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  1. The correct music for an individual's auditory fixation is a matter of taste.
  2. You could always do a beveled edge, like on the case sitting next to it.
  3. No mantra necessary: POKEY music provides the auditory fixation.
  4. Nice; I like the black cases. Although, it looks like the cartridge case has a bit of stair stepping, due to the curvature towards the top.
  5. Thanks, I was inspired upon being enlightened.
  6. Yeah, I know it's a WIP (no percussion yet, etc.)... carry on.
  7. I've seen those already, thanks. @Mr Robot already said the cartridge board replaces the FujiNet board.
  8. I'd definitely be interested then. Last question (maybe): does it look like there'd be room for a Sophia 2 to be installed in either the cartridge version or the regular version (without a FujiNet board)?
  9. I'm not sure exactly what you mean here. The cartridge board is combined with the FujiNet board, or it replaces the FujiNet board? Any pictures? Depending on your answer to my question at the top of this reply, I'm interested.
  10. Is there a cartridge-capable version coming somewhere down the road?
  11. Thanks, I didn't realise those were all for FujiNet when I first looked at it; but I can see there's a label with a line separating them from the other connectors in the back. I see one FujiNet connector labeled "USB"; what is the function of that?
  12. Alright, thanks. I guess I was looking at all the ports related to FujiNet, which I don't know much about. I see that all the upper ports on the back are specific to FujiNet.
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