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  1. I was working on many projects lately (hence no activity in this thread), however, I was recording some dumb ideas and I thought this was good enough to be its own thing. RMT and XEX attached. [Original] Classic Vincore (Atari PoKEY) Classic Vincore.zip
  2. I have to say, the more I read/get involved in this project, the more excited I get! Really looking forward for this one once it is finished!
  3. Making "good" music is kind of hard, sometimes.

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    2. PacManPlus


      Tell me about it...  I finally gave up after 30+ years of trying and putting out an album that nobody bought. :ponder:

    3. VinsCool


      @carlsson a bit of both, but mostly musical.

      @PacManPlus damn that is rough :(

    4. GoldLeader


      I figured perhaps a bit of both,  but thought you mainly meant,  It's hard to write a good song;  One where you play it for someone and they go, "Wow!  That's a Good song!  I like it!"...

























  4. Sounds pretty interesting. I currently am busy on different projects that are not on Atari but I'll consider this one.
  5. Have you played Atari today?

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    2. Prosystemsearch


      I just did with Berzerk voice enhanced.

    3. --- Ω ---

      --- Ω ---

      As a matter of fact... NOT YET, but now that you've reminded me, I'll play a few games on the 5200 right after dinner.

    4. VinsCool



  6. That is a lot better! Nice! May I ask you the .rmt module? I'm genuinely interested to see what you did
  7. I've known that one for years and honestly I don't thing it bears much resemblance, except for some parts maybe. Anyway, we're getting a little carried over now I do plan to make more PoKEY songs, hopefully some original ones that I have been working on but left unfinished.
  8. I see. If it's the song by Richard Munns I did yes. No idea if it was based on another song but it was pretty good.
  9. This is how it is, given that it should run on a Fairchild Channel F. My cover is basically taking the composition and port it to RMT. I know my ears are not 100% pitch perfect but I'm pretty sure I pretty accurately transcribed it. The reason why I used 2 specific instruments (The Distortion A SID filter and the normal Distortion A) was to get the full range of notes in the lead. C-1 using the filter is actually an octave higher than using no filter, so I needed to compensate that in a way. The only "special" effect I did was using another special filter instrument to create a phasing effect that sounded almost like ring modulation at certain sustained parts. Your changes are pretty cool, but sadly it turned a complete section wrong. It even has a sustaining note at the end of the loop that shouldn't have been there. Either way, some of your sounds were cool.
  10. This is nice! But half of the song is wrong now Assuming that my instruments were swapped, the ones that were used to compensate an octave using no SID filter makes the whole thing offtune by an octave when these notes are reached. Mind you share your modified .rmt? I really do like how the pulse width is handled otherwise. Also, this is the original song, for reference:
  11. Hey guys! Another one has been finished! A cover of a song made by a good friend of mine, with some of my own flair RMT and XEX attached to the post, as always! Galgox - Channel F-Bomb (Atari PoKEY Cover) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_7mNfTNC9s Channel-F Bomb.zip
  12. Hahaha same here! People love to hate it so it's so much fun to use it
  13. Thanks! That one was done in 60hz actually
  14. And another one covered from the same Zelda game! RMT and XEX attached to the post. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Dancing Dragon Dungeon (Atari PoKEY Cover) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOMwlYvftM0 Dungeon 4.zip
  15. Here's a simple one! As always, RMT and XEX attached to the post. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Tarm Ruins (Atari PoKEY Cover) Tarm Ruins.zip
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