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  1. 🤔.....mhh .....too expensive shipping in Italy, ......otherwise it would have already been mine. 🤣🙃🤣
  2. Hi, really thanks for your kindness and support. Have a nice week.
  3. Sorry, is this the link ? https://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=7238 Thanks
  4. Hi really thanks for reply. Please, ask if you can give me the link of this manual. I have a BT manual but unfortunately it does not describe the speaker part. Thanks in advance for your availability.
  5. Hi all. I have a somewhat particular question. Can anyone tell me what the speaker impedance was in the original Bally Midway - Burger Time cabinet? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks to everyone for the speeches in the discussion to clarify the topic, both for the 19 and the 8 FCTVVO. So.... Word Fun not FCTVVO , but USA with writing on the bottom right outside the frame of the image, I realized that it is very difficult to find. I also thank you very much, some of the missing games have been proposed to me by some of you. Practically now I'm just looking for USA version : Major League Baseball (not FCTVVO) - Horse Racing - NBA Basketball (not FCTVVO) - .... and obviously... the difficult ... Word Fun 🧐🤗 You're absolutely right, on ebay it is very difficult for someone to publish the photo of the lower flap or the manual. Unable to ask all ads to send photos of these. 🥴
  7. I am truly grateful to you for the answers. Now I will search for the 7 missing games with the two lines .... made in the USA ....... and the number on the top. (Armor Battle - Major League Baseball - Math Fun - Word Fun - Horse racing - Auto Racing and NBA Basketball) Thanks again.
  8. Hi. I need your help to clear up a doubt about these 19 games, they reference the Keyboard Component (coming soon) and had their part numbers on top on the box. (photo from INTELLIVISION COLLECTOR) My question is this. ALL 19 original, initial games have the inscription on the opening at the bottom below .... "" Mattel. Inc 1980 (or1979) Howtorne, CA 92250 MADE IN USA Manufactured for Mattel ........ etc ... "" ??? These written only on two lines. Some of these 19 later kept their part numbers on top on the box, but the writing on the bottom is different, like "" ............ Cartridge made in Honk Kong ..... ... " My question is this again, initially all 19 of them all had the inscription only ....... "MADE IN U.S.A." ??? ........ hope to be able to explain myself with my bad English. 😥 I would like to add my personal clarification about my collection In my collection, again regarding these 19, I have the following 12 with written on two lines and with MADE IN USA. .... and 5 others instead with the writing on three lines and "..... Cartridge made in Honk Kong .... etc ..." Question. of these 5 ... + 2 (Auto Racing and NBA Basketball I don't have in the version with part numbers on top on the box), ..... exists always the version with part numbers on top on the box and written on two lines "....... ..MADE IN USA .......... etc. " like my first 12 in the picture ??? PS I want to specify that in these versions are NOT included eight boxes with writing on the front of the image (FOR COLOR T.V.VIEWING ONLY). I am not referring to those eight, but to these. I thank you in advance for your sure, courteous collaboration in solving this doubt for my collection. Have a nice day.
  9. HELP HELP.. 😃😳🤗 Congratulations on P&BJ FCTVVO. Unfortunately I have not seen this sale.😥 Even for me it would be the last missing of the eight. I am officially asking here for help if someone has it for sale, or if by chance those who have it, can notify me if they see any advertisement for sale. (I would also be interested only in the box, color booklet and heavy cartridge without "insert to this line" written I have them.) I thank you in advance for your cooperation. Have all a nice day. 😉🤗
  10. Hi. I'm looking for the following: Poker & BlackJack FCTVVO ( black writing in small upper left "FOR COLOR T.V. VIEWING ONLY" ) complete version. .... in the case also only the box .... and Armor Battle only color booklet. If anyone had any of these, I would buy them right away. Thanks in advance for your time. Have a nice day.
  11. Really a beautiful and very useful tutorial. Thanks. Humblejack 🤗
  12. HI Thanks for your interest. I got a positive response from another forum friend. He sends it to me. Thanks again for your time. Have a nice day.
  13. Thanks Thanks. I will certainly let you know how the cartridges are and more, I will also insert photos, as soon as I receive the package.
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