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  1. That's exactly what I use, direct, and it works fine. I normally use an NTSC Intellivision II, but an NTSC original Intellivision and/or Sears SVA work just fine as well. Here's a demo, recorded using the EyeTV software's built-in "record" feature, then the resulting .mpg file uploaded directly to YouTube: Intellivision EyeTV Hybrid Demo Clip [YouTube]
  2. I'll be there again this year. I might even introduce myself.
  3. Or you could wait two weeks and get a brand new one for $50-$80 (Whatever price they settle on.)
  4. I use my LTO Flash, but I never removed the shrink-wrap. (I slice the shrink-wrap so I can open without removing the shrink-wrap.)
  5. Started "collecting"? After my sister gave me our old Intellivision system and games from our childhood a couple years ago. But the system and games had been in our family between either her, our parents, or myself, since it was bought new when we were kids.
  6. Whereabouts are you located? I have multiple extra Intellivoice units, and if you happen to be local to me, come and get one.
  7. Yeah, his abusive language had me stop watching. I don't give a shit what this dirtbag has to say about this topic. Started watching before reading any of the comments in this thread - wish I'd read them first. Glad to see all the comments on here, though!
  8. I'll be epoxying metal standoffs to mount the Pi 3 B+ to. Haven't decided how the Ultimate Interface board will be in there. Might just tape it down with kapton tape. :-P I'll share pictures once I finalize the interior.
  9. Alright, got the parts together (thanks, ByteKnight!) for my "Stealth" Ultimate Flashback, so it's time to start modifying the stock Flashback. When done, the only external difference will be that the RCA cord is socketed to a 3.5mm jack (which fits *PERFECTLY* in the existing RCA cord hole,) and there will be an HDMI port and a micro USB port next to the RCA video port. I'm even going to add a 3.5mm plug to the existing RCA cord so if you're using RCA, it would be nearly impossible to tell. Did the rough cutting of the new ports, and just did the fit test. I'll clean up (sand) the port cutout edges later. Putting the Raspberry Pi in that direction means the USB ports are facing the side/outer edge, so I'll need to use a 90° angled USB cable to go to the Ultimate Flashback Interface (or I'll hack a USB cord apart and solder the wires directly to the Pi's USB port solder points.) And to maintain full original appearance, I'll be mounting the Ultimate Flashback Interface in the center of the case, and make adapters to plug in to its ports that will be soldered to the original Flashback's controller ports (the original board will remain mounted in their original locations unmodified, so this will be completely reversible, barring RCA cable hacking - but then I'll probably just make a 3.5mm port for the original FB's video/sound output, too.) If I really go hog-wild, I'll try to hack up some method of "dual-booting" so that if you're using RCA video, you can flip a switch to select the Ultimate/Raspberry Pi interface or the original Flashback interface being the side that gets powered up.
  10. D-oh! Didn't try holding down. Yep, now I'm in, thanks!
  11. Looks like it was the SD card/boot image. Swapped SD card with one from my other UltimateFB, and it boots fine. I'll re-write the bad SD and see if it works. If not, a new SD should set it right. Although, it's going back to "configure your game pad", and I can't figure out how to configure it - it asks for more buttons than the Inty controller has, and quitting the configure just drops to command prompt...
  12. Ethernet port is accessible, I'll have to give that a shot. (Can't believe I hadn't thought of that!) now to figure out what the default user/pass is...
  13. Hrm, I have an Ultimate conversion done by ByteKnight, but just ran in to a problem - it boots to the "Raspberry Pi Intellivision System - Computer now booting" (in lovely Intellivision font) splash screen, then goes to an all-black screen. I've connected it to an external keyboard, and trying Ctrl-Alt-F2-F8 doesn't get me to any usable text console, only C-A-F2 brings up "map: vt02 => fb0" with a blinking cursor, but it doesn't accept any inputs. Holding shift during boot doesn't work, either. Yet Ctrl-Alt-Del reboots, so I know it's accepting keyboard input. Unfortunately, the RPi is glued down, and the micro SD slot is on the underside, with no room between the Pi and the edge of the case to take the card out Anyone have any suggestions? I'm fairly familiar with Linux, but not intimately familiar with Raspberry Pi specific distros.
  14. If you use an LTO Flash, it can patch game ROMs on-the-fly to make them compatible with the Inty II. But as far as I know, there is no way to make the Inty II itself "fixed." I suppose if you swapped out the ROM chips for ones from another Intellivision model that doesn't have the issue...
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