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  1. I had been at #49 at retrohq, now I'm at #12. No email received. What do I need to do now to get hold of the cart? Do I need to register somewhere else? If I may suggest, a pinned post explaining this would most probably lower the amount of people asking the same questions over and over.
  2. was #58, now #44, stuff is moving! Well done and much appreciate all the effort!
  3. being #57, really looking forward to this!
  4. 58 to go, I hope this gets shipped before brexit
  5. as long as the cart owner would have means to find out what the actual ID is?
  6. shipment on the way to here as well, hope it makes it before xmas
  7. "1 item" in the webstore is a set of 2 controllers.
  8. ordered this one yesterday together with the minimalist AvP "vs" one!
  9. same here, sent an email some time ago but no response as yet. Hope all is well.
  10. this is epic effort! Is this the project that has the poll running at Jaguar Sector on facebook? I'm wondering, is there a specific reason why you've chosen CPC and C64 versions as opposed to the ST?
  11. eagerly awaiting the pre-order launch! Excellent job!
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