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  1. Excellent news Final version, btw:
  2. Made a little box art for it.
  3. Guys, I notice that the boxart for DK VCS says it has the levels from Jumpman Returns in it as a bonus. I'm going mad trying to find them. Are they there?
  4. Full lists for those compilations, btw: 1 Meg Supercart --------------------- Adventure, Aliens, Alpiner, Angler Dangler, Astro Fighter, Astroblitz, Backsteine, Battleship, Beyond Parsec, Bigfoot, Breakout, Buzzard Bait, Caverns, Fireball, Galaxia, Honey Hunt, Hunt The Wumpus, Hustle, Intercept, Jumpman Junior, Kaboom, Killer Katerpillar, Life, Microsurgeon, Mission X, Moonbase, Munchman, Munchmobile, Natures Way, Newton's Revenge, Perfect Push, Rock Runner, Rush Hour, Saguaro City, Schnoz-Ola, Scud Busters, Seawolf, Sewermania, Sneggit, Space Bandits, Space Zap, Spad XIII, Soundtrack Trolley, Star Force, Star Forth, Starforth, Superfly, The Labyrinth Inferno, TI-Sweeper, Tic Tac Toe, Typo 2, Tunnels Of Doom, Video Games 1, Virus Attack, Wing War 2 Meg Supercart --------------------- 4A Flyer, A-Maze-Ing, Ambulance, Ant Colony, Anteater, Arcturus, Attack Of The Creepers, Barrage, Berlin, Black Hole, Blackjack & Poker, Blasto, Block Buster, Bouncing Babies, Boxer, Break Thru, Buck Rogers, Burger Builder, Burgertime, Cannonball Blitz, Car Wars, Cave Creatures, Centipede, Cerberus, Checkers, Chicken Coop, Chisholm Trail, Clowns, Compu-Car, Computer War, Congo Bongo, Connect 4, Crossfire, D-Station I, D-Station II, Defender, Demon Attack, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Driving Demon, ET, ET At Sea, Escape, Espial, Face Chase, Facemaker, Fathom, Football, Frog Stickers, Frogger, Guardian, Hangman, Henhouse, Henpecked, Hopper, Jawbreaker, Jumpman Junior, Jumpy, Jungle Hunt, Lasso, MASH, Mancala, Meteor Belt, Midnight Mason, Lobster Bay, Miner 2049er, Moon Mine, Moon Patrol, Moonsweeper, Mouse Attack, Ms Pac-Man, Munchman, Munchman 2, Never-Lander, Nibbler, Oh Mummy, Othello, Pac-Man, Paddleball, Parsec, Picnic Paranoia, Pinball, Pitfall, Pizza, Pole Position, Popeye, Princess And Frog, Protector, Q-Bert, Rabbit Trail, Racer, River Rescue, Rotor Raiders, Scrabble, Shamus, Shanghai, Slymoids, Soccer, Solitaire, Space Aggressor, Spice Demise, Spot-Shot, St Nick, Star Gazer I, Star Gazer II, Star Gazer III, Star Trap, Star Trek, Star Wars, Strike Three, Submarine Battle, Submarine Commander, Tennis, The Attack, The Mine, TI Toad, TI Invaders, Tombstone City, Topper, Treasure Island, Tris, Video Chess, Video Vegas, Worm Attack, Yahtzee, Zero-Zap Atarisoft compilation ------------------------- Centipede, Defender, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Jungle Hunt, Moon Patrol, Ms Pac-Man, Pac-Man, Picnic, Pole Position, Protector 2, Robotron, Shamus, Superstorm Rasmus Moustgaard compilation ----------------------------------------- Bouncy, Flappy Bird, Jet Set Willy, Road Hunter, Sabre Wulf, Scramble, Titanium, Track & Field
  5. Obviously that's not a binding commitment or anything, but... six months have come and gone now. Is everything sorted? And if not, dare we dream...?
  6. So am I. That was the whole original point of this post, trying to give him money...
  7. The website is so ridiculously terrible I can't tell if they even sell outside the USA (which I am) at all. And as I don't own a real Atari 800 any more, it's a bit of a moot point anyway.
  8. (I *think* I finally just managed to find their barely-working website. It says "If you order something from us and we don't have it in stock, we'll give you store credit only, no refunds." LOL.)
  9. Fair enough. I'm new here and was just genuinely asking. I'm amazed that nobody with a cart has just gone "sod it" and dumped it, in that case. It's been a decade. I can't get to the end of the demo anyway, so it might as WELL be the full game
  10. It seems bizarre that - especially now Xtreem is a decade old and "obsolete" after the release of Elite - there doesn't seem to be any way to get either game without buying a monstrously expensive physical cart (although that may be a moot point as I can't actually find a working link to buy either one in physical format either). Wouldn't they like some money from us emulator players too? And if not, why not just release Xtreem for free as a taster?
  11. All the files I've done are attached in the posts above.
  12. That did the trick, many thanks Here's the working CTG for anyone who wants it. tutankh.zip
  13. Lastly, here are four CTG compilations that between them cover just about anything you could want to play on the TI (except Tutankham, see above). All of them are tested and working on emulator: 1 Meg Supercart 2 Meg Supercart Atarisoft compilation (14 games) Rasmus Moustgaard compilation (8 games) compilations.zip
  14. Meanwhile, does anyone know what to do with this to get it to run on an emulator? These are the instructions that came with it, but they're all Greek to me and seem to refer mainly to running it on real hardware. "Inside are 4 files to flash to the 2 chips on the UberGrom cartridge board: at49F040.bin : The 8K rom code, filled into all banks of the 512k rom, so no matter what bank your ubergrom starts on, it will find the code. atmega1284p-code.BIN : The ubergrom chip code segment with the groms atmega1284p-config.BIN : The fuse settings for the ubergrom chip atmega1284p-data.BIN : Not actually sure what this is, but there are some bytes in it so flash those... (Oh, this is the portion Gazoo's images called eeprom) If using the MINI-PRO TL866 programmer, there are 3 tabs for the different segments. The atmega files are named to match the name of the segment to load into, either by changing the radio selector when loading the file, or by switching to that tab before picking the File->Load function." Tutankham.zip
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