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  1. I believe it was just called Control Panel, but yeah pretty colorful
  2. Thanks again, the VCR route is workable. Was able to get it connected to my video capture device.
  3. Thanks, I had thought about both of those options, thought there may be a simple converter to go from coax to composite without having to break out the bulky VCR
  4. I recently picked up a TRS-80 Color Computer 2 off of ebay for a future video (or two) on my YouTube channel (just opened it this evening). I ordered an F Type Male to RCA Female Connector off of Amazon and was able to power up the machine just fine connected to an old CRT Monitor, both video and audio looked decent. While this worked, I would prefer to connect it directly to my video capture device which can accept Composite audio+video (as well as HDMI, VGA, YPbPr). I was hoping someone could recommend a coax to composite/AV converter, I've been searching for awhile and not so sure what would provide the best video output quality from this machine. The unit I bought also included two 5.25" floppy drives+controller module. Then, had to pickup the CoCo SDC and loaded this bad boy up with a ton of TRS-80 stuff.
  5. Thank you, I'm happy that you enjoy the channel! It's always fun to create new videos and rarely stressful, but in this case slightly so. I'm not having the same exact difficulties. I can definitely launch the TI-99/4A using TI99sim within Twister OS (RetroPie installed under PiOS with a pretty UI). I was also able to use the ti99sim disk command once to create a TI disk but have been unable to do it a 2nd time. Not sure why at this point. I'm keeping all my notes on the MRC page should anyone want to jump in and help If I'm unsuccessful at getting the TI to work soon, I'll move on to other consoles, DOSBOX, etc. and use them for my next video. However, the TI is the first machine I ever owned and hope to demonstrate the concept here first. But, it's not the end-goal -I want to run as many as I can on the Pi 4. I plan to demonstrate consoles running on this Modern Console in the future. May start looking at my 2nd computer soon, the Amiga. Then maybe others will show some interest and help with with suggestions/recommendations. I just like the concept of having a single console that looks semi-retro, utilizes some classic components (3.5" floppy, CD ROM,etc.) but running potentially 10-20+ different classic computer consoles on a single box. For the space-impaired, such as myself, it's a great option.
  6. I'm working on an interesting little setup, a Modern Retro Computer. It's a Computer console with keyboard+trackpad with a Raspberry Pi 4 running RetroPie+TI99Sim and a USB 3.5" floppy drive connected. I thought it would be possible to read/write floppy disks from TI99Sim, but when I try to save "SAVE DSK1.[NAME]" I get an I/O ERROR 60 response. Is there a configuration setting I need to enable to allow reading/writing to emulate a disk drive? I haven't found any info. on this yet. The goal, is if the save works that I find the location where the file was saved, then create a symbolic link to the floppy drive. This is mostly for nostalgic reasons, nothing more. My end-goal is to build a single console that can emulate multiple systems in a retro-style configuration which utilizes modern hardware components. Here's a link to my current project info. if interested. Planning a video on my YT channel later this week once I make a bit more progress. Any help on the save issue would be greatly appreciated.
  7. YT recently changed how they do things and there were about 4 breakpoints of ads for this video which might have made it annoying. Since I preview the video using YT Studio, I don't see them myself and didn't notice until a week after the video was made public. I've since cut the ads down from 4 to 1. No one mentioned it to me but I feel like that was excessive and that's not how I like to do things. My apology, but it's fixed now. I hope you enjoy the video and your TIPI/32K!
  8. Definitely!! Thank you Matt, ElectricLab and J-Data too! You all are awesome.
  9. Dang, I was outside working in the yard today and totally forgot! Really wanted to make the call.
  10. *IF* you own a Geneve+PEB, I'm thinking literally outside of "the box". Assume you have no PEB nor Geneve card in the PEB. Only the expansion port to... the Geneve-PI.
  11. Geneve GENEVE-PI Not sure how that would be possible, or if. Just throwing out my bad idea. The Geneve came out at a time when I was really young and couldn't afford it but loved reading about it in Tennex/Triton catalogs.
  12. That is a nice looking monitor, but my old eyes need something a little larger as well as portable. Not cheaper, however. Though, I did get this one for a review I do love it and use it in all my videos (TI & Raspberry Pi-related). I did buy the John Will 15.6" touch screen monitor before this one, but use the Auzai monitor more (no touch-screen). It's much thinner and the display looks beautiful.
  13. Thanks! I've already added yours and a few others to my page as well.
  14. If interested in adding it, I have a number of TI-99/4A related content on my website as well here: http://wagnerstechtalk.com/retro-computing/ . If using Stuart's browser, you can also visit my website here: wagnerstechtalk.com/ti99/index.htm
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