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  1. Already 2,5 years have passed since I made the last update to this post, I need to take new pictures, already changed the setup of my room again. My collection is not growing at the moment, because I want to concentrate on special missing titles and did not buy any "fillers" the last years. Very hard to get missing games for the Lynx and 7800.
  2. I think there is indeed. Love the old commercial flyers and game catalogues.
  3. Now its time to post the anounced pictures from last August :-) I have converted my gameroom into a combined gameroom/amusemend hall. was not so easy due to limited sice of my cellar room. I have created shelf units for my games, and cleaned up much open stuff into cupboards outside the room. This was before And during my work almost finished
  4. Nice collection and all in goog shape! I love the 7800 silver boxes, try since years to get a full game set (pal and boxed), but some games are hard to get, or too expensive... So it will take another time for me to complete
  5. Long time ago, my last update... until today, bought some new stuff and rearranged y game room, will post new pictures.
  6. Many Games soll in Germany have a black Sticker with a silver p on the backside of the Module Case
  7. I am using Emu.2600 on my galaxy Note 2
  8. 15 years after sold my own, I bought a Super NES last Weekend.
  9. Just won auctions for VCS Asterix and trick shot. Also waiting for delivery of 12 Boxed G7000 Videopac games
  10. wow, really like all the boxed activision games for the 2600...
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