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  1. I agree. I'm very happy with my Analogue products (NT Mini, Super NT, Mega SG) but it is a shame that continued support, firmware updates, & bug fixes seem to not be of any concern to them. The Pocket is really not something that interests me too much but I have considered getting one just because it's going to be another great Kevtris project. I'm on the fence but heavily leaning towards no due to Analogue's terrible customer service, overpriced shipping, & their tendency to forego supporting bug fixes after a the first few weeks in order to move onto a new product.
  2. When I make an account & login to Discord, where do I find the right "room"?
  3. I think you may be right about there being more going on than it seems. I asked Analogue about their new cartridge slot and if a V1 can be retrofit and got this from Jonie: "The Nt mini [v2] has many new hardware features that required fundamental internal re-designs. Unfortunately Nt mini [v2] redesigns like the cartridge slot and more are not compatible and interchangeable with previous Nt Minis." I asked what the "many new hardware features" are but have yet to receive a reply. Kinda bums me out. Wish their Mini re-release was the same. All the people that missed out whined & cried, now their getting a better version? (flame on!)
  4. What about an adapter for the improved connector for V1!?
  5. Couldn't agree with you more. Glad everyone is getting a chance at the Mini again, my only fear is that there will be some additions that won't available to us owners of V1. Debating getting a V2 as well just in case.
  6. Why buy a Super NT or Mega SG then? Isn't it's purpose to let you SNES & Genesis on LCD's in HD? Why no just use an original system for cheaper than $199 for the system & $79 for the DAC? There must be some other purpose for the DAC, right?
  7. Kind of a stupid question, but here goes: I have an NT Mini, Super NT, & Mega SG. Why do I need a DAC? What is it's purpose?
  8. Static shocks have yet to be an issue for me, however this is very concerning. Hopefully Analogue addresses this soon. Any thoughts Kev?
  9. I'll bet they revisit the NT Mini. They'll make a cheaper version more in-line with the SuperNT/MegaSG. I vote for a CMVS Mini, but I'm hoping Kev will finally release an Intellevision core for the NT Mini.
  10. I'm ordered mine on 3/22 from Florida & I'm in the same boat as you, Shipping label has been created with delivery scheduled by end of day Wednesday. Most likely they're shipping out those which were ordered first.
  11. After messing around for weeks, I've settled on these: 1080p (just like the sharpness over 720p) 6x width 5x height. (I like to fill as much of the screen as possible without cutting anything off & want integer scaling) Hybrid scanlines +55 (Never liked scanlines before but I am warming up to them. Slowly increasing the depth as well) Scale3x (Just like how the images are less "pixelated" and seem more smooth. Also color seems better to me) Limit RGB - off (when i turn it on, everything seems to get grayed out, just don't like the image) Buffer (zero delay) Also, light having the LED set to center pixel. Not sure why but I think this is so cool!
  12. I've been thinking the exact same thing. Although I'm getting better at not accidentally hitting the hotkeys I have setup, I know the problem would totally be gone if we could use the L & R buttons. I'd also really like to see the option to save profiles so that when I move the console to another room and television, it's just one quick selection instead of changing all the options. I've had my Super NT for a week now and after playing with all the video settings, I finally have it dialed in exactly how I prefer and it looks and plays amazing. I'm enjoying this even more than I enjoy my NT Mini. I know Kevtris said it isn't possible, but my only knock on the system is that my lazy ass can't power it on and off with the controller. Great job Analogue & Kevtris! you guys are 2 for 2 with these consoles and you've exceeded my expectations. I'm definitely pre-ordering whatever comes next!
  13. Thank you for this information! Did these two test and everything was set pretty much as it should be. I lowered the contrast just a touch. Looks like my tv is doing full RGB range. I seem to have everything all set, thank you to everyone who helped along the way! Only thing I have left is to correctly size the picture with integer scaling. Is there a formula to use?
  14. I have the 240p suite on SD card, is there a video or guide to using this? I went through it but didn't see anything for RGB. When I check the limited box, everything gets lighter. Blacks get gray and all the colors get duller. Does this mean I should keep it off?
  15. Thanks for the response! 1. So basically, choosing a scaler (or not) is personal taste? 2. As far as integer scale, do I have to size my display manually? Or are the presets (1:1, 8:7, 16:9, etc.) scaled correctly? 3. How do I know if my tv supports full rbg? When I check full this option, everything brightens up a little. Is the what is supposed to happen or is it supposed to stay the same? Again, thank you for all your input.
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