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  1. I ❤️ Atari stuff

  2. This is sick! This is going to be a massive revolution
  3. Hey everyone. Haven't uploaded this one until now. I poorly attempt to make original music too, so here we go! RMT and XEX attached to the post. [Original] Over Analysing (Atari PoKEY) Over Analysing.zip
  4. This is really damn cool! Looking at that PWM through an oscilloscope viewer is very, very satisfying.
  5. This visualiser is just a universal oscilloscope video renderer. Works with literally anything to showcase pretty waveforms.
  6. That song blew my mind when I first heard it a few days ago. Legitimately thought that was a C64 tune at first.
  7. This is very nice! I didn't expect this but I appreciate the change, mobile browsing was pretty ugly but it's a lot better now
  8. I must say, RMT has been quite difficult to figure at first, but once you know what you are doing, it's honestly very good, especially when you come up with some clever sound design tricks. I personally suggest to just try stuff around, until you get something to like, and most importantly, the instrument editor is your best friend, as well as a pretty powerful tool to craft some really good sounds. Also yes, the manual is always useful! Took me a long time to understand a lot of the stuff going, and only very recently I figured out how to properly use the copy and paste shortcuts, hahaha
  9. New upload! Mega Man 9 - We're the Robots (Atari PoKEY Cover) RMT and XEX attached to the post. We Are the Robots.zip
  10. Hiya! And here's another one I finished tonight! Mega Man 4 - Dr. Cossack Stage 3&4 (Atari PoKEY Cover) RMT and XEX attached to the post Cossack Stage 3-4.zip
  11. Alright! I finally managed to properly sort my files so here's my RMT and XEX files!
  12. Considering investing on an Atari 8Bit machine for music making purpose.

    1. VinsCool


      Already got myself an Atari 2600 for that purpose, so why not have its brother!

    2. CPUWIZ
    3. VinsCool


      This is nice! But I'd rather have the real hardware if I can :)

  13. Thanks!!I will keep working on this! It's so much fun.
  14. Ahhh you're right! I could have linked some executables as well. Those are the ones from the videos in the first post, my other executables are not in my phone right now. They're all NTSC too. Concealed_Revamp.xex Pyramide.xex Emerald_Hill_Zone.xex Green_Hill_Sonic_2_GG.xex
  15. Hello everyone! I suppose it may be suited to post here that I've been doing quite a lot of Raster Music Tracker stuff in the past few months, so here's some songs I have done recently, which I think are showing that anyone can do things with patience! and there are many more in my channel! Any tips and feedbacks are appreciated! I'm working really hard to improve!
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