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  1. I was around for it. Everyone else seemed hypnotized by NES, but we were already past the VCS before that, Commodore 64 had taken over and I stuck with that way past the NES era. Also by that time, I was already on my 3rd or 4th VCS unit....and during the NES/SNES era I was able to snag up a healthy amount of 2600/Intellivision/Coleco carts for dirt cheap prices at flea markets. And there was the entrance of x86 series of IBM compatibles that opened the way for VGA graphics, so yeah, 2600 was a dying breed right before the early 90's. Most gamers then wanted PC's for better games.
  2. Shelves are completely out of TP, but full of paper towels....are American asses that spoiled?  In the old days they used corn cobs...tough it out people!!


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    2. carlsson


      On a real note, toliet paper is designed to disintegrate in water while many other types of paper and towels are designed to soak up water and will clog the pipes if you flush it. We have enough to worry about as it is.

    3. Atarian7


      That's a good point carlsson.

    4. eddhell


      sorry, i forgot....i'm on septic and never flush paper anyway.

      p.s. don't snoop through the wal-mart bags in my garbage can....

  3. I just got an email about "The Show 2020" baseball game for Ps4....I wonder if it will have realistic empty stadiums and delayed games.... 

    1. atari2600land


      Also...poor ESPN! I guess they forgot the E stands for Entertainment.

  4. (to everyone involved) I commend your dedication to this, as it took a lot of coffee and dedication from me just to read the entire thread.
  5. just now found this post....loving it.... My group of peers were all around the "smart-ass" pre-teen age when arcades were popular. We started out, of course, using profanity, as much as possible for a 3-letter entry...but it wasn't long before employees and attendants would just unplug and reset any machines with profane initials....it became pointless... mine were: Pre-1989 - B.D.Y. Post-1989 - E.F.H. the only two arcade achievements i was proud of were beating 1943 and Heavy Barrel each on ONE quarter, without using any continues. It took so long beating Heavy Barrel at the mall that my ride got tired of waiting and left my ass there....
  6. too bad the game was not as badass.....that game was a turd.
  7. Took me a while to get used to D-pad on Left, buttons on right.....older controllers were generally right-handed (2600, C-64) or centered (Intellivision, Coleco, arcade)....
  8. Go ahead Tom....you know you wanna.....lol I wouldn't be surprised if you already have it coded, just waiting....
  9. wait...what exactly did I lose? I can play them all for free now with emulation.... I played other people's nintendos, just never owned one personally
  10. Replace "ST" with the word "Amiga" and it makes better sense..... But I do have to say, I always HATED the NES. When it was released, I felt like it was mostly geared to younger crowds, and I stopped playing a lot of those types of games when they renamed "Jumpman" to "Mario." I refused that bandwagon when all my peers were getting into it....I stayed dedicated to my C-64 until the playstation 1 came out.
  11. it's 50/50 to me....sometimes the real hardware is better in the realm of "games with weird controllers" - things outside of regular 4-way and 8-way joysticks...(Tempest spinner, analog driving controls, flight yokes, etc...), graphics usually look and fit better on older CRT's (which they were intended for)..... But emulation has at least one advantage you can't usually get from anywhere except emulation (besides the save states already mentioned) - Ability to try out EXTREMELY RARE games that you can't find anymore or not willing to pay thousands for.....i'm thinking of carts like Air Raid, Red Sea Crossing, etc....where there is not enough copies in the world...also great for preserving old magnetic media (which i think was mentioned already) and trying out homebrew!


    1. Spriggy
    2. eddhell


      that blank was an accident....idk


      but the answer is always 42.

  13. this is bullshit that game companies can release so many BROKEN games now...and get away with it...UBIsoft is on my shit list now...


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    2. GoldLeader


      I'd ask for a refund.  Not sure the situation since I don't really do modern games anymore past PS3...But can't you get your money back?  I mean it doesn't play and is broken beyond all reasonable expectations...

    3. eddhell


      I could probably get refund from the retail level, but the fact remains that the game is STILL for sale on the market AND download from PS store, Ubisoft knows/knew about the problems, refuses to fix it, and did nothing in the way to recall it from shelves or to prevent unsuspecting customers from buying it....why is this p.o.s. still for sale after 4 years of problems??

    4. GoldLeader


      I see...It is kinda funny, I remember putting Ubisoft on my list back in the SNES days when I got some racing game from them (who even remembers now which one? haha) and I just thought, Man this game sucks!   Who makes it?   Ubisoft...

  14. Duracell commercial shows girl putting AA batteries in a wireless 'modern' type game controller.....tell me....what modern game system doesn't use rechargeable lithium controllers nowadays?

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    2. save2600


      With the way society is heading, she could have been shown putting AA's into something that brings more stimulation than some old video game controller. Give television another few years...   🤣

    3. MrMaddog


      Xbox controlers do use traditional batteries but I always use rechargable power packs instead.


      Everything else I own like wireless headphones & remotes uses rechargable Duracell batteries...

    4. GoldLeader


      I didn't know, either...Learn something new every day.

  15. nice, so what exactly are you missing from the top of the rarity list? Red Sea Crossing? I mean, beneath that level, everything else is considerably 'easy' to obtain...not cheap, but available....
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