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  1. STILL can't get the SD card feature to work on the Atari Flashback portable. So far, I've used two SD cards: Kodak 256 mb San Disc for Wii. 1 gb Neither have worked. I downloaded a zip collection from the compatibility faq on this site, this one: http://atariage.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=477317...When I unzip it, there is the Game folder and a subfolder titled Mac-something?? And it has all the games again. I'm deleting the subfolder and only copying the Game folder with games to the cards. I used SD Card formatter. I also tried reformatting with the windows tool and changing it to FAT32. I'm assuming my technique is right. I put the SD card into the portable, page over to the SD card page, tap the SD card button...it says reading and then returns to the SD button screen...no games. Please, someone tell me how to do this. Thanks.
  2. OK guys, thanks to all for your input. I still have not been able to get the SD card browser to work. I switched to a 1gb Wii sandisc SD card. I've been told the card should be fat32 My card was Fat, and I saw no way to change that n the sd card formatter software, so I formatted it on my windows laptop to fat32. I extracted the pre-approved collection from the compatibility page here. I extracted them to my desktop (in Game folder). I deleted the MAC... folder, and copy/pasted the Game folder to the SD card. I popped it into the portable flashback, paged over to SD card browser, and clicked on the red A button. The screen said loading for a second, glitched and returned me to the SD card browser screen. I know there's just some little thing I'm not doing, but can't Figure it out. Any assistance is appreciated.
  3. Hey Curtis...I'm looking at the Kodak 256 mb SD card in my laptop, and its says File system FAT.
  4. Hello all. I know this has been discussed a lot, but I'm hopeful someone can help me.. Regarding the SD card function, I've followed the instructions to the letter: formatted card with SD Formatter, downloaded a collection from this site with games titled correctly, unzipped games to folder titled Game on SD card, deleted Game zip file, leaving only games in Game folder on SD card... Popped SD card into portable flashback, paged over to SD card page, clicked on SD card button, screen goes black, and then returns SD card page. I'm using a 256 mb Kodak SD card. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks
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