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  1. ...or you can compile and flash diagnostic example from that library (with Arduino IDE): https://github.com/prenticedavid/MCUFRIEND_kbv it's LCD_ID_readreg.ino https://github.com/prenticedavid/MCUFRIEND_kbv/tree/master/examples/LCD_ID_readreg I think (if there's still some free space available in the UNO) that should be in the firmware as a feature.
  2. I think @drygol (retrohax) also installs UNO2SIO boards in his SDrives
  3. to lighten the atmosphere a little... my attempt to make an intro using the full graphic capabilities of Atari pop-intro.xex
  4. The decoration of the borders of the pages of the books is part of the Arabic art of writing. We discussed whether the Prince should have a turban. So IMHO pages of the book of this story should also have ornaments (examples) BTW. Great work so far! That will be the best A8 game ever (well, probably) but... please... no flickering...
  5. Hi, I have a problem with the cartridge. Loaded contents of the directory from the SD card look damaged. Trying to load any of them ends with "Bad CAR/ROM file" or computer hanging. After a reset sometimes there is no content or a message about missing SD card. The same SD card in another cartridge works well. What could have gone wrong during assembly? Thanks. EDIT: I've already figured out what's going on: bad solder joint - D5 line - FPGA pin 74: ...now it's working as it should
  6. ...or make a through-plug, like in the FujiNet
  7. Yep, but for those who really need buffered Phi2, I'm thinking of a solution taken from XEL/XLD: I'm not quite sure if this is well done, and how it will affect the whole system.
  8. ~$5 or so... I will put a link here, I have to create a product page on Tindie, and they won't verify positively until I upload the real picture
  9. Yeah, me But I'm still waiting for PCBs from China, I'll put them assembled on my Tindie when they come.
  10. Status update: It's been over two months since I thought to myself: "I'll do it!. Hold my beer." So... I finally had some time to test the prototypes. I built two. The first one is based on Philips 74F** chips, the second is on Texas Instruments. That's how it looks: The results are promising, but there are still some issues. - Prototype 1 (Philips) - it works pretty stable after a few minutes, when the chips get a little warmed up - sees a PQI 1GB 300x PQI card, and, as I thought, does not detect SanDisk 16GB - sometimes it is, sometimes it is not visible in SpartaDOS, but I managed to divide the card into partitions - always reads the card data with the BASIC program - I can load a couple of XEX files (e.g. River Raid, Zybex, a couple of demos) - sometimes the first time, sometimes not. (some of them never - like Gyruss, why?) - works much better when a fourth decoupling 100nF capacitor is added (so, one per IC) - Prototype 2 (TI): - sees both cards, easily detects SanDisk 16GB - unfortunately, I'm not able to load any program --- OK. I'm getting two signals from the motherboard: - D1xx - U2 (74L138) - pin 14 - B02 - Gated Phase 2 Clock - U18 (74LS08) - pin 11 Do we have to use a buffered signal instead of Phi2 directly from the CPU? Other issues: - The U1MB works without any problems when connected to the connector on the board, but it is much harder to read the contents of the CF card. I suspect that the Phi2 track on the PCB is causing interference. - Probably the noise level is high, we have to think about effective filtering (need to check it with an oscilloscope) Funny fact: connecting the SDrive to the SIO port makes it easier and more often to detect the card (CTRL+D) (the voltage drops from 5.02 to 4.99V) What next: XE version - not sure how to do it without U1MB in my 130XE. I think we need an SDX rom image version with the XEL_CF.SYS file for use with i.e Ultimate Cart (or other like SIC!) ...and standalone Loader executable maybe? Better to write in this thread (after all, it's still an XEL-CF mutation), or set up a new one for this project? Greetings and all the best in the New Year!
  11. @tooloudtoowide I ordered a batch of TI chips, so if you want to swap them, send me a private message. I'm from Warsaw too.
  12. Indeed, it seems that the TI chips are a little bit better:
  13. Work in progress... I am waiting for the rest of the components and the first prototypes will be ready.
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