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  1. Could it take three 1.5 V batteries? I don't want to mod or solder anything.
  2. Although I think I'm in the original concepts boat, for arcade ports maybe Sinistar, Berserk, Wizard of Wor, and Bosconian. All of those would be fun with Intellivoice and not too hard on the side buttons.
  3. With today's announcement from Intellivision Entertainment on their new console, it would seem extremely unlikely there will be a FB2. Maybe Bill L can chime in on that, but even if AtGames wanted to make one now it is hard to see that they would get the license renewed. I'd still pay AtGames $20 just for a pair new Intellivision II-compatible controllers.
  4. Confirmed. It does not play on my Xbox One. However, it does seem to run fine on my Xbox 360.
  5. Thanks, I didn't realize it was on Xbox. I played the PS2 version on my fat PS3, but I just ordered the Xbox version for $10 off ebay. Xbox 360s are super cheap, and more good news is that the Xbox One should also be able to play most 360 and original Xbox games.
  6. OK, great. I recently got stung buying a repro of an SNES game, so I was a little wary.
  7. I'm sure this triggered everyone's saved searches for Spiker. Looks a little too new to me, but I'm not an expert.
  8. I've used the FreeIntv core on RetroArch and it seemed to work OK, but I would prefer jzIntv. I'd also like to find a modern USB controller I could use with any Intellivision emulator. Maybe an iPhone app could simulate a controller with an overlay graphic? It'd be tough to do the side buttons, though.
  9. Oh man, why, John T, why!?!? Were there memory constraints? It would have been a fantastic feature, perhaps even patentable for you. The feature did appear in 1986's Metroid for the NES -- was that the first?
  10. I'm not interested in boxes, but if there's a place to get a physical cart I may be able to scrape some more cash into the PayPal account.
  11. Maybe you can scan the logo from a LV Poker & BJ box or google images.
  12. Hmmm, I hadn't considered that. I have now found a few websites for display lag, but none that check anything less than digital 720p. Is it reasonable to assume that a set with good performance for 1080p will also have low lag at 480i from NTSC?
  13. By testing, I hope he didn't mean the red power LED comes on, so it must be "working."
  14. Wow, that has to be one of the iconic Intellivision sounds. And funny story about the movie! I would ask why the team didn't just listen to an NFL game, but I bet that would have resulted in a less interesting sound.
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