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  1. What a joke. Everything in the retro-world is becoming snipers' stuff. I was ok with being their bank, I was ok for getting it next may, 18 months after announcement... and I looked at the preorder page after 15 min and all was sold out. Man, I was working... I've a life, goddamnit. Really, what a shame.
  2. Same thing for me: I ordered it and let's see how it goes. If I'll ever have second thoughts I'll still be able to sell it with no money loss (hopefully).
  3. I agree. It'd be super cool if Analogue'd implement some kind of "quality control" over the cores released for the Pocket.
  4. Thanks, I know about SM and I love the guy and the effort he puts in for all the retro-community. My question was more about "source reliability" when it comes to accuracy and cores evolution. I know *for sure* that Kevtriss's stuff is 99.9999% cycle accurate, but for the rest is all "heresay", if I may say so. Is there any proper buglist or "core completion status" about MisTer cores? I gather Neogeo is cycle accurate (is it?) but what about NES or SMS today, or next month? How can somebody tell if\when MisTer's Genesis core is on par with MegaSG? In other words, how can I be sure that a MisTer core is comparable in terms of accuracy with a Kevtriss one or, if a Kevtriss one doesn't exist (i.e. SEGA CD), what is its level of accuracy?
  5. I've a question about FPGA cores accuracy. I mean: without that, an FPGA core is not different from any RPi. Now, we know Kevtriss's stuff is accurate (I own both MegaSG and SuperNT), but is it the same for all MisTer cores? In which measure? Is there any reliable source or a % status of the cores completion? I ask with no malice, it's just to understand if I can put my NeoGeo MVS and games in storage and replace it safely with Furrtek's core on MisTer. What about T.O.'s MegaSD-Sega CD vs MisTer Sega CD vs actual SegaCD? Is MisTer PCE core cycle accurate? NES? T.O.'s Super SD System 3 ? On a final note: I really hope Kevtriss will work, in the future, on some arcade cores (Sega boards, Taito boards, CPS1/2/3 and pre-1994 2d stuff in general): that stuff is REALLY expansive, bulky to manage etc..., so I think it will benefit a lot from some FPGA love. 🙂
  6. I guess you can use an HDMI switch, I can't see why not.
  7. Analogue DAC is available for pre-order now, at 79.99 USD. Cool, but I'll wait annoucements for other products so I can get cheaper shipping cost... Please Analogue speed up with those other announcements or it'll look like nobody is going to preorder the DAC.
  8. I’m super happy about the DAC. Regarding NTMini: Analogue says it is on hold due to manifacturing complexity... at this point, wouldn’t a SuperNT card adapter make more sense?
  9. Where do I report bugs? A couple of games don't work from Everdrive X5 (they stuck at title screen). Except for that, I LOVE IT.
  10. Got mine now! Lookin' forward to tonight unboxing and testing. Import duties sadly paid (125 € for 3 items, 42 € each).
  11. Not exactly: -1 x jap for me -1 x jap for my brother -1 x white for a buddy of ours. :-) Now I'm just waitin' for a Nt Mini restock...
  12. Thanks for the clarification, now I understand the subject better.
  13. Just to understand: if I dump the BIOS my self from my no more CD working PSX (no download), I can't legally put on a reverse engineered FPGA system? That sucks, in that case I'm not duplicating, I'm moving something I bought.
  14. Well, for machines with the BIOS issue Analogue could sell a machine with no BIOS on saying you have to dump by yourself the BIOS from your own original machine, and then...
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