took everything apart in put a bigger lcd in and other things.
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