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  1. Commodorians have a similar solution: https://github.com/c0pperdragon/C64-Video-Enhancement
  2. FYI: a new version of SpartaDosX was released today: http://sdx.atari8.info/index.php?show=en_download_beta
  3. I think it is best to mount a DVI connector in place of the removed modulator.
  4. you dont realy need any extra boards to connect the LEDs: http://devzine.pl/sdrive-max-leds-breadboard/
  5. Cyberpunk 2077, source: 32-colors, floyd-steinberg dithering I cannot decide which result is better. The second picture was produced after ~6 hours after the first one. Total 2 nights of counting cp2077-1.xex cp2077-2.xex
  6. Thanks Jon! Everything went well.
  7. @Marsupilami It's KM-20B case: https://allegro.pl/oferta/obudowa-km-20b-transparentna-8365850429 (~1.43 EUR) ...but you have to cut holes for the SD card, button, switch, and edge notches. So it might be better to wait for Lotharek. He has laser cutter .
  8. This is output from Sophia DVI. But I have exactly the same symptom on my stock, unmodified 130XE too.
  9. I also noticed a little glitch with a timer icon. You can see it when loading the contents of a folder with a large number of files or when changing SD cards. Does anyone also see it on their device? 20201006_223213.mp4
  10. Hi, At the beginning I wanted to say that SIDE3 is a great piece of hardware that I have been waiting for a long time for. Many thanks to @candle and @flashjazzcat for a great job! Of course also to the @lotharek for the great production quality. However, while browsing through the collection of my different types of files (ATRs, CARs, ROMs...), I came across a problem: 512kB images for the SIC! catridge are not supported correctly: - SIC31IN1.ROM - some games start, trying to start others ends with SELFTEST. - The Best....car - mounting the image ends with the screen flashing. There is no problem with that files in the other cartridge (Ultimate). I attach both files. SIC31in1.rom The Best Polish ATARI Games.car
  11. ...or you can compile and flash diagnostic example from that library (with Arduino IDE): https://github.com/prenticedavid/MCUFRIEND_kbv it's LCD_ID_readreg.ino https://github.com/prenticedavid/MCUFRIEND_kbv/tree/master/examples/LCD_ID_readreg I think (if there's still some free space available in the UNO) that should be in the firmware as a feature.
  12. I think @drygol (retrohax) also installs UNO2SIO boards in his SDrives
  13. to lighten the atmosphere a little... my attempt to make an intro using the full graphic capabilities of Atari pop-intro.xex
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