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  1. I second that! It pays for itself quickly in convenience and time saved troubleshooting cards. Jim, thanks for designing and producing them. It may be one of the most under rated cards we have at our disposal! 😉
  2. This is in Excel. I change the text and publish it as a .PDF when done. It's close to the TI manual cover but not perfect. TI cover page.xlsx
  3. Over time I've seen a few people post that they use a fan to help cool their console. I thought I'd give it a try and I'm quite surprised at how well it works! It's simple; a 12v PC type fan that just sits on top with a couple small Velcro strips, blowing upward and powered by a P/S that I use for disk drives, SD card readers, etc. I'm sure that there are a dozen other ways to do this including maybe a thin version that could go into a console? Before, the console cartridge area (under which the console P/S resides) and my GK would get toasty warm after a few hours. I've played with this setup for several days now and it stays MUCH cooler. I wouldn't have guessed that a small bit of air flow would make that much difference.
  4. If we are talking about the same problem, it is an issue in the console programming and can't be used out of GRAM/GROM. You may be able to write a routine that can be added to GRAM that fixes the issue? I'm not heavy into BASIC so I defer to those who have the knowledge. From Thierry's website; " RESTORE command Description: The RESTORE command in the Basic interpreter (in association with DATA, not with files) will only work if the program is placed in the VDP memory. It won't work for a program placed in GRAM/GROM. Cause: This is because it imports data from the VDP directly instead of calling the dedicated routine that checks whether the program lies in VDP RAM or in GROM. Fix: None that I can think of."
  5. Not that I'm aware of. I started disassembling MSAVE6 a couple of years ago but got side tracked.
  6. That's about as good as it gets for the schematics. They were in my garage for over 30 years in the summer heat and at one point also suffered some water damage. However, the resolution of the pics is good so you should be able to zoom in on them and see what you need to see. I wish I still had the original case drawings but I'm afraid those are lost to history. The mylars for the boards should be posted, though.
  7. Copy. I was a step behind you but finally caught up! 😁 Thanks Ksarul!
  8. I have TI source code for the sidecar controller. Thought I had posted it somewhere; will have to look. I once did a quick side-by-side comparison with some other disassembled code from the PEB controller card and it is very close. There were some code additions/differences that I thought could be easily reconciled at the time.
  9. I started with a TI-58C. I remember really wanting a 59 but I couldn't afford it at the time. I used the 58C until several of the buttons stopped working then went over to an HP15C which I still have today along with a 12C and 16C. Their buttons all still work 😆
  10. I had "briefly" considered designing a new version of the GK but I'm not convinced that there would be much interest in it given the FinalGROM and UBERGROM carts, emulations, etc. Even if I went ahead with the project it would likely be a kit as I wouldn't have the time to put many of them together. I wouldn't be able to produce a metal case either so it would have to be a printed plastic case. My to-do list is long <sigh>
  11. Thanks apersson850 for letting me know, change made.
  12. This may be out there somewhere but if not, here is the TI logotype (c) for TEXT mode (40 columns as opposed to 32 columns). If you have pics like this to share I'd love to see them. TI Logo CHAR data for TEXT mode.pdf
  13. I was cleaning up my desk at work today and came across this cartoon a friend of mine gave me years ago after discovering I enjoyed programming assembly language on the TI. It was in fun and I certainly didn't take any offense but it got me thinking about structure in assembly language programming. So, do we have examples of what "good" assembly language programming looks like? And, why is it "good?" If you do, I'd love to see it and hear your philosophies about it.
  14. That's pretty nifty, Rich! How did you implement it? Are you using the GPL Call IO command as part of the code sequence? Just curious.
  15. Here's an E/A5 V9T9 format version of KEYBITs that runs in expansion memory. KB
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