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  1. I’ll be there. With my new Intellivision-theme console! (It’s as real as the Amico, I swear!)
  2. LOL! That's the entire point of the game, to be the most boring, dull, mind-numbingly tiring game possible. I played it for Extra Life (24-hour live game-streaming for charity event) a few years ago. I made it about two hours in when my controller just stopped responding and I ran off the road before I could get another plugged in. (I was even using an Inty II for the express purpose of being able to swap controllers! Just wasn't fast enough.)
  3. No known ones, no. At the time, ROM space was *VERY* limited and expensive. Dedicating any space to voice data would absolutely be a thing to market. In fact, I'm 99% sure the only "original release" software (not counting more modern home-brews) released after "the official four" that supports Intellivoice is the ECS+Intellivoice World Series Major League Baseball. It's also the only Intellivoice-enabled game in which the Intellivoice is purely optional. Every "gold label" Intellivoice game essentially requires it. (They do *FUNCTION* without it, but actually playing the game is nearly impossible.) Plenty of modern home-brew games do, of course. Some without even "marketing" it.
  4. Yeah, but a good 2x-Intellivision-total were never released in North America, so that's something...
  5. Damn, looks like I'm too late for the Empire Strikes Back box. But I'll fight my fellow Cascadian for it!
  6. I remember seeing them in Sears as a kid, along with the Atari version. Bought a few games for our non-Sears Intellivision from Sears back in the day.
  7. LV Poker & Blackjack as the pack-in, plus we got a couple other games at the same time. Don't remember precisely which, but I'm betting SNAFU and Night Stalker.
  8. One player mode. (Either simple one player only for "practice" or one player vs. computer.) Different maps, and/or procedurally-generated maps (with constraints to make sure they're actually playable) would be good. While the default maps are good, you end up using the same layout every time (I still have the hand-drawn maps my sister and I usually used every game.) Maybe larger landmasses, with scrolling, for longer games? (Split screen for two-player.)
  9. Be careful - red/green/blue RCA jacks on US TVs tend to be Y/Pb/Pr component video, not RGB. (In spite of using red/green/blue plugs.) Y/Pb/Pr is *NOT* compatible with RGB, and would require conversion. The VGA port, on the other hand, can usually accept RGB with a simple cable. Usually, but not always - some VGA inputs don't accept NTSC RGB timings, or require the separate sync signal that actual computer VGA provides.
  10. Mine arrived today, haven't had a chance to play yet.
  11. Damn. 😞 One of only two cons I attend locally every year.
  12. Where you play an Ewok and shoot Stormtroopers with barely effective bow-and-arrow, plus throw rocks and set traps? I'd play that!
  13. LOL. "We don't condone piracy, but here's a product that is 100% pirated material."
  14. I'm 99% sure Tower of Doom was available as a baggie'd release - I could swear it came that way when I got it back in the late '80s. But it could be faulty memory which game it was - I just know I didn't have any of the listed "baggie release" games other than Tron Solar Sailer back in the day, and I know Tron was a boxed copy.
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