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  1. I would like to place a premorder for the Qty 1 Dragonfly cart in red Qty 1 YM2151 module Qty 1 PokeyOne
  2. I would also like to preorder one from the new batch.
  3. An update to my Jag CD situation. Turns out I was having multiple issues. The OSSC wasn't playing nice with my RGB Scart cable, causing desyncs that I wrongly associated with the disc drive. My old power supply was insufficient, leading to wavy lines on screen and likely other issues. My old CD burner was producing coasters, I bought a nice $150 Blu-ray burner than can go down to x4 speeds and almost every disc works now. So basically, make sure you buy good quality products in general, because a cheapo burner, power supply and scart cable can be the difference between a working Jag CD and an expensive doorstop. I'll see how it fares tomorrow.
  4. Still interested. Can't hurt to have this AND a GD!
  5. Yeah the JagGD will be the future of Jaguar CD games, thank god. This project is more of a matter of ego for me right now haha. I've fixed all sorts of consoles including finicky CD ones like the CD32, but this has me stumped.
  6. Sweet, I'll give your recommendations a shot. I'm already using Taiyo Yuden CDRs and a $50 LG burner. I've also tried at least 6 different laser mechanisms now haha, with one more on the way. A few didn't work at all, one I had to adjust the pot and a couple worked but would start to fail trying to use it a day or so later even though nothing had changed. Potential point of failure I've identified are the JST-PHR-6 and cables are super brittle from all the soldering they've been through, so I'm making new ones. I noticed the Jag CD power supply is a Norcom 1.0A which doesn't look official, so I'm buying a new one. And I'm getting a decent Blu Ray burner, I've read blue ray burners produce more consistent CDR burns.
  7. Not having too much luck with mine. I replace the drive and it works fine directly after, but after screwing in the case and trying it again a few days later it always fails to read discs. I suspect it's something other than the drive. Possibly degraded wiring or a faulty power supply or poorly burned CDRs?
  8. The connector is a JST PHR-6 for anybody interested. I'm gonna have a few replacements made up just in case. In other news my prior Jaguar CD repair has failed again out of nowhere. The replacement drive seems to have failed after storing it for a month. I'm gonna buy a few big motor units and see how they fare. I've never seen a console this finicky before.
  9. Does anyone know what type of connector is used to connect to CD mechanism to the PCB? I suspect it's a JST XHP-6, but I think the one in the Jaguar CD is smaller.
  10. I'd love for this to be a thing, the Atari Jaguar is so poorly emulated, or not emulated at all in terms of the CD attachment. It's insane that (according to Wikipedia) only 9.8 thousand devices left in the world can play great games like Battlemorph or Hoverstrike CD.
  11. Interesting. I did come across one like that but passed because my original Jag CD drive had the smaller motor, so wanted to keep it the same. I assume these larger motors read discs faster? It's so strange how there's so much variance within the same part number! If I had known earlier would have saved me some headaches.
  12. Unsure, but possibly. See this image of one of my failed ones. All x3 of the ones I had with white plastic at the end of the flexible ribbon cable either didn't read discs at all, booted games thinking they were audio CDs or had instant disc read errors after the game had loaded. I suspect these ones are newer drives not manufactured to the same specs/standards as the original. By chance I ordered one that looks just like my original Jag drive (back then called the CDM12.0 or CDM12.1) with the translucent ribbon cable and it worked great, loads CD-Rs extremely fast with no errors. Apparently there's also a lot of dud VAM1202 drives out there, units that failed QC over the years and somehow found their way onto Ebay or Alixpress. Basically my advice is to buy multiple units from different sources if possible. Also save the removable spindle disc from your original jag drive, I had to reuse mine because the replacement drives spindle was too low, causing grinding noises and disc read errors. This one looks ideal! Big motor, translucent ribbon cable, same spindle disc as my original Jag CD (grey), apparently from the original Philips factory. Expensive though!!
  13. Was always interested in this due to it being supposedly better than the Playstation version.
  14. I just finished up a Jaguar CD repair, I thought I'd post my findings here. The issue was disc read errors due to a failing disc drive, mainly being unable to read CD-R discs. Main thing I found is that not all VAM1202 replacement drives are the same! I tried 4 different ones and the newer ones (with the white plastic on the ribbon connector) continued the disc read errors, while what seemed like an older one (with clear plastic on the ribbon connector) seems to work fine currently. Anybody else have experience with this?
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