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  1. There's only 200 pixels height in the GUI; but I really see that as no problem. Space Invaders is a perfect candidate for pushing the data sections off to the side. With that, there'd still be enough room for a game menu (hidden during game play), while maintaining all the exact arcade vertical spacings -- which is not the case for the 100% vertical layout I did above. "No benefits to be had running it in a GUI"? I guess you mean no advantage over what could be accomplished graphically in a non-GUI version, with full control over the screen, DLI's, etc. (like I was demonstrating above); agreed there; but, they'll be plenty of other benefits to having games available in the GUI, such as multitasking (paused game in the background waiting), standardized menus and dialogue boxes (for options, etc.), mouse control (for menus and dialogues, etc.)... and hi-res games are an obvious prime target.
  2. Should P/M a saucer in there too...
  3. We need a version that looks something like this.
  4. Ultimately it is due to lack of space, because without more space you can't use methods (other than XOR) that will achieve acceptable performance.
  5. We do have the 130XE Hardware Reference Manual from 1985 available. It has the parts list and schematics, but no info about using the test fixture. If these schematics are the same as what you were planning on scanning, I can just extract them and add to the pages you've already scanned, and save you the hassle. 130XE - Hardware Reference.pdf
  6. Thanks, I have already seen these. I was looking at the Atari FAQ, and see that the late production NTSC 65XE's were also supposed to have been equipped with an ECI, which I hadn't heard about before.
  7. Great version; although I don't really like the oversized score font; It takes away some of the authenticity of an otherwise faithful rendition.
  8. Haha... not surprising though, given that the Euro 65XE was the same machine. I suppose there's not much difference between the U.S. and Euro manual version either, if any at all. I hope it at least mentioned the ECI in the Euro manual. I'll have to see if I can dig that one up. Alright, I know how I want to handle it on my website now. Thanks for the help Allan.
  9. Keep talking, and maybe Playsoft will get interested enough to revisit the hack...
  10. Short answer: not enough space on the 16K cart. Here's the man himself talking about it: I think he talks about it elsewhere on the forums, that he'd used every byte on the 16K cart.
  11. I should have been more specific: I mean the Owner's Manual.
  12. Has a manual for the 800XE ever been scanned and made public?
  13. Here's an XEX with the same title-screen changes done to the ROM version above. Pooyan (Title Edit).xex
  14. I cleaned up the title screen logos and text. I should probably do the same for the XEX. Pooyan XEGS (Title Edit).rom
  15. I guess I'd take a $1,000,000 yaht for my luxury item then. Tie it up to my palm tree.
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