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  1. how long ago was that?? were they local pickups, or mostly internet purchases?
  2. Would it be possible to create a rarity guide that would let forum members vote on each cart's rating? kind of like a poll?
  3. or basically half the Tigervision subset for 2600.....when was the last time an Espial or Springer showed up anywhere besides collector conventions and E-bay? for that matter, same guide shows Miner 2049'er part II as only a '7'.....
  4. I inquired about this collection several months ago on ebay..... I searched through the pictures, but still can't see everything (like in the pile of loose carts).....are there any copies of Matterhorn, Gold Mine, or Sammy Lightfoot in there? (or any other super rares for that matter) i'm sure if they were in there, you would be pointing them out with pics of their own, but i just have to ask to make sure....
  5. not exactly "today's" pickups....but very recent ones that I was missing -thanks to the forum! i figured bundled together it was a decent price for hard to find Subterranea....
  6. Just a head's up for anyone with FRED'S stores nearby, they are closing a lot of locations and everything is around 50 to 70 percent off (or more) - that includes electronics...I know it's all cheap junk usually, but if you need generic game controllers, network cables, charger accessories, plug n play games....it's all dirt friggin cheap!!
  7. LMAO, was this a precursor of things to come? I didn't see anyone mention Moon Patrol (although someone did say "silver label games") which i think had the same parallax scrolling background like Jungle Hunt...not to mention it had the complete checkpoints like the arcade - A through Z....
  8. the simple fact that no one ever wrote on that high score sign with permanent marker in over 30 years is amazing....
  9. interest in the Imagic carts, pm sent....
  10. remember the joke on SNL - 'bag o' glass' and 'bag o' vipers'....well this one is not a joke....https://www.perpetualkid.com/bag-o-dirt/

    when i was a kid, we just went outside and found our own FREE dirt...sheeesh

  11. that's impressive too, although i see it has a few things left out from the constraints...."no move validation" - i would imagine that freed some space along with variable usage.... but still impresses me since I can't even display a game board the exact way i want yet...
  12. ok, I'm new to 2600 programming, but have been a programmer for years (basic, pascal, cobol) and the logic is basically the same with different syntax here and there...so I've been reading tons of posts, tutorials and guides to mess around with my own projects and I keep running into the same burning question: How in the hell did they get CHESS to run on a 4k ROM in 1979????? I understand this was the game that caused them to come up with bank-switching, BUT THEY DID NOT use it on the shipped version....so I'm completely baffled by the programming with the limitations on variables compared to the number of pieces, each with multiple moves and directions, knights with their weird 'L' shaped movement and ability to jump over other pieces, specialty moves (en passant, castling), keeping up with 32 pieces and 64 possible board locations.....HOW did they cram all this logic into 4k???
  13. Bump. The printer is completely negotiable, I just want to get it in the hands of someone who appreciates C64 as much as i did...
  14. I got to admit, those three Sears exclusive 'Tele-games' are quite a bit more complex than the average Atari cart of that era... I enjoyed Artillery Duel from Xonox...great for two players
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