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  1. It would be, but it wouldn't help me as I've never had the pleasure of using Kevtris' 2600 core. It would definitely be my first choice for sure but I don't have an NT mini and when they go up on ebay they are priced around $1,600. Kevtris does amazing work but the MiSTer is a more economical choice than $1,600. Stella seems to me to be very accurate, but I don't have to sell this crowd on the benefits of FPGA! From what I can tell many of the cores on the MiSTer are WIP and some are more baked than others. It's such a shame that the system that Kevtris release so many cores for is no longer available from analogue. I really wish I hadn't been late to the party.
  2. I did not add a controller to the order (ordered it straight from Amazon) I'm curious if orders with controller(s) are going out after orders without them.
  3. To anyone that has used a MiSTer with the Atari 2600 core, how exact is it? It it as good as say the stella emulator or does it still need work? Thanks!
  4. I'm on the East Coast (Upstate New York) FedEx - So far it's just the tracking number and that the shipping label has been printed It's shipping from Rockwall, TX
  5. WOOT WOOT! I got a tracking number for the Mega Sg!
  6. That's strange! I'm also in upstate NY and got charged $29.42. I didn't get anything but the console so no clue why you saved almost $6.42 over me.
  7. That would be Amazing! I keep thinking about buying a GameCube with the GBA add-on and an HDMI mod but it's pricey and the parts are older so might need repair/replacing soon. A new system would be an instant buy from me!
  8. Just a heads up that the Super Nt classic and SF are on the store ready for pre-order to ship in September.
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