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  1. It's called Super Shinobi REV 00 (Japanese name).
  2. It looks like there is a Micro SD card inside the shell which is weird. The music could be on there I suppose.
  3. Where is the option to use the mode button as a hotkey? All I see is START, A, B & C.
  4. That's interesting. I played through Final Fight CD and the games backgrounds were getting progressively worse the further I got. The background on the final boss was completely broken. This may help with it.
  5. Yep. I've got the import fee text aswell.
  6. That would be nice, and maybe the possibility for a CPU overclock function. Could there even be a potential seperate FPGA Mega CD attachment down the line later? Who knows.
  7. Lol. Trying to spin it around on me because I don't mind swearing? I'll leave you to it.
  8. I'm not bothered what it's going to be called. People know what I mean when I say Mega NT. You need to get a life if you get so worked up that you're preaching about a name of a fictional console. Fucking sad, who cares really mate.
  9. I would love an announcement for a Mega NT.
  10. I think it possibly means he's talking out of his rear end. A whiff of fanboyism perhaps. Not entirely sure.
  11. 148,710 When I reached 100,000, my flippers became invisible. Is that supposed to happen?
  12. Not sure if anyone else would like this but would customisable button mapping be of interest to anyone and would it even be possible? As in, a game doesn't allow changing button mapping but have the ability to do so on the system menu. Like you can on PS4.
  13. As a huge Mega Drive fan, I would absolutely love an FPGA based Mega Drive system. Maybe have an "overclock" option in the systems menu. I would prefer if it supported the Mega CD in some form. Maybe 2 versions, one with an extra FPGA to support a virtual Mega CD. 32x can honestly get fucked. It's not worth wasting any resources on that shit. One can dream.
  14. So I ran into an "issue". I was using an SD2SNES. It was on Uniracers. On 2 player mode, the second player sort of disappears just after starting the race. If anyone else could confirm that this happens to them, that would be lovely. Absolutely loving the Super NT by the way.
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