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  1. I saw this device, which is intended for the Amiga/Atari ST/C64; and some talk about using it with Atari 8-bit stuff. C64: RYS MKII adapter review - USB to 9 Pin joystick adapter Reverse 2600-dapter?
  2. Too bad. It looks like emulation or the real thing are the ways to go.
  3. Equally important, and why buffers are even being talked about. I'd read this before from MetalGuy -- although the specifics tend to slip the mind over time, especially related to how information gets buried in forums. Can someone get @MEtalGuy66 in here to repeat himself again?
  4. You'll probably need to load the program using the method I'm describing here. It basically amounts to starting up from any System 6.0.8 disk, mounting the hacked Trilogy disk, and loading the program from there. You lose the custom font (at least in Mini vMac), but otherwise the game is fully functional.
  5. Indeed that is Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring; I had loaded a copy that didn't have a loading screen; and so I'd assumed you meant the title screen.
  6. Ken, I'm sure that's about as good as any information you could hear from someone who actually knows. I'm kinda jesting here, of course, about pinning a single statement on the forums; but it's almost that important: Important to this project and all the discussions going on about it, and important for people to remember in general for the future. If nothing else, maybe Michael Current should be contacted about adding blurb about it with the 1090 information that's in the Atari 8-bit FAQ.
  7. IDK, but I doubt they did. They usually don't go back and re-release a title for the same platform -- unless it's some kind of super hit; I wouldn't say the Apshai Trilogy qualifies for that. Although the IIGS was kind of its own platform, when it came to the 65816 side.
  8. Yeah, it looks pretty clean, as many black and white Mac games did. Running on 128K... well, 1-bit graphics take up a lot less space. Apparently it doesn't require a 128K Mac to run, as people seem to be running it fine on Mac SE's (not SE30).
  9. Alright, I've got the game emulating just fine now in Mini vMac. The problem was that I was booting from the game disk directly. The solution was to boot from a System 6.0.8 disk first, and then mount and load the program from the Apshai Trilogy disk from there.
  10. Apparently nobody tried setting the speed control. Mini vMac defaults to 8x speed. So, a quick adjustment and the animation speed is fine. Mouse operation is nice. Your character moves to whatever point you click on the screen.
  11. Yeah, it's nice to see on support for real metal. What's with all the arrows going down the left side? It's distracting for me. Also, I think inverse video for the status/command line might look better than the way it's currently done.
  12. I usually don't mess around with too much pre-System 7 stuff. I have a handful of various Mac Emulators running on both Windows and a Mac mini for just about everything after that. I was able to get it running in Mini vMac, under a Plus and 128K model. As noted, the font defaults to Chicago for a Plus, and the intended Gothic font for a 128K. Running it is flaky on both. Music plays ok at the beginning, but then a continuous tone is heard after that (had to mute). The game can lock up at various points during gameplay, and yes, the anamation is way too fast. It didn't seem to lock up until at least entering a dungeon though. Was able to equip my adventurer without any problems. Graphically, everything looks fine, and I can create, save, and restore characters.
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