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  1. remember the joke on SNL - 'bag o' glass' and 'bag o' vipers'....well this one is not a joke....https://www.perpetualkid.com/bag-o-dirt/

    when i was a kid, we just went outside and found our own FREE dirt...sheeesh

  2. that's impressive too, although i see it has a few things left out from the constraints...."no move validation" - i would imagine that freed some space along with variable usage.... but still impresses me since I can't even display a game board the exact way i want yet...
  3. ok, I'm new to 2600 programming, but have been a programmer for years (basic, pascal, cobol) and the logic is basically the same with different syntax here and there...so I've been reading tons of posts, tutorials and guides to mess around with my own projects and I keep running into the same burning question: How in the hell did they get CHESS to run on a 4k ROM in 1979????? I understand this was the game that caused them to come up with bank-switching, BUT THEY DID NOT use it on the shipped version....so I'm completely baffled by the programming with the limitations on variables compared to the number of pieces, each with multiple moves and directions, knights with their weird 'L' shaped movement and ability to jump over other pieces, specialty moves (en passant, castling), keeping up with 32 pieces and 64 possible board locations.....HOW did they cram all this logic into 4k???
  4. Bump. The printer is completely negotiable, I just want to get it in the hands of someone who appreciates C64 as much as i did...
  5. I got to admit, those three Sears exclusive 'Tele-games' are quite a bit more complex than the average Atari cart of that era... I enjoyed Artillery Duel from Xonox...great for two players
  6. Speaking of Parker Bros... I really wish they had ported Astrochase to more platforms....i think it was only on cartridge form for 5200 and 400/800 series...maybe a homebrew for 2600/intellivision needs to be made! I also wish Activision had ported Dreadnaught Factor to more systems (in cartridge form)
  7. Got a moving sale going on, prices negotiable, shipping will be the larger portion of the price....and Paypal only. Three 5200 joysticks - SOLD. Next is a hardly used Okimate Printer originally for the Commodore 64. I know most collectors have no use for old printers, but there is always one somewhere....the kicker on this one is the three UNOPENED ink cartridges (2 color, 1 black) so there might be some life left in them...I have no idea what to ask for it as the shipping might be hefty....if anyone has interest in it, just PM offer and we'll negotiate. It DOES power up, gives a blinking 'Ready' light, but I DO NOT have the extra serial cable and have not hooked it up to a real C64. Last, Nintendo DSI with four carts and charger, very clean screens (not mashed in touchscreen like some used ones) - $55 plus shipping. Will combine shipping and try to get you the best shipping rate possible...Thanks for looking!
  8. I would actually like to make a list of "endless" games, regardless of boredom factor....but any game that continues endlessly rolling over scores.... I know Defender was ad infinitum...i left that cartridge on for over 3 days, parking below the city at the bottom of the screen taking breaks....had to keep tally of times score flipped over...smart bombing entire waves... Asteroids, i think, also keeps rolling over....and Space Invaders and Pac-man are probably the same... Yet, as i said before....I think ALL Activision games have a timer, ending, or max score....
  9. i can barely remember my cousin pulling that on asteroids...turning the UFO's on while i had a good score going... Intellivision had a similar "feature" anyone remember games like Lock & Chase where either controller worked simultaneously? younger siblings run in room - grab second controller - screw up your world record-breaking score....lol
  10. here's an observation...Activision was one of the first (if not the first) game makers that had this feature: on most of their games with an energy or bonus timer, you could "milk" the game level for a bit to get more bonus points (like those vidiots on King of Donkey Kong movie), helpful if you already had the max number of lives...Seaquest had this in some form, Frostbite, Megamania, and others...
  11. Epyx should have done more for the Atari sooner.....they had good computer games, i'm sure Pitstop could have fit on a cart..
  12. Am I correct in remembering that the difficulty switches were 'active' - they would immediately change gameplay or screw you up during the game if your devious friend decided to flip the switch? I don't have a system setup right now to test, but i seem to remember they would change game paddle size on Breakout, turn on the UFO's on Asteroids, etc...something about the barriers on the edge of screen on Frogger.... this would have made it the first 'screw your neighbor' style feature... and space invaders: made your bases fatter
  13. Atari games were by NO means 'fragile'....the neighbor's dog ate the end of the cartridge, they gave it to me, i had to take the board out, hacksaw the case to make it fit back in the slot... BUT...it still works. I think it even has some fire damage on it...
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