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  1. I will consider your suggestion about the items. Yes, the obstacles do move faster, but not as fast as the playfield accelerates, and in much lower increments of speed. Perhaps with the extra space iesposta was able to free up, I can make this a bit more fast and obvious. While making some sort of safe spot is technically "possible", I suppose, I don't think I should do it for a number of reasons. Thanks for the compliment on the walrus design! Funny enough, xlibman (formerly DJ Omnimaga) over on CodeWalrus made a calculator version of Wal-Rush, but instead of the normal walrus, he used mine (one-color-per-scanline and all ). Also, iesposta, when I compiled Wal-Rush, the report I got back said I had 1 byte left (which stayed the same even after I removed the Player-2-FIRE-hiding-the-obstacle line...weird), so I don't know what's going on there. Thank you, I do appreciate you taking the time to find the optimizations you did. I will use the newly-free bytes to add even more goodies
  2. Thank you for the compliments! Let me try to explain some of the things you bring up. First off, the game is based on this YouTube video that was shown 3 minutes before the opening of CodeWalr.us, a website I'm a member of. The original Scratch version was based on the flying walrus in that video (and it was grayscale to look like a TI calculator game), and my original Atari version mainly was based on that. So the background is not ice, and to be honest I don't even know what it was in the first place. I do agree with you on the difficulty point. Perhaps I can modify this so that the air mine follows your current Y position. Also, the speed of the obstacles is supposed to increase as you run out of time (and it used to increase more, but then I didn't have enough space for some extra goodies). Do you have suggestions on what can give back time? The clocks (which refill your timer) are supposed to be somewhat more rare, so one cannot be expected to really rely on them. Here are my current item probabilities: Air Mine: 50% Fish: 32.8125% Clock: 10.9375% Hourglass: 6.25% The hourglass freezes time for a bit (indicated by the background also not scrolling), until that timer stops animating. I've also made it so anything that modifies your time has no effect when the hourglass is active. Should I change this? Perhaps your score is getting cut off because of my somehow misusing the Bitmap Minikernel. I used it to display the title alongside the game, because there's no room in 4K for the Titlescreen Kernel, and I wanted to keep this under 4K. Again, thanks for the compliments and constructive criticism!
  3. Hello AtariAge! I made a game based on a Scratch project I made called Wal-Rush! back in 2016 (a more updated version of which is downloadable here), and I was proud of it. However, I thought that there were a lot of things I could've added to make it more exciting to play. So, here is a sequel made entirely from (no pun intended) scratch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zetX1ASy7YM Tick Tusk on the clusk, but the party don't stusk! This game has a huge emphasis on time. The bar in the bottom left decreases over time (and if you run into the exploding red air mines), and once it runs out, it's game over! However, there are collectibles you can get that can help. The blue fish gives you 10 points and one segment of time. The gray clock gives you 50 points and refills your timer. Finally, the yellow hourglass gives you 100 points and freezes time for a while, stopping your timer from decreasing (or increasing!). Your goal is to get as many points as you can, and to not run out of time! I've also added a way for a second player to get involved. Turn the left difficulty switch to A and start experimenting. Download and source code attached. Credit to RevEng for making the Bitmap Minikernel I used for the display of the title. Tell me what you think! WalRush2.bin WalRush2.zip
  4. I love this game. I recently got a Portable, and I've put this on my SD card. I absolutely love the concept, and it ends up looking nice as well!
  5. Completely independently of my involvement, a channel called TechZonk looked at my first homebrew: I'd try asking him somehow to look at it, but keep in mind that he hasn't been active lately.
  6. Bump. This will hopefully be my final version, aside from maybe tweaking speeds and item probabilities. I literally only have 1 byte in order to do anything else, so I think it's safe to say I have nothing to add. I use the Bitmap Minikernel here to put the title of the game between the playfield and the score. Download attached. Source zipped and also attached. Tell me what you think! WalRush2.bin WalRush2.zip
  7. Bump. New version! While still not complete, this is a (barely) playable version, until you game-over. The bombs now make you spin around, and the hourglass powerup actually works! The hourglass will freeze your timer for a while, until the bar in the bottom right stops animating. (No, you cannot stack the effect with multiple hourglasses. ) Download attached. Source code also attached. I would like some help in reducing the size of the data for the pfscore2 bar (the one that animates when time is frozen), if possible. WalRush2.bin WalRush2.bas
  8. I do know that bAtari BASIC generates an assembly file out of your code (for me, it's WalRush2.bas.asm). Can this be modified and compiled directly?
  9. Working on Wal-Rush 2!

  10. Just retried on Stella and the problem did not happen. Huh. That just kinda sucks, then. Are there any fixes I can make to make a special version that works on the portable? Oh, by the way, please check out the project! I'm proud of the work I've done in a few days
  11. Eeyup. I have no "real" hardware to test this on. Iirc the issue is reproducible in Stella, though.
  12. I've noticed a strange issue with how score is handled in bAtari BASIC. I've noticed that in one of my old games, and especially my new one, that once the score increases over 999, it shoots up to 101000. This trend continues, where the 6th digit is equal to the 4th digit. This also is not counted as a score higher than one lower than it, as my high score is unchanged after restarting. I do nothing special in my code, except statements such as score = score + 1. What is causing this issue, and can I fix it?
  13. What follows is the original post. The downloads attached are outdated. Click here for the latest version! Hello, AtariAge! I made a game called Wal-Rush! in the beginning of 2016 (a more updated version of which is downloadable here). Recently, I had been thinking that there were a few things I could have done to improve it. So now, I am making a sequel from scratch! Funnily enough, Scratch was this game's first platform. Wal-Rush 2: Tick Tusk This game has a large emphasis on time. The bar at the bottom left indicates how much time you have left before the game is over, which decreases over time and with running into the exploding red mines. However, collecting the collectibles will increase your score and give you more time. (The hourglass does nothing now, but I plan to have it stop the timer from changing for a while.) This is a work in progress, so there is a lot of work to make this into a full game. (The "game over" screen is literally just a drawscreen loop at this point, heh.) I hope to keep the size under 4K, but I have only 1355 bytes of space left, so who knows? Download attached. Source also attached. Tell me what you think! WalRush2.bin WalRush2.bas
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