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  1. I'm confused. The first ones who expressed interest before (in the beginning of this thread), or we have to express interest again (as people seem to be doing now)? I mean, I still want one, but would think you would start going through the original interest list.
  2. Screen RAM starts at the memory address derived from this calculation: PEEK(88) + PEEK(89) * 256
  3. Yeah, I credit Gunstar for finding this very well-suited image for converting. It's really hard not to do a good conversion of it in RastaConverter.
  4. Thanks! Actually, you may be surprised how many people are still using a DOS. Many people have hard disks or flash media for mass storage and use either MyDOS or SpartaDOS X for their operating environment. SpartaDOS X is still being actively developed, for good reason.
  5. I figured it was something along those lines. So, one solution would be to just test for <START> to be released, rather than all the console keys. I suppose it might be nice to have an option to "Return to DOS" too, as that's all I'm really looking for here.
  6. I almost forgot about this image I was working on. At one point (after about 3 months of processing), Rasta crashed and the image restarted. But since then I've had no problems, and I back the progress up every so often. So, I think this was run off and on for about 6 months on a spare PC I have here, which is fairly old. The machine processes in Rasta at a rate of about 4,200. I wasn't able to do any further processing for about the last 2 years, because I didn't have the machine set up. But, I'm starting to process it again now, finally. The image is near perfect in all areas except the details of the dirt road, which have not processed thoroughly yet. Rasta had just started working on them about the time I took my machine down and stopped processing. My plan was to let it be processed as much as possible before posting anything; but since I was delayed for so long, I'll post this update. It's a PAL image with 39 colors at this point. Green Acres.xex
  7. If that's the case, I should be able to hold down <OPTION> during reboot and avoid entering BASIC, which I had already tried and wasn't able to do.
  8. Alright, some more feedback. When I use <START> to "Reboot" the system, BASIC is being enabled, even though it's disabled in Altirra.
  9. I have Windows binaries -- and a PDF manual -- posted here as well: RastaConverter
  10. Yeah, that's it. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for addressing the issue, but the problem still persists. The only way to eliminate the problem is to ensure that the user has released the <SELECT> button prior to exiting.
  12. Yes, I would agree that you get more responsiveness from the method you describe, rather than the "nothing happens until I release the button" that you get from the method I described -- which tends to make it feel like 2 actions are needed (button down, button up) to make anything happen. And inside your own app where you have full control, yours would be the preferred method. As you say though, This doesn't protect from having a problem with another app that you might exit to. So, I guess the best solution would be to use the method I describe "at least" for the function of exiting to another app [Edit: ...or I guess you would actually use a combination of both methods, if the NRV method was being used elsewhere in the program -- and the key had some potential for causing a conflict in the running app. So, test for "key not pressed", test for "key pressed", test for "key not pressed". I think that would cover it].
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