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  1. You and Fred understand this much better than I do. I did play around with it some more this morning and am convinced it has nothing to do with the filename length (8+ chars) or the protection bit. The fact that the E/A editor doesn't error out until the file is completely loaded should have been my clue that there may be an EOF issue. The files seemed to have been corrupted somewhere along the line as you point out.
  2. That would explain that particular error code. I added some more information to my previous post. For the record, I used DM2K to transfer the files from my GoTek to the HRD. I suppose I could try another DM to see if that makes a difference?
  3. But that also begs the question as to why those two files generated the code 7 error with the E/A Editor from the HRD? Because, and here's a big because, those two files loaded into the E/A Editor just fine from my GoTek even with the write protect bit on.
  4. Ok, here's what I found: Loaded the files on my GoTek DSK4. Used E/A and assembled RFILES1-S4 just fine. Loaded the files on my HRD4000B DSK9. Used E/A and assembled RFILE1-S9 and got DSR ERROR: 02F4 and I/O ERROR code 0 when it got to COPY "DSK9.99DSRLNK-S" Then, I loaded the files one by one into the E/A Editor. Files 99DSRLNK-S and 99SUB2-S gave an I/O ERROR code 7, RFILE1_S9 and 99VDP4-S loaded just fine. Went into DM2K and noticed that 99DSRLNK-S and 99SUB2-S had write protect on them so I removed the write protect. I loaded the files again into the E/A editor and got the same I/O ERROR code 7 on files 99DSRLNK-S and 99SUB2-S. But this time I re-saved them back out to the HRD from the editor with the same filenames. Now they do not generate the error when loaded into the E/A editor. I assembled the RFILE1-S9 now and it assembled correctly. So, something to do with the write protect bit that the HRD DSR doesn't like?
  5. When I started with your files I also got the same DSR errors. Another clue, maybe, is that each one of the files generated an error when I loaded them using the E/A editor but, they loaded. Then I saved them back out which was successful. Let me try again this weekend and I'll be a little more methodical this time. This shouldn't be happening. Question, what did you use to create the source files?
  6. Would this be of interest? I haven't tried it yet; would like to hear if someone has. I don't remember if my original Myarc DDCC-2 will read a disk that has already been formatted with 18 sectors per track or only 16 sector tracks. MYARC FDC Format routine 18 sec-track DSDD.txt
  7. Anyone notice that the alpha lock is up? Ha! That was great today, thanks to everyone for the work that you put into it. Definitely a homerun!
  8. I renamed your source files to have 8 chars or less in the filenames and they assembled ok. I put my HRD4000B at CRU >1000 and assembled your RFILE_S9 (I changed the name slightly) and it assembled, with list and cross table, in 1m 15s using the E/A assembler.
  9. That's interesting. I wonder what's going on, I assemble source code using the HRD4000B with COPY commands all the time. I have used both the TI assembler and the RAG assembler. This deserves some sleuthing.
  10. Attached is an attempt to explain why an application should modify a SAMS register by writing a WORD and not a BYTE. It looks like most software is doing that but there still seems to be some questions about it. My thanks to apersson850 and Stuart for their inputs and edits. Would also like to thank TheBF and mizapf for good discussion on the subject. SAMS registers explained_Srt_AP edits.rtf
  11. DSR code for the TI sidecar FDC
  12. I corrected an error in this version of the "software developers guide to the HRD4000B"; this is ver 1.1 Barring any significant inputs from the community, I will call it done. Thanks everyone! Software Developers Guide to the Horizon HDR4000B_ver_1-1.pdf
  13. Finished burn in on the second 4M board and it passed with flying colors <yipee>. I did a double check on reading back the register values and it indeed only reads back 1M of pages and not the bank you may be in. Example: LI R12,<1E00 CRU ADDRESS LI R0,>0A01 SET REGISTER VALUE WITH PAGE >0A AND BANK >01 SBO 0 ENABLE WRITING TO REGISTERS MOV R0,@>4014 LOAD REGISTER FOR MEM LOCATION >A000 MOV @>4014,R1 READ BACK REGISTER, WHAT YOU GET IS NOT >0A01 BUT RATHER >0A0A. THE BANK VALUE >01 DOES NOT READ BACK. SBZ 0 TURN OFF ACCESS TO REGISTERS
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