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  1. Member 17 is in the club! Hoping we get 200 members🤞🤞🤞
  2. Nope- just a couple copies of Dead Tomb. I live in Spain, so maybe that’s the issue. Given the situation things take a bit longer, though I ordered a couple of games a few months back and they arrived pretty swiftly!
  3. I was wondering if Dead Tomb for Phoenix has been sent out yet? I ordered 2 copies and it’s already been a few weeks. I know the post is a little off due to the situation. Member 17 of the club btw. 🍺🍺🍺
  4. Yeaaaaahhh baby! Got the game today all the way in the middle of nowhere Spain!!! Thank you Collectorvision! You have my undying support!👊🏽
  5. Still have not received mine in Spain! I’m leaving for vacation soon but I told the post to hold on to my mail....
  6. I’m in Spain! No luck as yet!
  7. Indeed. Could be a while before things bare some resemblance to the life we once knew...
  8. Looking forward to it!!! I’m all the way in Spain, and with COVID-19, could take a bit longer....
  9. YES! Looking forward to it!!!!
  10. Heya! Hope all are well here!!! Any news on the secret game?
  11. Hey! Anyone remember the code for 9 lives in Sydney hunter and the sacred tribe! Totally forgot...
  12. Member 17 is also paid up for 2020! Have a swell Christmas/Holidays everyone! 🙌🏽!
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