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  1. Wanted to let you know I released a video yesterday on how to add additional emulators to the RG350. One of them was the TI-99 and thought others may be interested (it's been awhile since I've posted here). I wasn't able to get the sound working on the TI and hoping to get a USB keyboard working as well. If you have any suggestions, recommendations or information I need to add to the web page, just let me know. More Details/Steps here: http://wagnerstechtalk.com/rg350tips TI-99(Sim) Details here: http://wagnerstechtalk.com/rg350tips/#TI-99
  2. Mine is definitely the F18 MK2. I'd also settle for a MK1 (VGA) if I could find one I learned of atariage too let to have had a chance to get one.
  3. If you're wanting to build a 2-stick Robotron controller or a large-scale 3D Printed single-player console, you may want to check this out: For even more detailed information, please see this video for how to print/wire everything up: All the latest information can also be found at : http://wagnerstechtalk.com/opencade
  4. This seems really cool! Thanks Omega for making us aware of it and awesome job [email protected] on making this available! I definitely need to check this out soon, still trying to wrap my head around the potential of this new capability. -AMAZING!
  5. Might have to wait a few seconds, you should see that briefly while YT re-directs. Checked it on 2 computers and both did take me to the correct page.
  6. I would love to see this as well. I'm not a big Linux guru, but definitely not afraid of trying. If anyone has a prototype/starting point to share, maybe we could setup a github repo to build from it until we get it working? I would try to contribute to it, though my skills are primarily Java, JavaScript, tiny bit of python for a robot prototype, arduino, vb and C#.Net (from like 7 years ago).
  7. It would definitely be entertaining to watch, but I'm not dumping mine. I'll just pass it down to my kids to let them ebay it in 20 or so years for thousands of dollars My son (13) knows how valuable it could potentially be, so I'm teaching him early. But for now, I'd just love to get through the dang thing once outside of Practice mode!
  8. I'm trying new things on each video, I have a lot to learn. This one I tried to focus on improving audio, not sure how well that went but some effort went into it. Your videos are great, I wouldn't change a thing! You have a much better voice for videos than I do. I have to record/re-record mine about 10 times before I get something I actually use. I'll need to do this for a few years before I ever try a live-stream I also try to make sure I don't overlap any videos that you or others have done. Dragon's Lair was an exception, I bought some hardware specifically to capture that game and had to justify it to my wife. I was on the hook for that video. But, I took a different route by playing in practice mode instead of demonstrating how badly I suck at the game. I know Tursi would much rather people play it the way you and Glen did, but I am really that bad at it.
  9. This worked great for me on the FinalGROM 99, thank you for doing this twoodland! Much easier than having to launch Editor Assembler
  10. Finally got around to making a video on the FinalGROM 99. You can check it out here: The video covers the following: 1. How to use the FinalGROM 99 by Ralph Benzinger 2. How to copy the .bin files to the FG99 3. How to apply the 3D Printed case (I used a model from thingiverse) 4. Testing Stuart's Browser on the FG99 (using twoodland's .bin file - worked great thank you!) 5. Playing a small portion of many games (retro and homebrew) 6. At the end, play the full Don't Mess With Texas Demo by Rasmus, Tursi and others (really awesome job guys!) I want to thank all of the excellent TI developers (HW & SW) that keep the TI alive! Also thanks to OmegaTI for keeping the archives up-to-date and well documented.
  11. That is so cool! Did you happen to take any video of your trip? If you did/have enough footage and want someone to edit for you, I'd be happy to do so. I could send you my edits back for you to post or I could post it to my YT channel, either way. That would be a great piece of history to preserve!
  12. Added your site, thank you! Started watching some but I have a lot more to go
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