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  1. Ok, that would be interesting.ù I asked my wife to have the larger print on console and on box translated. She works in the commercial office and also follows the Arab market for the company. Beginning next week I believe we can have an exact translation.
  2. Thanks 😊 You're absolutely right, 👍 it has a charm ... playing Tutankham on this console ... 🤓 🤗 🤣
  3. ..if your question was directed to me, the answer is ....on ebay. 😊.
  4. there is very little news on Ecico. But of course this was the distributor for those countries.
  5. Hi. I am pleased to share my latest purchase with the forum. Arrived from Egypt in 4 days. Unfortunately there is no box, booklet, oh well !. It had problems with the joypads (the seller correctly reported this). I opened it and inside.... I found about 1 lb of sand and I let out 2 dromedaries 🐪 still alive. 😊 I think it was used by some Tuareg in the middle of the desert ...🙃 I worked on the electronic board, the problem was related to welding that prevented the joypad from working and starting the games. Nothing particularly difficult to solve. Cleaned up well .... and this is the result: The console is a 220 volt 50 Hz PAL system. If you are interested in photos of the electronic board, please refer to the attackment.
  6. I bought the three versions of Beef Drop only cartridges a while ago. Is it possible to find the relevant boxes? And if it is possible where? Thanks
  7. Hi, I am looking for these 3 booklets in Italian language and multilingual. If anyone had them please contact me. Mind Strike - 4531-0920 Italian language Melody Blaster - 4540-0920 Italian language Lock'n'Chase - 5637.0018 Multilingual ( English French German Italian Spanish ) Thank you for your time.
  8. Hi Hankster a really nice and pretty idea. 🤗 compliments 👍
  9. Just for the convenience of consultation, I would like to include two pages of my very modest guide that I published some time ago on AA. About the ECS. ECS.pdf I am referring only to ECS Mattel Electronics, not Intellivision Inc.
  10. In my collection I have this three Honk Kong overlays (Soccer - Space battle and Basketball) .. but my Football has overlays made in the USA as described on the back of the box. This is the back of my Basketball ..... maybe they got tired of pulling straight lines 🤣 😊
  11. In this lot I was only interested in Word Fun to finish the collection of the variants of the 19 in the USA version with the writing on 4 lines and the number at the top.
  12. ....Did one of you ... overtake me in this auction, winning it?
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