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  1. Update on that broken Nuon. It works! Took maybe 10 minutes to switch around the DVD drives, but the 'broken' Nuon I got off ebay for $37 (!!) is now perfectly working, even better than my other Nuon System. If anybody has issues with the disc drive, just buy an old DVD-M105 for ~$60 off ebay and switch around the DVD drive. Easiest thing to do and it might just save your aging Nuon system in the future!
  2. I'll give it a shot. I've been collecting old consoles for a bit now and the Nuon seems by far the closest to extinction, with near zero interest from gamers/preservationists, no playable emulator, high prices and pretty terrible build quality on most models, as you'd expect from a DVD player from 2001. I'm definitely keen to get a few more of them working if it's possible.
  3. Has anybody given this guide a shot.? My Nuons DVD drive is showing signs of failure (opens up randomly after putting a disc in) and there's tons of Samsung DVD-M105 units on Ebay for cheap. I bought a cheap, broken Nuon system off ebay to practice with but any advice would be welcome.
  4. Is there a good place to get Nuon Controllers? I finally found a system but controller seems just as rare.
  5. JagSD takes precedent haha, that thing will be groundbreaking!
  6. Please add me to the list. I've got a Lynx II. Thanks!
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