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  1. Hey guys, it's been a while. I haven't actually made much work on POKEY since I posted here, but starting from yesterday I decided to give it a go again and figured out some things a little better! I was inspired by a cover made by one of my friends, right here: Pay attention to the channel 1, how it behaves. This motivated me to research into it a bit, and after several tries I got some really satisfying results. Here's an example of my own manipulation, done in 15khz mode for the purpose of immitating SID bass. Satisfied of what I got, I started to write a tune that puts it in action. The best part is that I'm able to use all 4 POKEY channels, and not have to rely on a patched version of RMT even! Hopefully I'll be able to put this stuff into my other unfinished projects, and finish something for once, hahahaha. I believe this was already figured out by our Atari 8 Bit veterans, but hey actually knowing what I'm doing and being pretty precise with it sure feels nice
  2. Honestly I don't really mind not seeing the tricks behind modified .RMT modules. It would be great to be able to see the good stuff directly, however The ones I share are "final" to my own taste. Seeing all the stuff going in the songs is really neat, but at the end I would figure out my own tricks as well. If emkay doesn't want to share back... oh well. I won't really suffer from it, I always learn new tricks when I work on new stuff anyway Speaking of which I didn't really touch anything POKEY for some time, been a little busy on different stuff, and different chips as well. Hopefully I would have a new song to share in a near future. 👀
  3. These 2 are incredibly familiar, I know I heard them somewhere. I cannot recall their titles, however.
  4. I actually did add slides, and I can also add vibrato if I want to. It is reported to be 16 Bit in Altirra, but I feel like I'm actually using 8 bit scale but at 2 octaves lower, very similar to 15khz. I have to say I kind of understand why emkay would dislike the way it is implemented too, because when I came up with the sketch with my low square bass in 64khz, I just kept scratching my head because it didn't make sense to me. I especially felt confused when I realised the distortion "6" could be patched in a different RMT version to use Square instead of the usual Atari bass. So my workaround is kind of weird, but at least I can still somehow use it.
  5. This sounds really nice, I like the lead! Can you share your modified rmt?
  6. Not a big achievement by itself but I figured out how to get low square bass in 64khz mode, after looking at the thread made by Synthpopalooza. This kind of solve some tuning problems and also allow me to have nice pitch control on the bass, using the exact same idea from the sketch from the other day. Very unfinished song idea but here goes a xex Sketch 29 V3.xex
  7. Thanks! Very comprehensive guide! This will be incredibly helpful I'm going to assume I may have to manually "tune" instruments by hand in the version of RMT I'm using, but having a frequency table will save me time, so I won't have to do it by ear Thinking of the problematic notes in my most recent tune, specifically. Knowing I can handle the arpeggio table and the frequency table at the same time, it definitely can be done, hopefully!
  8. I'd be interested in those. Would be really useful for things I'm trying to achieve That would be in 1.79mhz mode, correct?
  9. You are very correct here. The detuning gets really bad just about the range I tried to reach. But that's a nice trade off for getting really good bass I think, and I'm sure there's a way to work around this with the instrument editor changing frequencies directly, which I do play to try later. I was thinking of using different distortions in 1.79mhz mode, but the tuning remains a bit challenging to adjust. A very fun chip for sure!
  10. Thanks! I'm still learning new tricks in RMT, so this has been really promising so far! There's literally things going on there I cannot even do with Famitracker, a MUCH easier tracker program for NES music.
  11. Making some progress with sound design in 15KHz mode. An updated version of the tune in the ideas video posted earlier. I'll attach the current .xex below. It's still unfinished as it is. Sketch 26 V8.xex
  12. The talk of copyright and plagiarism made me realise that I have a lot of tunes that I started composing but never finished/released. The thing is, I'm not a very good composer, but I learn more and more how to use music trackers and do stuff. So I recorded quite a bunch of stuff I have been doing in RMT for the last months but never finished for a reason or another. Maybe someone would be interested and possibly give me interest to finish a song properly for a project? Most of the video was recorded from recent to older stuff, so the quality may get lower as it goes further, hahaha. The first playing in that video was actually sketched today, so it's very fresh XD
  13. Honestly the reason I use NTSC speed is for being convenient living in NTSC territory, I'm already pretty familiar with 60hz speed so I make use of it. Having a very slightly faster sound update is also nice to have. One of these days I'll get myself an actual A8 machine so if I know what to expect it's already a nice thing 😛 I admit my most recent tune isn't my best, but knowing new tricks is always welcome. This is always a nice challenge.
  14. Very nice. Can you share your edited module, pretty please
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