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  1. Blue Sky Rangers are doing a sale, too. https://intellivision-productions-inc.myshopify.com $10 off most titles, $20 (half) off Slap Shot Hockey.
  2. I got your Mr. Basic. Are you looking for a sealed Chess, or just a Mattel gatefold? I have an open (but complete) one.
  3. Got mine a few days ago. Amazing adaptation, the game is just as great and obnoxious as I remember!
  4. The very earliest days of "Intellivision Inc" apparently had some "new old stock" Mattel bits left over - boxes, cartridges, manuals, that may have gotten mix-and-matched as they ran out of the older Mattel bits unevenly for different games. I would say it is probably a near-guarantee that you won't see "Mattel box with Inty Inc manual" *AND* "Inty Inc box with Mattel manual" for the same game; you'd see one or the other for a given game. And the mix-and-match are likely very rare, as it happened just during the transition and clearing out of old materials. But they're not "worth more" simply because there's no easy way to guarantee it came that way. You can only verify the mis-match by opening it, and once it's open, anyone could have put the mismatched item in the box later. I guess if you X-rayed the boxes to figure out if there's a mismatch inside a sealed box maybe....
  5. I know he has an Intellivoice - because I sent him one! (Along with one of each official Intellivoice game.) This was quite a while ago - before his original Intellivision episode.
  6. It was at work. I had brought it in with other "obsolete media" to show to a younger cow-orker. I forgot it was there when arranging the shelves. Brought it home today and rearranged. (To put in proper left-to-right alphabetical order within each group, and to arrange the groups so that similar colors aren't next to each other. What's funny is someone on Reddit realized the missing Utopia, too, which is what reminded me it was at work. Here you go - with Utopia, and in better arrangement. What's sad it, the act of doing this rearranging on the bookshelf prompted me to go buy more games on eBay... (Which also has me really annoyed I missed PRGE.) Now there are only two of the 125 I don't own some legal copy of (physical or ROM.) And 20 with no cartridge. The 2 no-legal-copy are, predictably, Tutankham and Super Cobra. The ones I just picked up are the last few licensed Mattel or INTV Corp games I didn't already have, plus got a couple boxed copies of Mattel releases I had only bare-cartridge of; now the only Mattel releases I don't have a boxed copy of are MotU (have a bid on one that I'll probably get sniped at the last second,) Melody Blaster (no physical copy at all, but also no music keyboard, so it's not a big deal,) and Scooby Doo's Maze Chase. Or at least, that'll be the case once the eBay shipments arrive next week. That should completely fill the shelves. I might even have to take out the LTO Flash box to make them all fit. Also, I hadn't realized that my "in the organizer" shot was blurry - here's a better one. Sliding out-of-view upper-left is Popeye. The "label peeled off" Activision game is Happy Trails. The Atarisoft is Centipede. The Imagics cover everything that isn't boxed except Fathom and White Water, and at upper-right behind Super Pro Hockey (in original INTV sealed plastic baggie!) is Congo Bongo. Oh, and the Zaxxon is a CBS, not a Coleco. Normally my Intellivoice sits on top of the "short cartridge" games, which is why Popeye isn't in the empty cartridge slot - it would make the Intellivoice too tall, and the Intellivision/SVA wouldn't rest on top properly.
  7. Updated living room setup - moved that antique dresser in to the guest room where it belonged (after thoroughly cleaning/rearranging it - it had become the "junk room".) And, as mentioned when I got the Tele-Games Center, I put a proper end table with a bookshelf on top there to hold it, with all the boxed games on the bookshelf (instead of in a bin.) And, as intended, the unboxed games are in the T-G Center under the Intellivision. And yes, I now have all of the original pre-1983 "Network" titles boxed. And all Mattel titles other than Jetsons and Melody Blaster in cartridge form. (Yes, I got a boxed World Series Baseball - less than $100, too.)
  8. New version works great, other than not being able to load the older version files successfully (I sent the crash reports by email.)
  9. Yep, he's a Portland standard - "The Unipiper", the Darth Vader outfit is his usual. Sadly, I just got home from a last-second business trip and missed the whole show. 😫
  10. Oh, man, didn't realize you (or someone) was making special Intellivision-themed name badges! Crap! I got called out of town for work - hoping I make it back tonight and can go to PRGE tomorrow...
  11. If someone with a booth needs them, I can bring one of each as loaners. (Along with about a dozen Intellivoices, an ECS, a System Changer, etc, etc, etc. And since I'm local, if you decide on the second day, not a problem.
  12. Are they going to be available at PRGE? I'd rather pick them up in person for that old-school game purchasing feel rather than faceless internet buying+shipping. (Even if I don't get the three-game discount.)
  13. That's exactly what I use, direct, and it works fine. I normally use an NTSC Intellivision II, but an NTSC original Intellivision and/or Sears SVA work just fine as well. Here's a demo, recorded using the EyeTV software's built-in "record" feature, then the resulting .mpg file uploaded directly to YouTube: Intellivision EyeTV Hybrid Demo Clip [YouTube]
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