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  1. That's what I'm doing -- with a cable I built myself; my monitor has buttons to switch between s-video and composite when needed/desired.
  2. There was only ever a prototype for the 2600, and no real gameplay in it. Although there is currently a 2600 homebrew version being worked on by Champ Games. It's an arcade game, which I'm not sure ever got any home ports (one of the reasons Pete/Video 61 wanted to produce it).
  3. I guess you missed this one from a couple of years ago then...
  4. So on the side of the graph where people with a small amount of experience have great confidence, would those people be referred to as having Dunning-Kruger's Disease?
  5. Sounds like a mess. Anyone using XP still has a fine emulator in v3.20. I'm starting to wonder now -- since MS is going to drop support for Win 7 next year -- how long it will take till it becomes too much of a pain to support as well...
  6. I'm just curious, why will you be dropping support for XP/Vista? Obviously they're old and maybe causing problems to support based on API differences; is that it, or any other reasons? It doesn't matter to me personally, as I'm using Windows 7 on all machines I own, but I'm just curious to hear the logical reasons for moving on in this case.
  7. I'm eating an omelet sandwich right now...
  8. You probably clicked when I was editing my post. I had the wrong version number on the file when I posted it the first time. So, I updated it quickly, but not quick enough for "_The Doctor__".
  9. I never got around to posting a patch for the latest changes, so here it is. Changes so far: 1. New Hi and Low res fonts 2. Misaligned title-screen P/M fix 3. New character colors Usage instructions for the patch: 01. Get some decent hex editor, like HxD. 02. Make a copy of your ROM file. 03. Open the ROM file in your hex editor. 04. Extract the patch file from the ZIP archive (in the post above). 05. Open the extracted patch file in your hex editor. 06. Select the entire contents of the patch file using the "Select All" and "Copy" commands in your hex editor. 07. Go to viewing your ROM copy file in the hex editor. 08. Use the "Go To Offset" command and enter "011CDF". 09. From the current spot of the cursor, use the "Paste Write" command, to paste what was copied from the patch file into your ROM. 10. Save the changes. Xenophobe Patch 0.2.zip --------------------------------- A little bit of info that some might not be aware of: you don't need to have the first player active in order to use the second player. You can start a game with the second player alone. This means that even though we have no "player select" option per se, the second joystick can make it so.
  10. I think they're DLI changes for the background; so, they'll necessarily be the entire width of the screen.
  11. Just my opinion here: the color choices are fine, but I liked it better with the single color ground. The stripes give a good sense of movement, but it doesn't look as smooth now.
  12. I don't think it was ever compiled to a ROM version, just an XEX. But the XEX can be used to program an Atarimax Flashcart easy enough. Here's a ROM, CAR, and ATR Flash Programmer disk for 1MBit Maxflash cartridge. Star Raiders (Phaeron v7a)1MBit Maxflash Images.zip
  13. Since the ZIP file spoken of here is not available anymore, I went and downloaded the docs from the WayBack Machine, some other files found in this thread, and a clean v0.4 disk that I found posted by Urchlay in another thread here on AA. The archive contains the following: FujiChat v0.4 (original/clean) ATR FujiChat v0.4 (charliecron's 9600 baud / Atari 850 config) ATR FujiChat v0.5pre3 (charliecron's 9600 baud / Atari 850 config) ATR FujiChat v0.1 - ReadMe FujiChat v0.4 - ChangeLog FujiChat - How to Set Up SLIP FujiChat - Sample Shell Script FujiChat.zip -------------------------- I'm currently doing a site-wide FTP search at Pigwa.net for the v0.4 source files that are supposed to exist. It'll take some time to crawl the entire site for the file, and I'm going on the assumption that the original name might have been used to archive it there (fujichat_src-0.4.zip). If anyone has the source files in their possession, please share; there are individuals here that are interested in carrying on the development started by Urchlay.
  14. The disks here have the linker: TBXL v1.5
  15. Here's another thread on a similar subject line: When did you move on from your 8-bit and why?
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