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  1. I hope this is not too far off topic but this thread reminded me of an old cartridge I put together BITD. Just something fun. Some of the crazy things we did!
  2. Thanks! Pretty nifty program! I used it on a 1M board but I'm still waiting on a few parts for the 4M board. I will report back to you once I get a chance to use it on the 4M.
  3. Hmmm, IIRC, I got them off of Ebay quite a while ago. They're still listed there as coming from China and are a bit pricey. Someone might have a better source for them?
  4. If you want to use the MG Explorer on old iron to help troubleshoot XB code let me know. I will post a version that loads into the lower part of upper memory specifically for use with XB. Also, I would selfishly recommend the Paisley version of the MG Explorer. It is a slightly smaller code version that fits into two ROM banks with a loader; adds help screens and a few other additions for GRAM devices and memory mapped devices. One way you can use it is to load it into memory then set a breakpoint in your code to branch to >A000 or, launch it and then point to your code in memory to start step-by-step execution.
  5. Here you go. Looks like the 1M card with a couple extra ICs. The two memory ICs contain the batteries for backup if you choose to use those instead of conventional SRAMs. You can get 512K versions of those for the existing 1M card as well (fact check me Ksarul). This version card is configurable as 1M or 4M.
  6. I have a proto 4M SAMS from Ksarul that I'm working on which is the extension of the 1M board. Once we find and fix a peculiar issue with it I'm sure he'll begin making them available if interested. The one I have in my possession, in particular, has battery backed RAM just for fun. 🙂 It would be nice to have a routine to test it, if that's doable. or else I have to slog my way through it in other ways.
  7. Does Fred's DSR have a module that can be assembled for the RTC-65271 chip?
  8. Oh my, my! This is code for a TI plotting routine that I still have on cassette. Thank you so much for sharing this. I've never seen the source code before, quite a find.
  9. Yes, thank you very much for these! This completes my binder that I've had for almost 35 years with those missing pages!
  10. I would have to go back and look for the specifics but, CC used two different FDC ICs which may account for the differences you're seeing in the two cards? Take a look at the IC numbers to verify. In fact, I have two boards with the daughter boards the plug into the controller socket, which is another configuration. Evidently they changed to a different IC but the batch was bad so they backtracked on the later board by installing the daughterboard with the previous controller IC. Somebody fact check me!
  11. Thanks for all the work that you're putting into this and, don't rush if you're not comfortable. I, too, would be willing to pre-pay if that will help. Hang in there!
  12. I'm looking for help identifying contributors to the Horizon ramdisk hardware (not software) for some documentation purposes. Here's what I think I know: Ron Gries did the original HRDs, Bud Mills laid out the HRD2000, HRD3000, HRD3000B, and HRD4000 (?), Ron Walters may have designed the PHOENIX mod (?), Gary Bowser may have designed the RAMBO mod (? and the circuitry that "unhides" the upper 2K of ROS or was that someone else?), John Guion may have designed the 32K expansion mod (?), and I've also seen mention of Dave Romer, John Culow and the 99'er users group? Please correct any/all of this if you know the history and certainly if I'm missing someone.
  13. Thanks for all the hard work on this! The board is absolutely beautiful and very well laid out. The expand-ability will extend it's life and maintaining features such as RAMBO and PHOENIX offer even more programming options for those of us who like to "tinker". That along with Tim's hard work on the ROS is really making this a great production! Can't wait to see them ship, getting close!😊
  14. Dan, the only other use of RAMBO that I've run across since your post is RECALLIT 2001 by OPA. I agree with you, if the development package ever saw the light of day there might be more apps. RECALLIT, was originally a simple Name & Address lister, but is fast becoming a powerful database. Using the RAMBO PRO- GRAM SPACE from 8K to 512K it can store up to 4000 records, each with 10 defined fields. Searching for strings can be done in any field combination. A variety of printouts from labels to two-column are supported. Re-indexing by any field is possible.Like other 2001 software it has easy-to-learn menus, all contained in a 100% Assembly program. An amazing thing about RECALLIT combined with RAMBO is the XERO-TIME sorter, you will never have to wait.
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