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  1. which carts does the Inty II refuse to run? was it Coleco carts? any other third party carts that won't run? nobody will miss the ability to run those Coleco carts anyway.....lol
  2. I'm going to check for a friend (who's not on forum), his Inty died! hell i might have to snag it up for him, and have you ship to his address....
  3. Interest in loose carts once you get through all the CIB/Mint stuff....usually in bulk.... I'm only looking for one CIB - Fathom for Intellivision, with or without cartridge! (I NEED THAT BOX!)
  4. eddhell


    this has probably been discussed before, but were there ANY Activision titles on the 2600 that suffer from too much sprite flicker? I think this is one thing that pushed their games above competitors, they deliberately designed games to either work around or avoid too many sprites on a line (ala Pac-man ghosts), yet were able to maintain the fun/competitive/replay factors.... I can't think of a single one right off hand, but I've never had the later black label games - Double Dragon, Rampage, etc., I don't really count them because they weren't activision originals.
  5. 20+ years on ebay, back when i had to use money orders.... My first internet rip-off was from a scammer watching what others were bidding on, pm'ed me and offered the same item for $25 (outside of ebay), and I fell for it. I was trying to obtain an original V.I.N.C.E.N.T. from "The Black Hole" action figure line from the 80's...never got one now they are damn near impossible to find for a reasonable price, if at all.
  6. It's illegal to poach wild game birds, but it's completely legal to poach eggs...

  7. Any chance you could post pics of the 2600 hooked up and running on modern TV? I always want to see the output from a modded system before inquiring further... also did you do the mod yourself, or sent to a tech well known for mods?
  8. eddhell

    CPU vs. CPU

    ahhh ok...not actually a mode to choose but a lengthy demo mode (which is cool) I think the C64 does that too, now that I think about it.
  9. eddhell

    CPU vs. CPU

    C-64 doesn't have this option, unfortunately....
  10. eddhell

    CPU vs. CPU

    I had Spy vs. Spy back in the 80's on C-64, but I don't remember the cpu vs. mode...was this only on atari version?
  11. Looking for everyone's input, what games had an actual computer vs. computer or extended demo mode? Interested mostly in A2600, Intellivision, Colecovision, A800, and Commodore 64 formats....anything like later Madden football games that could play cpu vs cpu.... Best example I could find was M.U.L.E. on C-64. All players can be set to CPU control and the computer will play a full game by itself in it's entirety. NOTE: Does not work exactly the same on Atari computers...it has a built in primitive 'screen saver' that requires a button press every few minutes.
  12. ahhhh...this is one of those "my wife would kill/shit/divorce me" over items...lol
  13. checking my list, pm incoming as soon as I figure out which ones i'm missing
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