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  1. Hi. I am looking for an ATARI 2600 HEAVY SIXER SYSTEM CONSOLE CX-2600 sunnyvale which is in fair condition at a fair price. Loose, not with box. with shipping to Italy. In the case, as last, even if not working. Thanks
  2. ...... 😆 ..... a nice sticker of Radio Dimensione Suono an Italian private radio ..... and .... "it's a Kind of Magic". (quote from Queen) 🎶 ... the intellivision becomes a rarity ....😂
  3. ... and this is what happens if you adopt a smart dog and learn him to play...😊
  4. Yes, occasionally you see it for sale. I was looking for it because being a passionate collector of everything related to BurgerTime, in this cartridge there is the BT demo (as well as B17 Bomber and Lock'n'Chase). I would like to have the white and green box to complete. 😊
  5. I insert myself in this discussion. I am looking for original box or reproduction box for this. If anyone can help me 🤗.... thanks.
  6. Thanks for the answer and the photo with position of cartridge in the box. It's true, I checked my boxes, I hadn't paid attention to this detail.
  7. I ask you if what I showed in my photo below is interpreted correctly. The first release of the two games were with color booklets, overlays and cartridge with artwork. Later, to save money, they were marketed with black & white booklets, removing overlays, and with the cartridge only text without artwork. Is my statement correct? Or were the cartridge without artwork also placed in the boxes with color booklets and overlays? ..... or the cartridge with artworks also placed in the box with b&w booklets?
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