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  1. Anything advertised as a "TV" will have coax (in the US at least.) Because to be advertised as a TV, it must have an over-the-air tuner. And those all use coax ports to connect the antenna (or cable.) My new(ish, last year's model) 4K LG smart TV tuns in "analog channel 3" just fine, and displays Intellivision no problem. And that's over about a 20 foot unshielded RCA cable to an RCA-to-coax adapter at the TV end.
  2. LOL. A bunch of sealed Intellivision games - seller lists every era video game system *EXCEPT* Intellivision: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1980s-Factory-Sealed-Video-Games-Atari-Sega-Nintendo-WATA-VGA-Ready/254590237997
  3. So I don't know if this will be a popular or unpopular idea: Don't allow anyone to buy more than 1/2 the number of games you're releasing. So if you're releasing 4 games, don't allow any individual to buy more than 2. That way it isn't just "the 24 biggest-pocketbook sealed-box collectors" who get all of the games, and they never circulate or even get played - just sit on those 24 shelves forever. (I would absolutely open and play.)
  4. 25 copies each? Well, these are going to either immediately disappear, never to be seen in public again; or a few will be snatched up by eBay scalpers, who will list them for $1000+ shortly thereafter.
  5. I saw it, then once I saw a post about it here, I knew it was going to go over my price range...
  6. It may need cyan/magenta glasses or magenta/green instead of red/blue. (Yes, there are three different standards of that general style of 3D glasses.). Also make sure to try them "backward," too, as the game might have the eyes reversed from what your glasses are.
  7. And here I just want a "decent looking condition" boxed copy. (Basically just so the spine isn't broken from being flattened, no missing pieces of cardboard, and no big tears.)
  8. I mean, if you make this one on cart, I should get first dibs.... Just sad that the Inty I took to the event to play it died about 2 hours in. (It stopped accepting controller input, so I ran off the road. "No. Nooooo. WHY ISN'T IT GOING BACK ON THE ROAD!‽?" TAPTAPTAPTAPTAP) I didn't have many live viewers (I wasn't one of the main participants, of course,) but the game was a hit with the people locally in the room with me. (sigh - being in the room with people other than the family members who live in my house... What was that like again?) If the event happens in-person again this year (still up in the air,) I might just go for the full 3 points! Thanks again for helping out with such an awesome thing!
  9. Oh, that's right, they're doing a purple one and a red one, aren't they? I wonder why neither of those have been offered in the "Founders" and "VIP" presales.?.? They're even supposed to be limited colors. Well, I guess my *NEXT* one will be a purple or red... (Or both.)
  10. Picked up a white one to go with my woodgrain founders. Figure I'll buy in black whatever they call the next special one.
  11. Because it was shrink-wrapped after the fact.
  12. Yep, I'm at 74 boxed copies, 31 more loose. 18 games I don't have cartridges for, but own legal ROM copies of (Intellivision Lives/Rocks/Flashback.) Only 2 original-era games I don't own any copy of. (Super Cobra and Tutankham, semi-understandably.) I have 9 more modern releases on cart (all but one boxed,) plus an LTO Flash and an Intellicart. A total of 169 games owned either on cart or ROM. (Including modern releases that were made free ROMs, including 'light' releases of also-available-full-on-cart games like DK Arcade.)
  13. Hopefully whatever is going to happen with this virus has run its course by then. Not just for the sake of PRGE, but for world health!
  14. That's.... One sketchy developer. All their apps are copyrighted games. Mostly home console ports of arcade games. (Their Pitfall is the VCS version.) That all contain ads. I guarantee you none of their games are licensed by either the original game copyright holder or the home console programmers/publishers whose ROMs they're using.
  15. Dang, I'll be watching that MOTU - I have a loose copy, but no boxed copy, and I keep getting sniped on ePay.
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