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  1. It's strange that they updated the connector on the Noir, but wouldn't make the slot smaller to stop the looseness of the cartridge. They realized the issue, but half-assed the fix.
  2. Same here. Scheduled delivery Friday!
  3. Not yet. Analogue originally said shipping end of week.
  4. After trying for 3 weeks around Christmas before finally getting a PS5, this was no hassle at all! I'm super happy taking only 25 minutes to secure the NOIR!
  5. Finally got it!! Keep trying everyone!! Shipping a very reasonable $30 to Tampa area.
  6. I was able to add to cart in the first 5 seconds, now it says I'm in line to check out due to high traffic. Crossing fingers!
  7. I'm gonna try. I was one of the ones mad at Analog because they originally said it was the exact same thing as the Mini. If I get one I'll try to sell my Mini.
  8. On that site it is showing downloads for Noir jailbreak, as well as the Super NT, & Mega SG. Since there isn't a link for non-Noir Mini, can we assume this new jailbreak works on the previous model? Anyone care to test?
  9. I am OUT as well. I'm not too much into handheld's but would have bought just because it's another Kevtris project but after the poorly handled NOIR release information, I'm not going to spend money with Analogue for something I'm not 100% in on. When your customer service isn't working for me, you don't get my money blindly anymore.
  10. That's why I asked if they would make their new connector available for me to solder myself. The point really was that I was asking 4 months ago what the details would be so I could decide if I wanted to pre-order or not. I was right back then in thinking they wouldn't tell us anything until after it was sold out. Not a big deal really. I'm happy with the V1 Mini so it will do, and after dealing with multiple customer service issues, & the insane shipping I'm pretty much done with them. As far as retro-gaming is concerned NES & SNES are what I grew up on so I really don't have any need for any of their new products. Was thinking of getting a Pocket, just because, well ... Kevtris, but I'll pass.
  11. For anyone interested, here's my email conversation with Analogue from early March about the Noir details. It lays out my, and others, frustrations exactly. Obviously the short conversation starts from the bottom. Note that on March 4 she said more details to come. Unfortunately those details didn't come until 4 months later, when the Noir was sold out. As feared in my response. When are you going to release the information? Being a V1 owner, how do I know if I want to preorder a V2 without knowing all the details? Doesn’t make sense asking us to preorder a product without telling us exactly what it is? When you finally release all the information, it’ll probably be too late to preorder (Since you say it’s the last run) !?!? Please confirm any information to a loyal customer! (NT Mini, Super NT, Mega SG, & hopefully Pocket) From: Jonie (Analogue) <[email protected]> Sent: Tuesday, March 3, 2020 10:09 PM To: Jeff Subject: [Analogue] Re: NT Mini V1 NES catridge slot ##- Please type your reply above this line -## Your request (17490) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email. Jonie (Analogue) Mar 4, 11:08 AM HKT Hello Jeff, We will release more detailed information on this, please stay tuned. Thank you. Best Regards, Analogue Support www.analogue.co Jeff Mar 3, 8:57 PM HKT What are the "many new hardware features that required fundamental internal re-designs"? > On Mar 3, 2020, at 5:11 AM, Jonie (Analogue) <[email protected]> wrote: > >  Jonie (Analogue) Mar 3, 6:11 PM HKT Hello Jeff, Thanks for reaching out. The Nt mini [v2] has many new hardware features that required fundamental internal re-designs. Unfortunately Nt mini [v2] redesigns like the cartridge slot and more are not compatible and interchangeable with previous Nt Minis. Cheers! Analogue Support www.analogue.co Jeff Mar 3, 3:10 AM HKT Are you going to be making the new NES cartridge slot available for NT Mini V1 owners? I'm a loyal owner of NT Mini, Super NT, & Mega SG and would really like an updated cartridge slot for my Mini without having to buy the new version. So many issues with cartridges!! Can you make an adapter? Or make available the connector for my to solder?
  12. Yet another example of Analogue's customer service failing! During the pre-orders I was debating if it's worth i upgrading from my NT Mini & Analogue wouldn't give any details. Of course I didn't pre-order & now I can't. Just don't understand why it would have been so hard to let us know the details, other than a new & improved cartridge slot.
  13. I agree. I'm very happy with my Analogue products (NT Mini, Super NT, Mega SG) but it is a shame that continued support, firmware updates, & bug fixes seem to not be of any concern to them. The Pocket is really not something that interests me too much but I have considered getting one just because it's going to be another great Kevtris project. I'm on the fence but heavily leaning towards no due to Analogue's terrible customer service, overpriced shipping, & their tendency to forego supporting bug fixes after a the first few weeks in order to move onto a new product.
  14. When I make an account & login to Discord, where do I find the right "room"?
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