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  1. I've had this happen too, when attempting to unplug the 8bitdo receiver and plug in a wired controller because the battery was low. I can't be certain that it was the direct result of unplugging the receiver, though, because I've also had it die as a result of just moving/touching the console (presumably because the cartridge wiggled). It didn't seem to lose power completely (LED was still on), but I lost the HDMI signal and had to power cycle to get it back.
  2. Also weird that "font" has a checkbox next to it, considering it's not a toggle. Seems like maybe something got screwed up with that menu.
  3. You're right... menu bounce isn't in my menu options either. Skin, highlight style, highlight color, font, dim game in menu... that's it. I never used it, so I didn't notice. (BTW, I appreciate that SD card speed is now under hardware; it always seemed strange for that to be in the menu options.)
  4. Some observations on the 4.3 firmware: 720p resolution looks much better on my 4K TV now. On earlier firmwares, the TV's upscaling was introducing all sorts of ugly artifacts, especially when using scanlines. I guess the "IT content" flags convinced it not to do that. The edges still look somewhat soft compared to 1080p, but the artifacting is gone and 720p is now a viable option. I tried to replicate the crash in Link to the Past when going in and out Link's house and have been unable. I'm still seeing misaligned scanlines at 1200 vertical resolution when vertical interpolation is disabled. With interpolation enabled, they look correct.
  5. Obligatory fanboy post: I just want to thank kevtris and Analogue for the Super Nt. I've been enjoying this thing even more than I expected. It's not like there haven't been ways to play these games over the years, so I was a little worried I would try it out, play a few games for twenty minutes, and then go "cool" and pretty much be done. But there's something about being able to put in my original cartridges, load a save from over two decades ago, and have it run beautifully on a modern TV, and I've found myself getting back into the games in a way I haven't since I first played them. This thing is really something special.
  6. In case anyone still cares, I've just successfully triggered the Houlihan room on the current jailbroken firmware, too.
  7. I have triggered it using the real cartridge on the Super NT. This was on an earlier firmware, though... whichever one was current as of February 11. The method I used was to start at the Sanctuary, dash out the front door, go east to the graveyard, push the tombstone, face down and use a bomb to blast myself backwards into the hole.
  8. Yeah, I'm inclined to believe this one is probably a bug in the game itself. It would be nice if someone could check this one on original hardware. (I did try to reproduce it on the SNES Classic and was unable to, but I don't think that means much.)
  9. For what it's worth, I recently played all the way through Link to the Past on cartridge and did not encounter this. I'm currently on the jailbroken firmware, although it's possible that I was on an earlier version at the time when I first entered that shed.
  10. There is an issue for this on the jailbreak firmware github. You might want to add any relevant information there that isn't there already, such as the fact that you were able to reproduce it loading through sd2snes and which firmware version you were running.
  11. I just repro'ed this on my original Zelda cartridge on the Super NT. Steps: start new game; exit your house; during the circle-wipe transition, hold up so you're immediately going back into the house. If it doesn't crash, then just keep going back and forth through the door while holding the opposite direction during the animation. Repeat until it soft-locks (only took me about four tries this time).
  12. I was able to reproduce it loading from the SD card on the jailbroken firmware, using the ROM from the SmokeMonster pack (SHA256: 66871d66be19ad2c34c927d6b14cd8eb6fc3181965b6e517cb361f7316009cfb), but it took many tries -- I had to exit and re-enter the house probably something like 15 times before it crashed. I would try it on my cartridge, but I have a game in progress that I don't want to delete.
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