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  1. You were right! Sent from my UL40 using Tapatalk
  2. Were there ever any external memory upgrades made for either the XL's or XE's, BITD?
  3. Interesting; I didn't know any 3rd parties made external memory upgrades for the 600XL.
  4. 1088XEL: https://atariage.com/forums/index.php?/topic/261147-1088XEL-Alternative-Mother-Board-Project&do=findComment&comment=3673703
  5. Thanks... I'll be here from time to time. -------------------------- Not to detail the thread anymore; back to 3 in 1 football...
  6. Thanks for the concern Doc; I appreciate you posting; I always hope and pray the best for everyone on here that expresses some pressing health concern too; but you've got it all wrong. My time isn't being eaten up due to any medical issues, but rather a personal life situation, which I prefer not to discuss in detail on public forums.
  7. Thanks, it actually has taken some positive turns, just in the last few weeks; but those turns will necessarily be eating up a lot of time as well. -------------------------- Hopefully something positive can come by contacting Lance through Facebook or his phone. I'd really like to see the Atari version come to light, if it still exists.
  8. Unfortunately, they'll be no updates to this, or any of my other projects, until further notice. Life has squeezed out all my Atari time -- except for making the occasional post or two, here and there -- for the present and into the unforeseeable future. I still have an interest in this and all my other projects, but regrettably must leave them behind at this stage. [Note: This is not some dramatic ploy for attention, like we've seen on here in the past. I just want people to be aware why I've dropped off for the last several months, and to generally expect the same in the coming months.]
  9. It's a cool version of a classic -- with the spinning, colored asteroids.
  10. I suggest you fire them up in MAME; they're both great arcade games, and their Atari 8-bit versions hold up nicely against the originals. Galaga is a classic; it deserves a worthy port, in both speed and graphics. It would take some testing to see what level of compromises could work and still retain a high enough level of faithfulness to the original. Honestly, that's one of the things that makes working with these old beasts so much fun -- pushing up against the limits.
  11. Haha... granted, but I think one medical problem is enough for the game. I don't want to have to take my cartridge in for a medical examination and surgery every six months. [emoji855] [emoji856] [emoji40]
  12. Ok, you're welcome to join team emkay if you like. [emoji2537] [emoji16] But, let me ask, how do you feel about the recent version of Time Pilot on the Atari 8-bit computers?
  13. "Asterodes"? Sounds like some kind of illness. [emoji16]
  14. You're starting to sound like emkay now, Stephen. All that isn't needed for a decent version. Obviously, compromises would be necessary. We can't go in looking for 1 to 1, arcade accuracy on a game like this.
  15. Stephen, those tests we're done with horizontal scrolling and parallax. Sent from my UL40 using Tapatalk
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