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  1. Never heard of this supplier, or a number of things on their site including the decapod... but nothing inherently wrong with any of that. I don't follow the whole real controller adapter discussion much, so that could be why. I know for a fact there are other original controller connection alternatives for a more standard MiSTer setup... although I couldn't talk about any at length. Obviously, the more you diverge from the most common setups, the less support and community experience there will be with your particular customizations. In the order notes, it lists that in order to use that controller adapter you need to download the various fpga cores from a special repository... i'm not sure if that is standard with other controller adapters, but that would give me pause.
  2. I always wonder how many people are out there who remember seeing ads for this or Warcraft Lord of the Clans. So rare you see either mentioned.
  3. Yeah, mostly a PC gamer from the early 90s through today... I think this is why dithering doesn't bother me at all. And doubly agree with that last sentence... really wanting a feature is one thing. Spitting venom at everyone else, even those who might agree with you, for just not being hardcore enough is pretty unhealthy.
  4. See, but I don't think anyone necessarily disagrees with any of this. It's just the unnecessary vitriol and misdirected hatred toward those that don't share this one particular preference, that has turned people against Vanfanel. If they had just said: "I really wish feature X would be fixed, as far as I'm concerned it still isn't working right." and left it at that, I don't think they would get much if any push back from anyone. Who wouldn't want features to be implemented/fixed/optimized? It's the attacks and questioning of everyone's original hardware credibility with the constant "emulation kids" and "have you even ever played a genesis over RCA/RF??!?!?" that really lost people. I agree that analogue needs to do a better job of supporting their products, and not just chase the next shiny object... I have been critical of their shipping, their scarcity issues, and their lack of listening to customers in the past. I also accept the reality of their farily niche business, and the fact that I'm not aware of the exact specifics of how much revenue they need to keep coming in to keep them afloat.
  5. As stated many times before. I don't think anybody is taking umbrage with the idea that this would be a nice option to have for those that want it. I'd personally never use it, but for those that want it, i'd be all for it. It's this nonsense: all I get is emulation kids... and from the artistic point of view that how they must look like A) Not everyone plays games for either "preservation" or nostalgia. I don't care about either of these things, so the games don't have to look any particular way that they looked 20 or 30 years ago. That is not important to me even remotely. B) Not everyone who doesn't share your preference is an "emulation kid" whatever the hell that means. First... there is nothing wrong with emulation if that is what people prefer. Secondly, as many have stated we did in fact grow up playing these games on original hardware, this particular issue just isn't important to us, or at least not as important as it is to you. It's ok for other people to have a different preference for how these games look, than you do. It doesn't make them the philistines that you seem to be implying, the way you use emulation as a slur. Personally i've seen all the arguments about dither blending in old games. I'm willing to concede that some developers used it to their advantage, and may have intended the image to be seen with it. I still think it's ugly and don't prefer it. Sharp dithering looks preferable to me. 🤷‍♂️
  6. He's been told this by multiple people many times. At this point it's moved from being passionate about it, to just trolling. Not because of the insistence that it should be an option that works a certain way... but for constantly berating anyone that doesn't prefer the look. I grew up playing genesis over rf... it's ugly (just like anything else over rf), I don't prefer the smeared vaseline look, regardless of what the intent of the developers was.
  7. I've been saying for years that 8BitDo's dpads are horrendous. Although I have never had an issue with the receivers and connectivity. I've praised the receivers as great if you like to use PS4 controllers for most things, which... I do. The M30 is the first controller I liked from them, and I actually prefer it over Krikzz' controller because it is just a little more comfortable fit in my hands. It is the only controller i use for genesis now, and I use the bluetooth one on MiSTer. I grabbed the new 2.4ghz NES and SNES style controllers. In initial testing the dpads on mine seemed fine, but I haven't spent a ton of time with either of them yet.
  8. Yeah, I was going to say that, especially since they say they are in Europe which I thought had RGB capable consumer tvs... but that's a whole other issue. I assumed from the level of fanatacism over the issue they purposely yanked the RGB wires out of everything they ever had in favor of the glory of composite. 🤷‍♂️
  9. That's not what was said. They said that issue for a sample size of 1 makes it not a major issue. Doesn't matter how important you think the game is. Yes, this should be fixed... but don't overblow it. This is nonsensical for a number of reasons. A) the average age on this forum swings way older, so it makes more sense to assume most people who own a megasg actually did own at least one of these consoles in some form growing up. B) The rest of the comment is half-true with a generous amount of opinionated nonsense. While it is true that some graphics were designed to blend with the poor quality composite and viewing devices of the time, that doesn't make someone who doesn't prefer a blurry mess "wrong". The pixel data is what's there... so whether you were meant to see it that way or not, it exists.
  10. I don't think anyone is taking issue with speaking the truth, or at least your take on it. And I don't even necessarily disagree with anything you seem to have taken issue with. But your delivery really does sound like a twelve year old throwing a tantrum.
  11. Maybe. It could just be an issue with the everdrive itself not accepting the reset signal. If you hit reset It just basically loads up a solid colored screen and freezes. If it's at the menu, it loads up a gray solid screen. If it was a sonic game, it loaded up a turquoise solid screen. But it never goes anywhere from there.
  12. Ah, OK. Thanks for the info. Just to note: I was already on boot to menu, and it still has this problem. Pressing reset works for normal GG carts, but does not work if the cart is a GG Everdrive.
  13. So I just got time to mess with my replacement GG cart adapter, and I noticed it isn't loading the settings associated with the GG core, it is still set as Genesis mode when running the cartridge. I wasn't sure if this is the expected behavior or if it was supposed to load the core settings. I went back and read this topic around the late 500s pages and there was at least one post of someone saying it was supposed to know which core to use based on the adapter being inserted. I went back and tested my SMS card adapter, and it too only loads the genesis settings. The games seem to play fine in either case, but the video settings and core settings are displaying the genesis options. I am running the JB 7.7 fw. I'm just trying to figure out if this is the normal behavior, or if something is amiss with my setup, and what that could be.
  14. Sure, but I'm not talking about modern games, i'm talking about using ps4 controllers with 8bitdo or brooks BT receivers on nes/snes/ps1/ps2/etc. I see lots of people complain about the bluetooth lag, but I just don't think it makes as much of an impact as people say.
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