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  1. I don't think anyone is missing your point, it's just that generally speaking that is not how most ODEs work. It's a neat idea, but not really that practical from a design or marketing standpoint. I have ODEs for the dreamcast, saturn, 3do, gamecube, pce, and in all cases they replace the original optical drive by hooking in directly to the port that the original drive hooked up to (except the pce). As SegaSnatcher has said In the case of the pce the ssds3 replaces the entire cd unit and more, so it is more of an ODE and some other stuff, but for simplicity i would lump it in with other ODEs. I think the gamecube had a way to install the sd card reader and keep a drive, or swap the drive out for a wii one, or something, but by the time i got into this hobby it was hard enough to find the wasp chip and parts to hook it up at all, so mine replaced my drive. The only one I have that compliments the original drive and doesn't replace it is the psio, since it uses the serial port on the ps1. Later model systems like the PS2/Xbox can use an internal drive (or with adapters an external sd card) and still use the standard disc drives. I think in the case of the Sega CD, the most realistic scenario that even approximates what you are looking for would be a pass through device that hooks to the board connector where the cd unit normally hooks up, that has an ability to read from an sd card, and a passthrough edge connector to also connect back to the standard SCD units... although at that point the fit would be a bit off. Interfacing with an off the shelf cd reader just doesn't seem like a likely thing that anyone would ever do considering the mechanisms to read the physical media already exist as part of the normal system. At best someone would build something that compliments the original drive. The list of people that enjoy the SCD library, want to play it, don't care about using the original disc reading hardware, but must use the original media - has got to be a very, very niche group.
  2. I've never actually tested them with a ps3 controller, though they claim to work. I do have one, so I could though if anyone is interested. PS4 definitely works fine. It seems like you have to pair them wired, but after that they can be used wirelessly forever. I've been using them for a couple years maybe? on my ps1, ps2, 3do (with a 3do to ps2 adapter in the chain first), dreamcast (with some sketchy looking but perfectly functioning dc to ps2 adapter). Pretty sure I've tested them working through some other adapters like gamecube to ps2 and xbox to ps2... but don't quote me on that, I just tested those ones because I had them, not something i regularly use. Essentially between those and the 8bitdo nes/snes receivers, I switched any consoles that don't need a 6 button layout over to wirless ps4 a while ago. I want to say I had like 8 ps4 controllers years before i ever actually owned a ps4.
  3. I know you were talking about a non-existent device from 8bitdo, I just meant: does this satisfy your requirements? Yeah, I think they are being unclear by lumping the PS3/4 together in the description. It does work with PS4 controllers just fine wirelessly, pairing with holding the ps + share like it does with the actual ps4 console, or the 8bit do snes receivers. As for other BT controllers, I'll have to test it when i get a chance, I assume at least the 8bitdo ones should work fine. I know i have one of those snes pro ones with the sticks somewhere around here. Update: I tried pairing my sf30 pro to it, and I could not get it to work wirelessly. It seems to work in switch mode wired. Actually in order to re-pair my ps4 controller i also did have to plug it back in, pair, then unplug it. Maybe that's how it always worked, not sure. I have a different ps4 controller for everything that uses one and have been using them a while, so not sure how I originally paired it.
  4. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but is something like this what you guys are talking about? https://www.amazon.com/Gam3Gear-Adapter-Controller-Converter-Keychain/dp/B07543W7XS I've been using a handful of those for a while and they work fine for pairing a ps4 controller to ps1/2. They also seem to work with most adapters i've found, that adapt some other console to ps1/2, like a 3do or dreamcast, or PC Engine.
  5. Did this ever happen? I was one of these people as well and don't recall seeing anything.
  6. Glad you got everything sorted out. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the micro slots for this same reason. Had a similar issue with the one on my ssds3. I think they are just indented a little too far into the devices. The larger ones are more easy to trigger and cause them to spring up while rummaging around, but they usually just stay in the device and don't fly off anywhere.
  7. I just played Mario Kart earlier, and it works fine on my sd2snes running 1.9 on the SuperNT. My cart revision is F though. Do you have the DSP 1-4 bin files in your sd2snes directory?
  8. I tested my SGB2 since I can't remember if I ever did or not. Mine is not excessively tight on my super NT cart connector. If anything due to the curved shape of it being a JP cart, it's a bit loose overall in the slot, but the actual grip on the connector board seems the same as any other cart. While some people will recommend against this due to stripping off the top layer of plating and making the contacts more prone to oxidation or whatever later, I have had pretty good luck fixing unplayable carts by scrubbing the contacts with brasso and then wiping down with alcohol. Saved a couple of badly corroded NES carts this way.
  9. The way mine seem to work is that up or down has about a 20 degree range on the circle, and anything outside of that will go left/right. So playing contra for instance in the first level if you try to duck under the bullets of the turrets as you are walking toward them, only about 40% of the time the down press would take, the rest of the time just walking straight into the stream of bullets. Even on something like zelda where there is a grid like movement to it, it would be annoyingly inprecise. It's a common problem with their controllers if you read reviews, even on their own forums people have brought it up. Not sure if it's just individual ones being worse than others, but the way the dpad contacts are printed on the pcb is different than an original controller, and some people commented that this is the reason for the problems with it.
  10. The pro versions are very slightly cramped, but overall not bad controllers. The DPad was a bit better than either of the snes30 and nes30 controllers i have, which out of the box are basically so bad as to be unusable. The snes30 I was able to mostly fix the dpad by opening it up and masking off part of the dpad contacts with electrical tape to make up and down not trigger left and right so easily... but i still never use it. PS4 controllers are just way more comfortable overall and work great with the 8bitdo receivers. The receivers are amazing given how many consoles you can get converters from Console to SNES. The controllers though, need work.
  11. So after some back and forth with GH, and investigating; it seems the bug I am seeing on Chrono Trigger with the SD2SNES and Super NT is related somehow to the save game file that was on there since the last time i played through. When erasing that and creating a new one, loading even after power cycling, I can not get the game to crash. I've tested the problematic save file on both my snes mini (that the file was created on) and an earlier model SNES and I can not get the game to crash using this save file on either machine.
  12. That is commendable, and honestly i'm not particularly dissatisfied with the console myself so I don't want to give that impression. I just thought the responses to some of leods' posts were really oddly defensive. I personally, am content to wait and hope that most if not all of the bugs get ironed out. However, to illustrate where I was coming from, i'll share my very first experience with the system. First of all, I was pretty enthusiastic about the system since I heard it was announced and placed my preorder what seems like forever ago last year. So, by the time I got mine I was pretty excited. Updated the firmware before doing anything. Configured a few menu/video settings. Popped in my sd2snes, that loaded fine, Great! Loaded Chrono Trigger, hit start at the title screen... black screen. Restarted the system tried again, got past the title screen walked around a bit checked something in the character menu, walked around some more, checked the menu again... black screen. I don't think I've ever had an appropriate reason to use this word in a sentence, but; crestfallen is the only way to describe my feeling at that moment. After all the hype and waiting, that was my first five minutes with the system. Is that a bit melodramatic?... yup . But honestly it was a bit of a let down, so my point was that I can understand someone being disappointed when they go to try something and it doesn't work, that's all. Does kevtris stand by his work? Yeah, he genuinely seems to care about the accuracy and quality of his work. Do I think he will get most or all of the bugs worked out and the system might live up to the marketing hype. Sure, probably. Am I going to die if I have to leave my snes mini hooked up to be able to so something that isn't eventually addressed... well no, but I am indeed running out of space. Edit: to clarify: I'm not saying that it's not great that this system exists. I'm not saying that it's not an incredibly impressive achievement. I'm not saying that people should get torches and pitchforks and march on analogue's warehouse. I'm not saying that I don't appreciate kevtris' talent, or a company willing to take the risk on manufacturing something like this in the modern era. I'm just saying that these things don't invalidate someone else's disappointment at, or legitimate criticisms of; a mismatch between marketing and what was delivered.
  13. I'm confused as to why people are jumping on someone for pointing out the marketing for the Super NT was a bit misleadingly over-the-top. While marketing being hyperbolic shouldn't surprise anyone... this realization doesn't make it less so. Some people are acting as if this was a freely released community project that someone is doing in their spare time, as opposed to an item sold for a cost and hyped pretty hard. With some kind of "you should be thankful for what you get" attitude. It's just very, very, bizarre. I can respect the amount of cost and effort that goes into a project like this, and the engineering Kevtris put into it, as well as the manufacturing aspect of it all. Also, I work in software so I can understand that bugs happen and take time to fix. But acting as if nobody should feel a bit disappointed when they try to do something that works on real hardware, and it doesn't on the Super NT, is just odd. It's like pretending it wasn't marketed the end-all be-all replacement for the SNES... and it most certainly was.
  14. I made an account earlier with the intent of asking if anyone else is seeing this (but didn't get a chance since my account needed to be validated and I had to go to sleep). I reported this to analogue a while ago, but I wanted to see if I could get some confirmation here on whether this is just something with my cart/setup or other people were able to reproduce this. I've tried 4 different firmware versions, and every combination of settings I can think of, and am still always able to reproduce this issue. It seems similar at least in symptoms to the zelda issue mentioned, and very much seems timing related somehow. While it can happen randomly while entering the character menu (X) it can also be forced to happen by rapidly entering the menu and exiting (X followed by B) usually in under a minute. I have even had it happen when the menu comes up after hitting start at the title screen at least twice. I don't have an original cart to test, but it definitely happens on the sd2snes. The same cart/rom works fine on my actual snes mini, and I could not reproduce the issue. I have tried all of the options in the super nt menu, as well as turning off various things on the sd2snes like the controller hooks, and nothing seemed to have an effect. Worth noting it did not seem to occur if running off the sd card on the jailbroken firmware from what I can tell.
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