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  1. Would the Coronavirus delay production of this unit? I don't mind either way, lives come first, but the outbreak seems to be causing delays everywhere including smaller hobby projects.
  2. They've been uploaded to the Internet Archive for preservation.
  3. Update on that broken Nuon. It works! Took maybe 10 minutes to switch around the DVD drives, but the 'broken' Nuon I got off ebay for $37 (!!) is now perfectly working, even better than my other Nuon System. If anybody has issues with the disc drive, just buy an old DVD-M105 for ~$60 off ebay and switch around the DVD drive. Easiest thing to do and it might just save your aging Nuon system in the future!
  4. I'll give it a shot. I've been collecting old consoles for a bit now and the Nuon seems by far the closest to extinction, with near zero interest from gamers/preservationists, no playable emulator, high prices and pretty terrible build quality on most models, as you'd expect from a DVD player from 2001. I'm definitely keen to get a few more of them working if it's possible.
  5. Has anybody given this guide a shot.? My Nuons DVD drive is showing signs of failure (opens up randomly after putting a disc in) and there's tons of Samsung DVD-M105 units on Ebay for cheap. I bought a cheap, broken Nuon system off ebay to practice with but any advice would be welcome.
  6. Is there a good place to get Nuon Controllers? I finally found a system but controller seems just as rare.
  7. JagSD takes precedent haha, that thing will be groundbreaking!
  8. Please add me to the list. I've got a Lynx II. Thanks!
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