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  1. Hi friends. Sorry, I only find the time to write now. Here is the cartridge in question. Triple Action Mattel Electronics with label Intellivision inc.😊🤗
  2. Hi all. I decided to write some requests. I would be interested in buying, if someone has double or simply wants to sell, the following games. Please, of course I ask that they be CIB in good condition and correct ( box, overlay, book and cartridge original ) Lav Vegas Poker&Blackjack FCTVVO Math Fun FCTVVO NBA Basketball FCTVVO Night Stalker - Sears Telegames Honk Kong version I am aware that these versions are not easy to find, but I still wanted to try asking you. I remain confident in some positive response and... greet everyone Thanks in advance if you can dedicate some of your time. bye ciao
  3. Sorry for the delay in replying, I didn't want to sound rude, but I could only see your post now. Thanks for the support.😉
  4. HI. Sorry. I unfortunately only see 10 items for sale, which do not concern intellivision.😪😪
  5. Hi. I sent you a PM request for a copy. Thank you
  6. Hi. You're right, sometimes it happened to me to ask for shipping in Italy when it was not planned and I almost always had positive answers. This morning I contacted the seller in England. He was very kind and he answered me quickly. Unfortunately this is his answer : "Hi there, thanks for the message. Sorry, but at the moment I'm only posting to the UK. But thanks anyway and kind regards!" Have a nice day.
  7. ...... unfortunately in the ad wrote ..... "May not ship to Italy"..... I'm really unlucky.
  8. Hi Great.... Thank you so much for this information. As soon as I read your post, I took cartridge and made the change on my ZAXXON CBS (photo). All perfect. As you wrote, one must not only insert it all the way. Ciao
  9. Purchased BT yesterday. Thank you for the link. Have a nice day.
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