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  1. Have you ever tried for a long time, resetting over and over, to get that high score, only to get it and immediately reset before you could take a picture? Fortunately a wise man taught me to record all your gameplay, so my dread was short-lived. City Defence- 19,017
  2. Destroyed Ms. Galactopus. rogerpoco's vid (glad he got one, I was up way too late trying to reproduce the glitch) is in line with my experience: the level is super long (in this case I see roughly 16 shots on Ms. Galactopus and 42 babies!), you lose all your shield except the last one, and then points galore. He was on level 5, it happened to me on level 6 and once on level 8 if I recall.
  3. Should it be possible to get bonuses of 6-7 thousand? I was playing level 5 or 6, it took a very long time, got down to 1 shield left, killed many babies, and then my score at the end of the level when I beat her climbed from 11000 or so to 17000. Similarly, I just had this happen on maybe level 7 or 8, took forever, lost most of my shield and went straight from ~14000 to ~21000. Rogerpoco above also mentions crazy bonuses, hope this isn't a glitch. I'll try to record video of it happening if it is cause for concern.
  4. I loved playing on the special HSC edition, thanks for making it! City Defence- 13447
  5. The manual for Ms. Galactopus is a hoot! I'm sure this will get beaten in a few days, but here's a high score. Ms. Galactopus- 16,065
  6. Last week on an ostrich, this week on an emu! Game 1, difficulty B- 1124
  7. Here's a non teddy bear score, sorry for the earlier confusion: 69,900
  8. Mario Bros., 3 flies with wings! Joust score to follow.
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