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  1. Thanks for all the hard work on this! The board is absolutely beautiful and very well laid out. The expand-ability will extend it's life and maintaining features such as RAMBO and PHOENIX offer even more programming options for those of us who like to "tinker". That along with Tim's hard work on the ROS is really making this a great production! Can't wait to see them ship, getting close!😊
  2. Don, the only other use of RAMBO that I've run across since your post is RECALLIT 2001 by OPA. I agree with you, if the development package ever saw the light of day there might be more apps. RECALLIT, was originally a simple Name & Address lister, but is fast becoming a powerful database. Using the RAMBO PRO- GRAM SPACE from 8K to 512K it can store up to 4000 records, each with 10 defined fields. Searching for strings can be done in any field combination. A variety of printouts from labels to two-column are supported. Re-indexing by any field is possible.Like other 2001 software it has easy-to-learn menus, all contained in a 100% Assembly program. An amazing thing about RECALLIT combined with RAMBO is the XERO-TIME sorter, you will never have to wait.
  3. I really like the simple version, very clean. Nice job on that and all the other fixes you've accomplished! This all gives an old card new life and I'm looking forward to putting the new hardware and software together.
  4. Has someone actually produced the 99110? I haven't seen any on the market, just 99105s. The '110 has the math routines in it, correct?
  5. I've seen a couple different ways to do that, which one did you do? Any pics?
  6. Jim is doing an incredible job on these boards, for sure. Not just the boards but going back to update the schematics and the construction manual! Tim has taken another look at the ROS to close the loop on some lingering issues, that will be a great compliment to the new board (no pressure, Tim 😁). It's all worth it, I use my test board almost every day now and love it! It has been playing well with the other cards in one of my PEBs. Here's a video of an assembly running from the SAMS using the RamDisk, the IDE drive, the HDX RS232/PC connection and the CorComp FDC. 20191214_182539.mp4
  7. Standard "stack'em high" setup. I use Jim Fetzner's extender board in the top one to check out and troubleshoot boards often. The bottom unit is my original purchase back in the early 80's; I've collected four more of these over the years and am in the process of rebuilding them all (caps, regulators, diodes, fan). Fun stuff!
  8. Here's what I ordered from Digikey, also in a 5V version. I'm sure they are available from other sources as well: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/murata-power-solutions-inc/OKI-78SR-12-1.0-W36-C/811-3293-ND/6817698
  9. A bit more involved perhaps than what you're looking for but, replacing the linear regulators in the older console power boards with direct replacement switching regulators. Cuts down a lot on heat. Of course, you'd probably want to replace the caps as well.
  10. It had to be Extended Basic for me. That got me into programming and I still use it today to write "quick get it done" routines when I'm working on projects. Then it was the E/A and I was hooked with assembly. The GramKracker eventually put them together for me; still use the GK today.
  11. Still having a great time exploring the HRD 4000B board. I modded this one to extend the DSR from 8k to 16k. With the Phoenix configuration, both logical drives get 16k of DSR so that makes complete use of the 32k ROS memory. I wrote some very simple assembly routines to exercise the memory and id them and then used the Explorer to look around, making sure that all memory was accessible and working properly. It's a little bit embarrassing how long our wonderful little TI 99 takes to fill 8M of memory! But, that's also the beauty of it, too! The RAMBO configuration is very interesting. Did anyone actually write software to take advantage of it? Also, can someone tell me how the >6000->7FFF cartridge ROM space is disabled so that the RAMBO memory can reside there? I found that to be very interesting.
  12. Like I said, a work in progress that I never finished. Kind of wish I did......
  13. I started a Z80 PEB card back in 1986 but abandoned the effort. I was thinking CP/M but moved on to other things. Sadly, I've been robbing the card (still have it) for parts.
  14. That's how this board is configured right now. I just stuck some alkalines in there with a diode for now. When I'm finished I'll probably put some good lithium batteries in it.
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