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  1. Hey! Anyone remember the code for 9 lives in Sydney hunter and the sacred tribe! Totally forgot...
  2. Member 17 is also paid up for 2020! Have a swell Christmas/Holidays everyone! 🙌🏽!
  3. I, for one, really dig the game!!!😂 yeah there appear to be a couple issues, but nonetheless I really enjoy playing it...
  4. Alls I’m gonna say is YES! Got the membership and game! Massively stoked! Thank you to Toby and JFD and the Collectorvision team! Made my day!🍺❤️
  5. Has anyone tried using the SNES advantage with the Phoenix ? I’m guessing it should work...right?
  6. I still have not received my game and membership here in Spain😢😢😢! I hope it comes this week!
  7. Got my Phoenix here in Spain. Haven’t received the game yet, but I’m looking forward to it!!!
  8. I’m hoping current members will be given precedence? I would like to keep my place in the club please! 🍺🍺🍺
  9. I, for one am happy to be a part of the club and support Collectorvision. I’m not too concerned about the time line, as long as the product is up their standards (on that point, I’m not worried!). We just need to relax and focus on any one of the thousands of far more important topics in our lives... eventually we’ll all get a pleasant surprise in the mail! 🎸
  10. It’d be cool if you guys could ship the game with the Phoenix, save on shipping and possibly la douane. That could save some of us some dough! Looking forward to it!🤩
  11. Wo! Really looking forward to it! And receiving my Phoenix too!
  12. If youre using a Mac, Openemu works pretty damn well.
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