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  1. I've worked in several repair shops and tech centers over the years....Never lost, misplaced, or mislabeled a single item - only time ANYTHING was done wrong was due to a co-workers attempt at sabotage to make me look bad in the inventory department. As in, he didn't think I would know the difference in microfarad sizes on ceramic caps...he tried to embarrass me in front of the boss and entire plant, then I showed the requisition papers that showed where HE changed the parts list before I got it. Small victory, as the owner didn't care - and guess who lost their job? Me....for catching a mistake and preventing hundreds of boards from being returned or damaged. Guess that's how they say "Thank You" in Arkansas...
  2. I might be interested in the Atari 400/800 carts but i don't have office, can't open your price list.... any pics of just those carts?
  3. that is the nicest set of boxed complete SSI titles I've ever seen....I would hate to see that separated.
  4. if you are going to post them for sale here: 1) Make a list with basic descriptions and condition (include NTSC or PAL or any other designation that could affect compatibility) 2) since it's a 'large' collection, post just a couple of group pics instead of one each for every single item - and only take closer detailed pics when someone asks... 3) if you are posting items with price - make sure to distinguish whether shipping is included or extra! also mention what countries you're willing to ship to, there are people on this forum from all over the world... looking forward to a list...
  5. I just wonder-how many of these looters steal a T.V., then go home, hook it up and play GTA V?  or do they watch themselves on CNN?

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    2. jd_1138


      They watch Swedish big breasted hairy porn while massaging their naughty bits.

    3. GoldLeader


      And then they play GTA...

    4. Stephen


      Great way to make a statement.  I am being treated unfairly, I deserve to be treated well.  I'm gonna go steal my ass a TV to prove how I should be treated well.  Yeah - sounds good to me.

  6. it's all part of my theory "Everything Sucks Now" the more I buy new games, the more they collect dust as I retract further back to earlier games... at this rate, I'll be playing etch-a-sketch on an oscilloscope by years' end
  7. I guess some GI Joe fans got stimulus checks...according to ebay my collection has almost quadrupled in value!

  8. where in the hell you find all these Activision games without gunked-up labels? I never see any this clean...in fact, hard to find any loose cartridges this clean...
  9. It would probably NOT be on anyone's favorite list if you were forced to use the original hardware, like we were back then....the booster grip was clunky, uncomfortable, and only made to fit on top of original Atari sticks.
  10. Eggomania, to me, was what Kaboom! should have been...I wished they would have merged the two...Kaboom graphics with a bonus stage like Eggo.... When I was young, we would get picked on (or pick on each other) for playing Eggomania, along with most U.S. games, or anything in the vein of Smurf and Strawberry Shortcake. No male teenager would be caught dead playing them...so I ended up only playing Eggo when no one else was around....
  11. I never understood why they chose to make the 2600 Omega Race require that stupid booster add on for the extra button.....when it could have used the same control scheme as Asteroids... Commodore 64 version uses this one-joystick control layout...but ofc that was published by commodore instead of CBS How many of you that said you like Omega Race on the 2600 actually own the booster grip? or did you just play it on emulators? I only ask this because the grip is hard to find...and I doubt anyone without that accessory would pick it as a favorite unless they were playing it somehow....
  12. you Intellivision collectors snipe anything good from eBay last night??  I know you were all watching....

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    2. save2600


      Usually avoid/ignore auctions as they're typically a complete waste of my time.

    3. eddhell


      I usually avoid them as well, but these started with .99 bids...

      I was able to snag River Raid w/overlays, Chip Shot and Centipede, all with manuals


    4. save2600




      Chip Shot is particularly good fun!  

  13. hindsight sure is a bitch....we all assumed the 'backwards compatibility' factor would not be a problem or that 'noone would ever want to use that old DOS software again'....we never thought back then that someone would want our old 'piece of shit pre-pentium' computers...I can't begin to tell you how many of these I've personally stripped, demolished and shitcanned over the years (job demanded it, not always a choice - but it was in the hundreds) every time the company would upgrade software that would in turn require endless hardware changes....I wish I could have kept them all for resale... One major changeover was BNC to CAT-5 networking....started just trying to replace network cards, ended up having to replace a couple dozen 386/486 towers completely...
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