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  1. I'll be there. I'll be bringing some older consoles for freeplay. I figure Rev will have the intv on lock, so no need for me to bring a setup (plus he has tho cool retro LCDs)
  2. Looks like I'm holding up the Triad area of North Carolina(Winston-Salem) since Rev and DZ have the triangle under good control.
  3. Convention got in touch with me just a few weeks ago, and it looks like I'll be in attendance with 25+ arcade cabs. I'm also bringing some 8-16bit consoles, but seeing how Rev has a good INTV line up, I'll not bring mine and focus on more obscure stuff. I'll be sure to bother the folks at the Rev booth!
  4. I hope to be in attendance but as a vendor next year.
  5. Looking forward to the listen...and just in time, I have a 9 hour trip this wknd...this should help kill half of that drive!
  6. I've never been to the Portland show, but I hear great things. It seems to always fall on a booked wknd for me, but I'll enjoy vicariously through the comments and PICTURES!
  7. I've only heard great things about the Portland show. Mainly the dealers room is a Shangrila for buying and selling. I have three tentative events on my calendar already for that weekend, so its looks like a slim chance of me getting out there this year. But with 7 months to go, you never know. I'll have to settle for MGC next month this year to get my fill of old games. I'll await the pics of the fun times had!
  8. Glad to see we are a loving family here. I grew up in a household where shouting was how we expressed our caring for each other...or so I was told. Hover Force is quite impressive, but I knew that already from playing it on the Flashback. Always neat to see what coders could squeeze out of a console late in life.
  9. It was good to meet you Rev, sorry I missed the other AA members. Great to play some new homebrew and chat for a bit. Good thing about being late to the INTV party, is I can still get a thrill out of $1 games. Too bad no Triple Action to be found
  10. Been lurking for a spell just for the INTV stuff on AA, but had to create an account to chime in on the Playthrough. I'm heading up to meet a buddy helping out in the console side (Raleigh Retro Collective) but knowing there will be some Intellivision fans and setups, makes the trip even more enticing.
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