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  1. Damn. 😞 One of only two cons I attend locally every year.
  2. They're planning on it. Obviously COVID restrictions permitting.
  3. Where you play an Ewok and shoot Stormtroopers with barely effective bow-and-arrow, plus throw rocks and set traps? I'd play that!
  4. LOL. "We don't condone piracy, but here's a product that is 100% pirated material."
  5. I'm 99% sure Tower of Doom was available as a baggie'd release - I could swear it came that way when I got it back in the late '80s. But it could be faulty memory which game it was - I just know I didn't have any of the listed "baggie release" games other than Tron Solar Sailer back in the day, and I know Tron was a boxed copy.
  6. I keep getting sniped on He-Man boxed copies. Not even looking for sealed, just a box in good condition. (It's the last non-ECS Mattel Electronics release I'm missing boxed.)
  7. Was surprised to see Star Wars on the list - boxed copies in good condition are regularly on eBay for quite reasonable prices. Glad you got one!
  8. The big problem is that the 1983 video game crash occurred very soon after the Intellivoice came out - with Mattel dumping the Intellivision division soon thereafter. So only the launch set of games ever came out for Intellivoice. Same with the ECS "Computer" component - only the launch set of games, that was it. (And only one game that used both voice+computer.) As others have mentioned, there are more recent games that use it to better effect.
  9. Um.... I think you have the wrong subforum...
  10. Anything advertised as a "TV" will have coax (in the US at least.) Because to be advertised as a TV, it must have an over-the-air tuner. And those all use coax ports to connect the antenna (or cable.) My new(ish, last year's model) 4K LG smart TV tuns in "analog channel 3" just fine, and displays Intellivision no problem. And that's over about a 20 foot unshielded RCA cable to an RCA-to-coax adapter at the TV end.
  11. LOL. A bunch of sealed Intellivision games - seller lists every era video game system *EXCEPT* Intellivision: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1980s-Factory-Sealed-Video-Games-Atari-Sega-Nintendo-WATA-VGA-Ready/254590237997
  12. So I don't know if this will be a popular or unpopular idea: Don't allow anyone to buy more than 1/2 the number of games you're releasing. So if you're releasing 4 games, don't allow any individual to buy more than 2. That way it isn't just "the 24 biggest-pocketbook sealed-box collectors" who get all of the games, and they never circulate or even get played - just sit on those 24 shelves forever. (I would absolutely open and play.)
  13. 25 copies each? Well, these are going to either immediately disappear, never to be seen in public again; or a few will be snatched up by eBay scalpers, who will list them for $1000+ shortly thereafter.
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