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  1. One month, more or less. First contact the 13th of February.
  2. My new PCB has arrived yesterday, already replaced with the fault one (very easy). Everything working fine now, finally
  3. It seems that my quest is finally over, Analogue has just sent me a new PCB in replacement, this should fix everything
  4. Already asked for the replacement, their reply was like "sure but first tell me which games did you tested" then "have you tried also with some USA carts" and finally "have you cleaned them?" It's more and more like a bad joke... I don't know if I can do anything with my credit card's bank, I've paid the console months ago, but anyway I hope that I will not need to do this.
  5. Thanks for the offer but I'm from Italy ^^ However I've tried lots of carts, Japanese and USA, but all I get is a black screen. No audio or graphic glitches, only black screen. The preloaded Turrican instead is perfectly working.
  6. More than a week has passed and the Analogue customer service is still asking me to clean my carts. I didn't expect this kind of low level support from them, It's like they're trying to exhaust me and left me with my broken unit
  7. Yep, that's why I think it's a hardware issue
  8. They are all official: Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island and Rockman 7. I'll try to clean them, but hower I think there's something wrong with the pin of the cartridge slot, this could also explain why they are so hard to pull off...
  9. My Super NT has finally arrived, but it's not working properly I've tried three different games but none worked (all three were Super Famicom carts, worked flawlessy with original console) and also is a lot hard to pull them off from the console, with the first one I've almost thought it was stuck inside. The console is working, I've already updated it and it plays the Super Turrican games perfectly, but I can't use my carts. Anyone with similar issue? I've already wrote to the Analogue customer service, they reply me twice to clean my carts... p.s. Sorry if this is my first post here.
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