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  1. Last week on an ostrich, this week on an emu! Game 1, difficulty B- 1124
  2. Here's a non teddy bear score, sorry for the earlier confusion: 69,900
  3. Whoops! Will post a real score in a bit, my mistake.
  4. Mario Bros., 3 flies with wings! Joust score to follow.
  5. Hello all, first time I'm entering (might try again for a higher score). Is Javatari alright for these? If not, will Stella take this PS4 stick? All the best. 23,600
  6. Hello, is it possible to use any light gun from the first generation on other first gen consoles? Do I have to be sure they use the same chip? I'm specifically curious about the Venture Electronics VS-7, Monteverdi TV Sports 825, Coleco Telstars Ranger and Marksman, and maybe Radioshack TV Scoreboard. I'd like to play on the Venture and Monteverdi on two TVs, and offer people their "choice of weapon." Pictured: gun port on VS-7, Telstar Ranger, Telstar Marksman, Monteverdi gun, Radioshack TV Scoreboard.
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